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Life Magazine says Andre "The Grand Dame of Science Fiction"


Awards Received by Andre:

Note: Award title links are to the Andre website award descriptions.

1946     Plaque of Honour from Netherlands Government for "The Sword is Drawn"

 1946 nty small


1946     "The Sword is Drawn" becomes a Junior Literary Guild Selection
1949     Honourable Mention in the Ohioana Library Awards for "Sword in Sheath"
1951     Boy's Clubs of America Medal for "Bullard of the Space Patrol"
1952     American Newspaper Guild Page One Award of Distingushed Books for "Huon of the Horn"
1963     Chiana Library Honourable Mention
1963     Theta Sigma Phi Headliner Award (TSP is an international organisation for women in journalism)

 1963 tsp small


1963     First woman to be presented with the Invisible Little Man for Life Achievements ("sustained excellence in science fiction")

 1963 ilm small


1965     Boy's Clubs of America Certificate of Merit for "Night of Mask"

 1965 bcac small


1965     Child Study Association Book of the Year Award for "Steel Magic"
1966     "Moon of Three Rings" becomes the Junior Literary Guild selection
1974     Countess of Forlindon, Baroness Forlond, and Dame of the Most Noble Order of the Flame of Anor in the Kingdoms of Gondor and Arnor
1975     Phoenix Award for overall writing achievement

 1975 paa small


1977     First woman to be awarded with the Grand Master of Fantasy (Gandalf) Award, at the World Science Fiction Convention

 1977 gmf small


1977     Scroll of Honour - Fantasy Gaming Hall of Fame
1978     Norton Award

 1978 na small


1978     Orlando Science Fiction Society Life Achievement Award
1979     Balrog Fantasy Award for Life Achievements

 1979 bfa small


1980     Career Achievement Award at the Science Fiction Weekend '1980

 1980 caa small


1980     Martha Kinney Cooper Ohioana Library Award for Lifetime Achievement

 1980 mkco small


1981     Inducted in the Ohio Women Hall of Fame

 1981 iow small


1983     Fritz Leiber Award

 1983 fla small


1983     E.E. Smith Award - the Skylark

 1983 eesa small


1984     Nebula Grand Master Award    [Andre receiving award]

 1984 ngma small    1984 ngmas small


1984     Jules Verne Award

 1984 jva small


1986     Daedalus Award for Life Achievement

 1986 dala small


1987     The Second Stage Lensman Award, for Lifetime Achievement

 1987 ssla small


1987     The Howard, World Fantasy Convention Award

 1987 hwfa small   andre-norton-howard


1988     E.E. Evans Big Heart Award

 1988 eeebha small


1988     USS Pheonix - Certificate of Appreciation


1989     Noreascon Three Guest of Honour

 1989 ntgh small


1991     Science Fiction Book Club Book of the Year Award for The Elvenbane

 1991 sfbc small


1994     Scientificon First Fandom Hall of Fame Award

 1994 sffh small


1994      L. Ron Hubbard plaque for being a Judge


1997     Magic Carpet Con Award

 1997 mcca small


1997     Inducted in the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame

 1997 isff small


1998     The Howard, World Fantasy Convention Life Achievement Award

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1999     L. Ron Hubbard gift for being a Judge



2002     SESFA Lifetime Achievement Certificate




Place Year and Award Title Category
Nomination 1964 Hugo Witch World Best Novel
Nomination 1964 Hugo Judgment on Janus Best Novel
Nomination 1968 Hugo Wizard's World Best Novelette
16 1973 Locus All-Time Favorite Author
Win 1975 Phoenix Award Phoenix Award
Nomination 1976 Gandalf Grandmaster of Fantasy (Gandalf)
Win 1977 Gandalf Grandmaster of Fantasy (Gandalf)
12 1978 Locus Trey of Swords Best Fantasy Novel
Win 1979 Balrog for lifetime achievement Judges' Choice
15 1981 Locus Lore of the Witch World Best Single Author Collection
Nomination 1981 World Fantasy Life Achievement
8 1982 Locus Horn Crown Best Fantasy Novel
19 1982 Locus Gryphon in Glory Best Fantasy Novel
Nomination 1982 World Fantasy Life Achievement
Nomination 1983 Balrog for 50 years of writing Professional Achievement
Win 1983 Skylark Edward E. Smith Memorial Award for Imaginative Fiction
24 1984 Locus 'Ware Hawk Best Fantasy Novel
Win 1984 Nebula Grand Master Award
31 1987 Locus Witch World All-Time Best Fantasy Novel
22 1987 Locus All-Time Best Fantasy Novelist
36 1987 Locus All-Time Best Novelist (combined)
Win 1987 World Fantasy Special Convention Award
9 1988 Locus Tales of the Witch World Best Anthology
12 1988 Locus All-Time Best Author
15 1990 Locus Wizards' Worlds Best Collection
Win 1991 SFBC The Elvenbane The Science Fiction Book Club's Book of the Year Award
Nomination 1993 Nebula The Elvenbane Novel
Win 1994 First Fandom Contributions to the field of science fiction
Nomination 1995 SFBC Elvenblood The Science Fiction Book Club's Book of the Year Award
28 1998 Locus Witch World All-Time Best Fantasy Novel before 1990
31 1998 Locus All-Time Best Fantasy Novelist
44 1998 Locus All-Time Best Novelist (combined)
Win 1998 World Fantasy Life Achievement
31 1999 Locus All-Time Best Author
8 1999 Locus All-Time Best Fantasy Author
Win 2003 Vogel Beast Master's Ark Best Novel
Win 2005 Vogel Beast Master's Circus Best Novel
Win 2006 Vogel The Duke's Ballad Best Novel