Space Junk


This space is where we put out various items and let them float.

Anything that doesn't seem to fit in the bibliographic catagories can be found floating around.







Just for fun we are not going to organize this space ~ How in the Universe do you organize Space?







Seems to me that you just dump the junk and hope it doesn't cause you to crash.







So enjoy ~ you might just find something you like!


Due to some space time warp deal this website insist on showing the links below in this location no matter what we do! So there you have it, your now in the Junk Yard, you should be warned that one can drift off into space once they start exploring this part of the Andre universe.


The Cover-Artist area contains hundreds of galleries by the artist and illustrators of Andre's great works.


The Publishers area list the various publishers and the editions they released.


Then of course there is the Junk Yard a collection of many interest things in varying conditions of use.



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