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The following books are available as e-books from The Estate of Andre Norton

beast.masters.ark.02.2016  beast.masters.circus.02.2016  dukes ballad 2016  gryphons eyrie 2016

empire of the eagle 2017  hands of lyr 2017  imperial lady 2016  jekyll legacy 2017

opal-eyed fan 2017  silver may tarnish 2016  songsmith 2016  white jade fox 2016

star kaat 2017  star kaat world 2017  star kaats and the plant people 2017  star kaats and the winged warriors 2017

Web of the witch world 2016  witch world 2016  year of the unicorn 2016  mark of the cat year of the rat 2017

return to quag keep 2017  shadow hawk 2017  three hands for scorpio 2018  operation time search 2018



The following books are available as e-books from Open Road Media

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In July of 2017 Open Road Media changed the covers of 20 titles.

The cover-art shown here may be different from what you see at

1-1480716681 Norton HighHallackVol1   1-1480716691 Norton HighHallackVol2  1-1480716716 Norton HighHallackVol3  2-1480716547 Norton AtSwordsPoints  2-1480717322 Norton SwordInSheath  2-1480717338 Norton SwordIsDrawn

3-1480717493 Norton WW1 Storms  3-1480717510 Norton WW2 Flight  3-1480717705 Norton WW3 OnWings  4-1480716870 Norton MirrorOfDestiny  4-1480717243 Norton ScentOfMagic  4-1480717452 Norton WindInTheStone

6-1480716596 Norton DragonMagic  6-1480716626 Norton FurMagic  6-1480716832 Norton LavenderGreen  6-1480716990 Norton OctagonMagic  6-1480717018 Norton RedHart  6-1480717302 Norton SteelMagic

7-1480717389 Norton UnchartedStars  7-1480717733 Norton ZeroStone  1480716526 Norton AndroidAtArms  1480716565 Norton Catseye  1480716581 Norton CrystalGryphon  1480716638 Norton GaranTheEternal

1480716652 Norton GateOfTheCat  1480716668 Norton GryphonInGlory  1480716753 Norton HighSorcery  1480716765 Norton HornCrown  1480716782 Norton IronButterflies  1480716793 Norton JargoonPard

1480716844 Norton Lore Of WitchWorld  1480716859 Norton MerlinsMirror  1480716887 Norton MoonMirror  1480716943 Norton NightOfMasks  1480716959 Norton MoonCalled  1480717002 Norton PrinceCommands

1480717032 Norton Sargasso  1480717060 Norton Scarface  1480717261 Norton SnowShadow  1480717273 Norton SpellOfWitchWorld  1480717287 Norton StandToHorse  1480717353 Norton TenMileTreasure

1480717377 Norton TreyOfSwords  1480717401 Norton VelvetShadows  1480717416 Norton WareHawk  1480717430 Norton WheelOfStars  1480717465 Norton WizardsWorlds  1480717481 Norton WraithsOfTime

1480717718 Norton ZarsthorsBane  1480978554 TrillumSaga Black  1480978564 TrillumSaga Golden  five.senses.set.2017  magic.sequence.vol1.2018  magic.sequence.vol2.2018


Titles open to the public domain.

time traders 2017  key out of time 2017  defiant agents 2017  star born 2017  voodoo planet 2017  plague ship 2017  ralestone luck 2017  rebel spurs 2017  ride proud rebel 2017


Now available as e-books!

Cycle of Oak, Yew, Ash, and Rowan Series

by Andre Norton & Sasha Miller

 to the king a daughter 2017  knight or knave 2017  crown disowned 2017  dragon blade 2017  knight of the red beard 2017 



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