Andre Norton

Chats with friends

Winter Park, FL. 1994

Featuring Frank Dowler and John L. Coker III



In this four part series you will see Andre Norton, Frank Dowler and John L. Coker III along with their wives discuss various topics. Off camera are Ingrid Zierhut and Mark Karpinski, Mark is running the camera.

We start off with Andre sitting in her living room holding the Scientificon First Fandom: Hall of Fame Award of 1994. Being presented by Frank Dowler (Owner/Operator: Enterprise 1701 in Orlando, Fl.) with John L. Coker III (Photagrapher) and other guest. The conversation ranges from upcoming works to marketing the High Hallack Library.

Note: the date appearing on the film for the first few minutes is wrong.

Andre has guest over / 1994 / pt. 1 ~ Approx. 15 ½ minutes

Open - 1994.andre.has.guest-1.mp4


In part 2 Andre begins by telling about how difficult it is to get her copies of the books they are publishing. She mentions a very special copy of "Star Mans Son" and "Hands of Lyr". We find out that the High Hallack property would have had a "Witch World Store" and other neat tidbits about the sci-fi world.

Andre has guest over / 1994 / pt. 2 ~ Approx. 16 ½ minutes

Open - 1994.andre.has.guest-2.mp4


The conversation is continued in part 3 with how do you get people to sell their wares in your store. Who received the Nebula Awards for the year and publishing books today.

Andre has guest over / 1994 / pt. 3 ~ Approx. 15 ½ minutes

Open - 1994.andre.has.guest-3.mp4


In part 4 Andre's eye light up when she is handed a copy of "Stand to Horse" ~ it seems the cover is not what it should be. Did you know there is a whole lot of research that goes into a title by Andre.

Andre has guest over / 1994 / pt. 4 ~ Approx. 19 minutes

Open - 1994.andre.has.guest-4.mp4