An Index of Andre Norton’s Witch World pt.1

Compiled by Juanita Coulson (1996)
Commissioned by Andre Norton for the writing of
“The Warding of Witch World”











High Hallack
   Bodies of Water
   Battle Sites

The Waste

   Clan Territories
   Battle Sites

Oceans between Continents:


Tor Marsh



   Cities and Ports
   Places of Interest
   Inns and Taverns

   Cities and Keeps
   Geographic Features
   Battle Sites













   Symbols and Badges
   Non-Magic Weapons
   Special Trade Goods


   Magical Beings and Creatures
   Colors of Magic
   Magic Herbs
   Magical / Old Ones' Landmarks
   Magical Tools, Weapons, and Artifacts

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Book and Story Indices

(Arranged in alphabetical order)







Amber out of Quayth

Andre Norton

Spell of the WW



A. C. Crispan

Tales of the WW 1



Mary H. Schaub

Tales of the WW 3


Cat and the Other

Marylois Dunn

Tales of the WW 1



Andre Norton

Lore of the WW


The Chronicler

Andre Norton

Storms of Victory

Flight of Vengeance

Wings of Magic


The Circle of Sleep

Caralyn Inks

Tales of the WW 3


The Crystal Gryphon

Andre Norton



Darkness Over Mirhold

Patricia Shaw Mathews

Tales of the WW 2


Dragon Scale Silver

Andre Norton

Spell of the WW


Dream Smith

Andre Norton

Tales of the WW 2


Dream Prirates’ Jewel

Brad & Cynthia Linaweaver

Tales of the WW 2



Mary H. Schaub

Flight of Vengeance


Falcon Blood

Andre Norton

Lore of the WW


Falcon’s Chick

Patricia Shaw Mathews

Tales of the WW 3


Falcon Hope

Pauline M. Griffin

Flight of Vengeance


Falcon Law

Judith Tarr

Four from the WW


Falcon Magic

Sasha Miller

On Wings of Magic



Wilanne Schneider Belden

Tales of the WW 1


Fortune’s Children

Patricia A. McKillip

Tales of the WW 3


Futures Yet Unseen

Melinda M. Snodgrass

Tales of the WW 2


The Gate of the Cat

Andre Norton



Godron’s Daughter

Ann Miller &

Karen Elizabeth Rigley

Tales of the WW 3


Green in High Hallack

Kiel Stuart

Tales of the WW 1


Gryphon’s Eyrie

Andre Norton



Gryphon in Glory

Andre Norton



Gunnora’s Gift

Elisabeth Waters

Tales of the WW 3



A. C. Crispin

Tales of the WW 3


Heir Apparent

Robert Bloch

Tales of the WW 1



Diana L. Paxson

Tales of the WW 2


Horn Crown

Andre Norton



The Hunting of Lord Etsalian’s Daughter

Clare Bell

Tales of the WW 2


Isle of Illusion

Carol Severance

Tales of the WW 1


The Jargoon Pard

Andre Norton



The titles below appear in pt.2      

The Judgment of Neave

S. N. Lewitt

Tales of the WW 2


Key of the Keplain

Lyn McConchie




Pauline M. Griffin

Tales of the WW 3


La Verdad: The Magic Sword

A. R. Major

Tales of the WW 2


Legacy from Sorn Fen

Andre Norton

Lore of the WW


The Magestone

Andre Norton



Milk from a Maiden’s Breast

Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

Tales of the WW 1


Neither Rest Nor Refuge

Ardath Mayhar

Tales of the WW 1


Night Hound’s Moon

Mary H. Schaub

Tales of the WW 1


Nine Words in Winter

Caralyn Inks

Tales of the WW 1


Oath- Bound

Pauline M. Griffin

Tales of the WW 1


Of Ancient Swords and Evil Mist

James R. Heidbrink

Tales of the WW 1


Old Toad

Geary Gravel

Tales of the WW 2


Peacock Eyes

Shirley Meier

Tales of the WW 2


Plumduff Potato-Eye

Jayge Carr

Tales of the WW 3


Port of Dead Ships

Andre Norton

Storms of Victory


A Question of Magic

Marta Randall

Tales of the WW 3



Meredith Ann Pierce

Four from the WW


Rite of Failure

Susan M. Shwartz

Tales of the WW 2


The Road of Dreams and Death

Robert E. Vardeman

Tales of the WW 1


The Root of All Evil

Sharon Green

Tales of the WW 3


The Salt Garden

Sandra Miesel

Tales of the WW 2


Sand Sister

Andre Norton

Lore of the WW


The Scent of Magic

Juanita Coulson

Tales of the WW 3



Pauline M. Griffin

Storms of Victory


Sea-Serpents of Domnudale

Ginger Simpson Curry

Tales of the WW 2


The Sentinel at the Edge of the World

David Wind

Tales of the WW 2


The Shaping of Ulm’s Heir

Andre Norton

Tales of the WW 1


S’Olcarias’s Sons

Lisa Swallow

Tales of the WW 2



Andre Norton



Sorceress of the Witch World

Andre Norton



Spider Silk

Andre Norton

Lore of the WW


The Stillborn Heritage

Elizabeth H. Boyer

Four from the WW


The Stones of Sharnon

Ann Miller

Tales of the WW 2



C. J. Cherryh

Four from the WW


Strait of Storms

K. L. Roberts

Tales of the WW 3


The Sword Seller

Patricia C. Wrede

Tales of the WW 3


Sword of Unbelief

Andre Norton

Lore of the WW


Tall Dames Go Walking

Rose Wolf

Tales of the WW 2


Three Against the Witch World

Andre Norton



Through the Moon Gate

Jacqueline Lichtenberg

Tales of the WW 2


The Toads of Grimmerdale

Andre Norton

Lore of the WW


To Rebuild the Eyrie

Sasha Miller

Tales of the WW 1


Trey of Swords

Andre Norton



Voice of Memory

M. E. Allen

Tales of the WW 3


‘Ware Hawk

Andre Norton



Warlock of the Witch World

Andre Norton



We the Women

Patricia Mathews

Wings of Magic


The Weavers

Esther M. Friesner

Tales of the WW 3


Web of the Witch World

Andre Norton




Lisa Woodworth

Tales of the WW 3



Mercedes R. Lackey

Tales of the WW 1


Whispering Cane

Carol Severance

Tales of the WW 3


The White Road

Charles de Lint

Tales of the WW 1


Witch World

Andre Norton




Michael D. Winkle

Tales of the WW 3


Year of the Unicorn

Andre Norton



Zarsthor’s Bane

Andre Norton




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The Witch World naming system originated in the Dales and was brought to the Eastern Continent by Sulcar traders.

Unnamed years: Refugees of Old Race fled from Escore and created a memory barrier re the eastern mountains. Approximately 600 unrecorded years then pass.

  • Year of the Cloven Hoof = Dalesmen come to High Hallack.     (Horn)

Approximately 400 more years pass, after which the following sequence begins:


  • Serpent King = Kerovan is born in Ulmskeep     (Crys)
  • Ringed Dove = Kerovan's sister Lisana is born.     (Crys)
  • Salamander = Almondia and Truan are shipwrecked in Wark.     (Dss)

Joisan is born (Crys)     (Dsm?)

  • Phoenix / Fire Arrow
  • Hippogriff / Bicorn = Elys and Elyn born.     (Dss)
  • Roc / Hill Giant
  • Basilisk / Sea Calf
  • Black Adder / Kestrel
  • Frost Giant
  • Yellow Dwarf = Dairine cast ashore at Rannock     (Sps)
  • Fox Maiden / Mandrake
  • Spitting Toad = Joisan and Kerovan axe married.     (Crys)
  • Kobold
  • Snow Cat
  • Horned Hunter
  • Air Spirit
  • Swordsmith
  • Crowned Swan
  • Moss Wife
  • Fire Troll = The Invasion     (Dss)
  • Leopard
  • Falcon
  • Raven
  • Night Hound
  • Gryphon = Pact with Weres
  • Fire Drake =     (Tog)
  • Hornet
  • Unicorn =     (Yofu)     (Grye)     (Amb)
  • Red Boar =     (Legacy)     (Swou)     (Jpard = Kethan born)
  • Gargoyle =     (Sps)
  • Mandrake
  • Wyvern
  • Winged Bull
  • Horn Worm
  • Dragon Horse = Eydryth born     (?)(Song)
  • Gorgon
  • Manticore = Alon born     (?)
  • Barrow-Wight
  • Cameleopard Firdun
  • Sphinx
  • Nix
  • Lamia
  • Chimera
  • Harpy
  • Orc
  • Werewolf
  • Horned Cat
  • Pookaworm
  • Weld
  • Hydra
  • Triton
  • Centaur
  • Opinicus
  • Simurgh
  • Remorhaz





Dales and Estcarp




Moon Of …….


Month of the …….






Dart Venom     (Nov.)


Crested Owl

Hunger Moon     (Dec.)


Fire Thorn

The Knife     (Jan.)

(Extra calendar day, Veneration Day – falls between 9th and 10th days.)


Ice Dragon

First Welping Moon     (Jan./Feb.)


Snow Bird

The Dire Wolf     (Mid Feb. into March)








Hawk     (First month of Spring)

Chordosh     (March / April)


Crooknecked Fern

The Spotted Viper    (April into May)


Fringed Violet

The Fever Leaf    (May into June)








Willow Carp

The Split-tusked Boar     (June / July)


Golden Lac ewing

(Their extra day, Midsummer’s Day falls between the 14th and 15th.)

The Torgian Foals     (July / August)


Silver Crowned Bee

The Second Welping Moon     (August)







The Bloodwine     (Sept.)


Anda Wasp

Harvest Moon

The Hooded Crow     (Sept. / Oct.)


Shredbark Tree

(Oct. into early Nov.)

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The following categories describe material which recurs throughout the series or is especially relevant.

Notes: An entry marked, for example, (Jpard) indicates the novel or story source of the information.

An entry marked, for example, -- See Jpard (no parentheses) indicates that further detail regarding the item in question will be found under its title in Section II. Consult the Alphabetical Listing for a complete key to abbreviations of novels and stories.



  • (Arv) = Arvon
  • (HH) = High Hallack
  • (Tw) = The Waste
  • (Est) = Estcarp
  • (Alz) = Alizon
  • (Kst) = Karsten
  • (Esc) = Escore
  • (Sul) = Sulcar

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The Dales

  • Corriedale
  • Dimdale
  • Domnudale
  • Dorndale
  • Dundale
  • Edale
  • Eggarsdale
  • Ellsdale
  • Estindale
  • Falthingdale
  • Ferndale
  • Fyndale -- Site of a large fair (Amb)
  • Garnsdale
  • Gastendale
  • Grimmerdale
  • Harkendale
  • Harrowdale
  • Haverdale
  • Hockerdale
  • Ithondale
  • Ithdale / Ithsdale
  • Kylldale
  • Langsdale
  • Lethendale
  • Menasdale
  • Mistdale
  • Moorachdale
  • Nordendale
  • Norrisdale
  • Norsdale
  • Paltendale
  • Ravenfielddale
  • Rimsdale
  • Rhysdale
  • Ronansdale
  • Rosehilldale
  • Roxdale
  • Rozdale
  • Seakeepdale
  • Summersdale
  • Syledale
  • Trewsdale
  • Tyrnsdale
  • Ulmsdale
  • Uppdale / Uppsdale
  • Vastdale / Vestdale
  • Ylsedale

 Keeps and Holds

  • Arnwold
  • Birkhold
  • Brettford
  • Castle Van
  • Coomb Frome
  • Croffkeep
  • Dorn
  • Ellskeep
  • Eroffkeep
  • Faerwold
  • Horla’s Hold
  • Ithkeep
  • Ithkrygt
  • Klavenport's Gatekeep
  • Komlin's Keep
  • Malmgarth
  • Maryekeep
  • Min's Hold
  • Moycroft
  • Paltenkeep
  • Quayth
  • Ravenfieldkeep
  • Seakeep
  • Sharoon Keep
  • Thantog
  • Traedwyth
  • Trin
  • Ulfmaer
  • Ulmskeep
  • Waleis
  • Wealdmar


  • Kantha Twice Born
  • Landendale
  • Lethendale
  • Linna
  • Meadowvale
  • Norstead
  • Rhystead
  • Rishdale
  • Ulmstead

Towns and Villages

  • Boldre -- Ithondale town (Dsm)
  • Casterbrook
  • Colmera -- Harkendale village (Que)
  • Coomb Brackett
  • Ghyll -- Ithondale (Dsm)
  • Greywold
  • Handelsburg
  • Itsford
  • Inisheer -- Interior town (Dss)
  • Komm High -- Wool market (Tog)
  • Norstead
  • Linna
  • Lormill -- village (Wolf)
  • Pessik -- Harkendale fishing village destroyed by the invaders (Que)
  • Rannock -- coastal Estcarp (Sps)
  • Sym -- River village (Dsm)
  • Trevamger -- Highway & river junction large fair
  • Twyford
  • Wark -- Fishing village (Dss)


  • Jorby/Jurby -- in Vestdale
  • Kalaven Port
  • KlavenPort -- On the Sea of Autumn Mists (Legacy)
  • UlmsPort
  • VennesPort

Bodies of Water

  • Sea of Autumn Mists
  • Komlin Sea


  • The Cradle
  • Emerald Cove
  • Falcon Fist
  • Falcon Pass
  • Falcon Ridge
  • Giant's Fist
  • Gorge of Ravenswell
  • Grayson Heights
  • Hawk s Claw-- Held by Silvermantle Clan and Voices of the Heights before their defeat in olden times (Jpard)
  • Mulma's Needle
  • Salzarat
  • Sorn Fen
  • Throat of the Hawk
  • Wyvern's wing

Battle Sites

  • Arm of Sparn
  • Falcon Cut
  • Ingra Ford
  • Inisheer
  • Battle of Morlan
  • Petthys
  • Ruther's Pass
  • Ungo Pass


  • Lelanin
  • Ulys


  • Herdsman's Halt Inn of Nordendale
  • Inn of the Forks -- at a North-South road junction (Legacy)

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  • The Black Tower
  • The Horned One's Keep
  • Narat
  • Needle's Eye -- village (Peacock)
  • Ravensmoore


The Waste is not all desert. Many pockets of mountains, valleys, etc. unpredictable weather, with some dangerously harsh conditions, such as the: Dune Moving Storm (Swou)



Clan Territories

  • Bluemantle
  • Goldmantle
  • Silvermantle
  • Redmantle
  • Farmarsh -- A village formerly in Silvermantle lands, but annexed by Goldmant1e's Lord (blood)
  • Ford at Deepwater -- In Redmantle lands (Song)
  • The White Flow -- River boundary of Silvermantle territory (Jpard)

Keeps and Holds

  • Car of Prawn
  • Car do Yelt
  • Car re Dogan
  • The Gray Towers
  • Kar Garudwyn

Abbeys and Schools

  • Garth Howell
  • Halsted Abbey
  • Linark


  • The Fane of Neave
  • Landisl's Valley
  • Reeth / The Star Tower
  • Valley of the Gryphon
  • The White Highway -- Runs from High Hallack across the Waste to Arvon

Battle Sites

  • Farthfell
  • Thos

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  • Islands of Ever Ice
  • Northern Kingship
  • Vellas Islands


  • Bay of Dead Ships
  • Point of the Hound -- Landmark south of Estcarp / Karsten (Port)
  • Usturt -- spiders’ island (Sps)
  • Port of Varn
  • Volcanic Island Chain




  • Aliz -- On west coast, opposite Sulcarkeep across the bay (WW)
  • Alizon City -- Capital, centrally located (Falm & Mage)
  • Canisport --Western coast (Mage)


  • Alizon Gap -- Between Tor Marsh and the mountains (Falm)
  • Alizon Ridge -- On north side of the Forbidden Mountains (Falm)
  • Castle Krevonel -- Kasarian's family holding: Alizon City (Mage)
  • Kennel of the Hounds -- Royal castle, Alizon City (Falm & Mage)
  • The Long Sisters and the Hands -- Shipwrecking rocks off Alizon's west coast (Voice)


  • The Hooded Crow Inn -- in Alizon City (Mage)



  • Enkere -- Where the river draining Tor Marsh reaches the sea (Web)
  • Volt’s Shrine
  • Xactol's Sand Pool

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  • Garthholm on the River -- See WW
  • Hawkholme -- See Ware
  • Kars -- Capital, river city -- See WW
  • Verlaine Keep -- See WW& Web



  • Sippar -- Capital and port -- See WW & Web



Cities and Ports

  • Es City
  • EslandSouth; grain exporting town (Ware)
  • Eslee Port -- Also called Estee Port and Es Port where River Es empties into the bay (Song)
  • Romsgarth -- South Central town noted as a hiring center (Ware)


  • Dhulmat Manor -- East (Three)
  • Es Castle -- Witches' Headquarters
  • Etsford -- South Central; Loyse's Keep, where the triplets were fostered (Three)
  • Falcon's Eyrie -- South
  • Gweddawl Garth -- South; apprentice witch's home (falm)
  • Ravenhold Keep -- South (Fallaw)
  • Sulcarkeep
  • Keep of Trin
  • Yle

Towns and Villages

  • Blagden -- Southeastern village (Falm)
  • Cedar Crest -- Southeastern village (Wtw)
  • Kastryn --North Central village (Song)
  • Mountain Gate -- Southeastern village (Oldt)
  • Pethiel -- North Central village (Exl)
  • Rannock -- Coastal village (Sps)
  • Ravensmere -- Northwest (Heart)
  • RiveredgeSouth Women's village (Wtw)
  • Rylon's Corner -- village famous for horse race and fair (Song)
  • South Wending -- Village between Kastryn and Lormt (Song)
  • Torview -- Northwest village (Heart)
  • Twin Valleys -- South Central village (Wtw)

Places of Interest

  • Dame CavernSoutheast, A Place of Old Ones between Riveredge and Lormt (Wtw)
  • Lormt -- Southeast (Exl & Mage)
  • Place of Wisdom --Northwest Witch school (Falm)


  • Barrier Mountains -- Between Estcarp and Alizon
  • Falcon Crag
  • Falcon’s Eyrie -- Fane of Wings
  • Great Mountains -- Notheast, between Estcarp / A1izon and Escore
  • Karsten Gap -- Destroyed in the Turning
  • The Keyhole -- Near Karsten Gap
  • Serpent Teeth -- Rocks off Rannock

Inns and Taverns

  • The Bold Falcon -- Eastern (Sentinel)
  • The Dancing Dolphin -- In Eslee Port (Song)
  • Silver Horseshoe
  • Silver Spur
  • Wayfarer's Inn -- Adjacent to the Silver Spur (Heart)

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Cities and Keeps

  • Canyon Keep
  • Duke Chastain's Holding
  • The Citadel of Hilarion
  • Dinzil’s Dark Tower
  • HaHarc
  • Iuchar's Tower
  • Jerrany's Keep
  • Lynxholme
  • Old Port

Towns and Villages

  • Coelwyn -- Fishing village (Strait)
  • Maddoc -- A river town east of Green Valley (Strait)

Geographic Features

  • Garden of Stones
  • Green Valley
  • Gulf of Hilarion
  • Hot Sgrings
  • Lake of the Krogan
  • Merfay Island
  • Moss Forest
  • Mount Holweg
  • Mountain Pass
  • Oceax Bay
  • Strait of Storms
  • Undermountain Caves
  • Valley of the Sleepers

Ancient Battle Sites

  • Emnin
  • Jahalli
  • Varhum
  • Vock

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The division between Old Ones and deities is often indistinct. Some titles for Deities are: Eternal Ones or Hand of the Over Guardian. Shrines where they are worshipped or reside are called Fanes the priests or priestesses there are Those who Tend the Fanes.

Old Ones = Great Ones, Great Names, Those who Had Been Before. Their more-than-human intermediaries are Voices. The Old Ones' absence from human affairs since ancient times is known as the Long Rest. Their metal is silver, their gems opals, pearls, jade, and amber.

The Triune Goddess and Horned Man

  • Dians = Moon Maiden. Gray eyes, black hair. Carries a silver bow and arrows. Wears a white tunic or robe and the New Moon wrought in silver over her brow. Austere and remote. Kurnous is her brother.
  • Gunnora = Amber Lady Harvest Lady Evernourishing One Corn Woman Mother of Mares     (Kioga). Special protector of women and children. Neither she nor Neave like those who disturb the progress of Things As They Must Be. She is tall, dark, with full breasts and a narrow waist. Her eyes and gown are amber colored her symbol is a sheaf of ripe grain bound with a fruited vine. Kurnous is her Consort.
  • Raidhan = The Crone. Black—robed Hag of the Dark Moon. Kurnous is her son.
  • Kurnous, The Horn Crowned Man = He Who Hunts by ancient tradition, holds power only a few seasons, then his blood and flesh enrich the fields. Slanted eyes, pointed chin, amused expression, curling hair crowned with stag horns. Mail coat is green, brown, and blue. Often called upon by soldiers as well as hunters.

 General List of Gods and Old Ones

  • Alafian = He built an ancient way through The Waste and is still served by a Dryad there.     (Horn)
  • Archerydon =     (HH) Female Old One of feathers and fire.     (Circle)
  • Archon = The Dark Ones following him came south into Arvon.     (Horn)
  • Asbrakas = The Waiter in the temple of Varn.     (Port)
  • Cuntif = The evil balance of Kurnous.     (Horn)
  • Destree m'Regnant = Voice of Gunnora. -- See Port
  • The Dog = Gate Guardian. -- See Southeast Ak
  • Dussa = Deity of the Krogan.
  • The Flame: Those Who Set the Flame = Dalesfolk worship the Flame, symbol of creation, served by cloistered Houses of Dames (abbeys) and Ladies of the Shrines. The most devout Dames wear silver hoops on their girdles, turning them like beads or wheels to accompany formal prayers.
  • Galkur = Old One of the Dark -- See Gryg
  • Glydys = An Old One Yonan called upon.     (Gate)
  • Ibycus = Voice.     (Jpard)
  • Jonkara -- See Falb
  • Landisl = Old One of the Light, crested gryphon—man: avian face, paws for feet, taloned hands. (Gryg)
  • Matr = A Sky-One, departed companion of Landisl.     (Gryg)
  • Mig = Old One. -- See Circle.
  • Neave = Goddess of truth and gentle peace. Rules the seasons and proper relationships. Guardian of the Forces of Things As They Must Be.
  • Ninutra -- See Trey, Ware
  • Neevor = Voice of Landisl. -- See CRYS.
  • Nornan = Deity of Gorm.     (WW)
  • Qrd =     (Tw) Dark Master served by Black Ones, birds with red eyes and red flesh about their bills.     (Horn)
  • Rllene = Sky—One, departed companion of Landisl.     (Gryg)
  • Talann = Her Moon Shrine is near Ghyll.     (Dsm)
  • Telgher = Landisl's ally. -- See Gryg.
  • Volt = Avian Old One revered by Torfolk. -- See WW.
  • Yahnon = Old One, creator of a Gate gone rogue whose guardians were: Lagit, Scalgah, and Theffen.     (Port)
  • Yoer = Sky—One departed companion of Landisl.     (Gryg)

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  • Alizonders -- For descriptions see Mage & Falm
  • Dalesfolk -- See Horn for origins.
  • Falconers = Reddish brown hair, gold flecked eyes. Winged helms with masks. Uniforms bear falcon badges small undermodification marks denote individual troops. -- See Falb for origins Falm, FalLaw, Wtw, Southeast Ak for life styles and post—Turning developments.
  • Far North People -- See Web, Ramp.
  • Flannan =     (Esc, Est) Small avians. Sometimes used as messengers. Humanoid heads with jutting beaks. Arms beneath their wings, tiny hands, long, supple necks, clawed red feet. White feathers, except for their faces. Have very short attention spans.
  • Gray Ones =     (Esc, Tw, Arv) Werewolves, usually of the Dark, though exceptions are known. Narrow heads, black lips, matted, brindled fur on their necks and shoulders. Yellow—red eyes.
  • Keplians =     (Esc) Resemble powerful and beautiful horses. Of the Shadow can become either of the Dark or Light.
  • Kioga =     (Arv) -- See Grye
  • Kolder -- See Web (re uniforms, control belts) and Falm.
  • Krogan =     (Esc, Kst) Humanoid amphibians, a result of experiments by Great Ones. They can exist briefly outside aquatic environment. Believe their life cycle is linked to Donta: See S'Ol. Webbed feet and fingers, gills, pale skin and hair eyes are deep green and have no whites. Wear waistcloths of scaled fabric and pouches made of shell halves. Krogan who marry outside the clan add "S'" to their names. For burial customs,-- See S'ol
  • Lizards =     (Esc) Nearly man-sized. Green-gold jewel—scaled skin. Use front feet as hands. Domed, humanoid heads, wide, lipless mouths, long tongues. Distantly related to tree lizards.
  • Moss Wives =     (Esc) Small, hunched, gray. Long, mosslike hair, gnarled hands, wrinkled faces, flattened noses, large eyes with thick, bushy lashes. Protruding stomachs, stumpy frames, withered- looking legs. Their homes     (nests) are walled with curtains of moss-grown vines. Shy usually friendly to humans.
  • Old Race =     (Originated in Esc) Dark haired, pale skinned, slender, grey eyed, arched brows.
  • People of the Green Silences / Green People =     (Esc) Ancient race dwelling in spell-protected Green Valley. Guardians of nature: use wind, water, earth, and air magic. Adapt to their surroundings' colors. Wall their houses with greenery and roof them in woven bird feathers Valley People cannot abide within stone walls or where only men live.
  • Renthans =     (Esc) As large as horses. No manes topknots of fluff above a single red horn curving back in an arc. Coats: red roan with a creamy white underbody. Tails are small brushes they keep clipped tight to their haunches. Highly intelligent mind-speakers. Allies of the People of Green Silences.
  • Sarn Riders =     (Esc) Servants of the Dark mounted on bony Keplians. They wear gloves, black, tight-fitting clothes, and thigh—length, hooded cloaks. Their eyes are greenish—yellow pits and their movements are jerky. Weapons: Rods emitting jagged flames.
  • Sulcar = Tall, fair, big-boned traders and/or raiders. Called "sea-serpents", and live on serpent—prowed boats with their families. Bards chant them into battle. Their identifying crests are mythic creatures: birds, animals, reptiles.
  • Thas =     (both continents) Subterranean race serving the Dark. Small covered with bristly, rootlike growths. They attack by undermining the earth and dragging victims into their vast burrows. Fear air and fire. Weapons: Ropes of roots envenomed spears.
  • Toads of Grimmerdale -- See Tog and Wtw. Ancient race some members have degenerated and serve the Dark.
  • Tormen = Dwell in the marsh between Estcarp and Alizon. Revere Volt his totems guard their house isle communities and fields. Their history is kept by "Rememberers" using "Remember Chants".
  • Torfolk are small in stature, with large bones, long arms, short legs, fine, downy hair, and comely human faces. Are generally hostile to intruders.     (WW, Web, Sas)
  • Var -- See Port
  • Vrangs =     (Esc) Eaglelike dwell in the heights. Have lizards' heads with glittering red scales and narrow, toothed jaws. Their bodies are covered by blue-gray feathers.
  • Vugsalls -- See Sorc
  • Were-Riders -- See Yofu, p. 67, for origins and history. -- See Blood for were-Pack members and their change—forms.

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Rites of Passage


  • Naming newborns = Done with a touch of water. "Look upon him, name him, that he may have life well set before him."     (Jpard) -- See also Three and Grye.


  • Rite of Manhood -- See Crys and GEN INFO: OATHS.
  • Festival of Change = The Kioga coming-of—age ceremony.     (Grye)
  • Maiden Day = For girls in Falconers' Women's villages.     (Wtw)


  • Axe marriage = By proxy bride is symbolically bedded beside an axe. This form includes a later right of bride refusal.     (Crys)
  • Cup and Flame = Formal vows: Life Cup drunk and House Candle lit by bride and groom. At Bride Feast they eat from same plate.
  • Fold Gather = Where High Hallack’s nobility assemble to offer their eligible daughters for marriage.
  • hand-fasting = Betrothal.
  • maiden brides = wear blue.
  • sworn troth = As binding as marriage.


  • "Earth take that which is of earth. Water accept that of water. And that which is now freed, let it be free to follow the higher path."
  • (Variant) "Let that which is of earth return to earth. Let the inner spark which is life return to That Which Sent It. May she who lives here be troubled no more and may She who Guards all womankind welcome this one into the House of Peace through the last of all gates."
  • (For a stranger) "May your sleep be sweet, stranger, may your path be beyond smooth, may you come to your desiring and it give you peace." A white round stone is then placed on the grave's head.
  • (For a warrior) "Honor his name forever." A bared sword is raised in salute to the warrior's funeral pyre.
  • High Hallack burial = The dead are laid in the Field of Memory.
  • Krogan burial -- See S'ol.
  • Lelanin burial = The body's grave must be sealed by a priestess's words to prevent the spirit's rising. Grief is buried in a hole into which the mourner screams, then covers with a stone.
  • Sulcar burials = Known as burn burials.
  • Vupsall burials -- See Sorc for description.

Seasonal Customs

  • earth tithe = Harvest Time feast bowl associated with Harvest Sacrifice.
  • Harvest Homing Dance = Practiced in Estcarp.     (Sps)
  • Fall Hunt ceremony
  • Harvest Gift = Sent to an Arvon Clan Chief: wine and grain.
  • Harvest Maid = The last stalks are woven into a human effigy which is toasted in cider, then impaled on a pitchfork atop the wain.
  • First Day of Winter = At that time Dalesfolk burn straw wheels at that time to frighten off evil spirits.
  • Mid—Winter Feast = One of four fateful nights of the year when powers are loosed.
  • Year's Turn Feast =     (Regarded as pagan by the Abbeys not observed by the Dames.) Celebrants burn the Straw Man and Flax Maid women throw ivy in fire, the men holly, for good luck in the coming year.

Luck Wishes and Superstitions

  • "falcon-away" = A sign used by superstitious Falconer women and children to ward off bad luck.     (Wtw)
  • "Luck be with you and fortune your shield."
  • One throws the stones to read for luck on the trail, etc.
  • War Departure wish -- See Crys.
  • Fortune well =     (Crys) In western Ithdale. When the full moon reflects on its waters, one casts in a pin and recites a spell rhyme for luck. The area is marked by numerous wish ribbons and straw and twig effigies.

Miscellaneous Customs

  • Hiring = At market towns and fairs. Laborers seeking employment wear badges on their caps or bonnets to advertise their trades.
  • Merchant flags = Raised over traders' tents and booths at fairs. Sulcar traders raise them when coming into the port.
  • head collecting = A barbarian practice they believe it enslaves the ghosts of the slain.
  • visit veils = Worn by Falconer women chosen to be impregnated.

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  • Falconers'/Borderers' marching cadence = Earth-sky—mountain—stone! Sword cuts to the bone!
  • By...the Death of the Kolder     (Sps) = Simond's expression.

the Eyrie
the Fangs of(Zar)
the Favor of Likerwolf
Harith and Haron and the Blood of the Hawk Brood
the Heat of the Eternal Flame
the Horns of(Alizonian)
the Hunter's Cup
the Nine Words of Min
Reith and Nieve
the Sword Hand of Karthen the Fair
the Warmth of the Flame and the Flash of Gonder's Spell Sword
the Waves of Asper

  • Sweet Gunnora
  • Swordbrother Oath -- See Fallaw, Terms and Expressions.
  • Volt guide us


  • Death = The Last gate, Last Road, Black Gate.
  • Evernight; Victory of the Dark.
  • Halls of the Valiant = the Falconers' Valhalla.


  • "A nest of Anda wasps..."
  • "a stoat introduced into a house of hens..."
  • "As long as the Flame Eternal burns upon any altar..."
  • "As thin as Dame Carelda's washboard..."
  • “As well try to empty Fos Tern with a kitchen ladle..."
  • "By the Powers of Air, so shall it be."
  • "I would take Gunnora's three oaths..."
  • "if the Flame favors us..."
  • "like all Demon Night opening..."     (Sulcar saying)
  • "little dove, little love...." said to a child.     (Tog)
  • "looked like a fetch out of an old tale..."
  • "The queens of falcons be my witness..."
  • "wisdom must balance all swords..."     (Estcarp Hillfolk saying)
  • "Witch borne from Witch get. Witch she is, the pattern set."


  • (Anakue child blessing) "Let not his feet carry him near the Shadow. Let these hands work in the service of life and the Light, his mind remain clean and untainted. Grant him the strength of will to naysay any thought born of the Dark."     (Grye)
  • (For killed grey) "Honor to the Great One of the herd. Our thanks to That Which Speak for the four-footed that we may eat. We take not save that which is freely given.     (Horn)
  • "May the Right Hand of Lraken be your shield"     (Sulcar)
  • "Good luck ride with you, to right, to left, at your back, and before."     (Warl)
  • "With the Fourth Blessing..." Neevor's blessing.
  • "May the Great Flame abide about you, hedge you in."     (Trey)


  • "May the Death of Kryphon of the Dart be upon you."     (Horn)
  • "May the Rats of Nore forever gnaw him night and day."     (WW)

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The Dales

  • The Undying and One Flame
  • Mount of Astron = a devotional reading required listening at many Dales' morning services.     (Tog)
  • House spirits = family ceremonies as well as prayers take place before a small niche dedicated to the house's spirits.     (Amb)
  • The Black Wain = This is said to carry away naughty children, or come for those doomed to die.     (Stillborn)
  • Abbey Hours = Hour of the Fifth Flame Hour of Last Light Hour of Great Silence.     (Yofu)
  • Those Who Tend the Fanes = Keepers of Shrines.
  • A mirror kills demons.     (Yofu)


  • Sign of Wottin = May be accompanied with a prayer for calm seas: Wind and wave! Mother Sea/ Lead us home/ Far the harbor/ Wild thy waves/ Still, by the power/ Sulcar saved!"     (Falb)
  • "It lies between the fingers of the Old Woman," then spit over shoulder.
  • A man will not fall in battle unless he hears his name called aloud while the clamor still rings.     (Warl)
  • A man using a dead man's sword may be possessed in battle by his ghost, for good or evil.     (Warl)


  • Temple of Fortune = served by priests titled Reverend Voices     (WW)
  • The Stone of Engis = Karstenians swear oaths by this.     (WW)


  • "The fabled Earth Center from which all life is said to have screamed."     (Jpard)


  • The Hand of the Over Guardian     (WW)


  • White Brethren speculation = That a man who has not completed his task is reborn to finish it.     (Trey)
  • Variant: One who dies with a task laid on him for good or ill clings to a shadow of life until the task is fulfilled.
  • Cross two fingers when speaking of the dead to avoid their possible revenge-taking.     (Sorc)
  • Paths gf Balemat = A primitive belief: An evil spirit awaits the dead whose rites were not properly carried out.     (Sorc)

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  • Men clap bare hands together, then raise right palm for friendly salute.
  • A man brings his fist up to salute a war leader.     (Dss)
  • Kioga: Palm pressed to forehead -- sign of respect.     (Grye)

Standard Greeting, with Variants

  • To the giver of the feast, fair thanks. For the welcome of the gate, gratitude. To the ruler of this house, fair fortune and bright sun on the morrow.
  • For the welcome of the gate, my thanks. For the feasting on the board, my pleasure and my good wishes. To the lord of this roof, fair fortune.
  • To the house greeting, to those of the house good fortune. To the day a good dawn and sunset, to the endeavor good fortune without a break.
  • Fair fortune to this holding and good morning to you.
  • Good fortune to this house and the dwellers therein.
  • To the farer on far roads the welcome of this roof, and may fortune favor your wandering.     (Dale welcome for a guest unknown personally to any lord.)
  • Greeting to a sharer of the road.

Welcome and Guesting Cups, etc.

  • High Hallack: A hosting horn     (the wine of hospitality) and a platter of welcome cakes is presented. The hostess then lays hand on a guest's wrist and leads him to table.
  • The welcome cup enables the traveler to wash trail dust from his throat before he announces his name and business. A plate with bread, salt, and water seals the guesting bond.
  • Estcarp:     (A very old formula, in abeyance in wartime) "The House Of _________ , on which be the sun, the wind, and the good of wide harvest, opens gates to a geas—ordered man." Response: "Gates open to one swearing no threat against     (House name), man or clan, roof tree, field, flock, herd, or mount." The host's sword is then held out to the guest, point foremost he kneels and presses lips to it and repeats the response, opening with, "No threat from me against...." The guesting goblet is then offered.
  • Guesting cup/goblet: Filled with a mixture of water, wine, and milk. Both host and guest drink. Then the guest sprinkles drops to right and left     (house and land) and passes goblet back, to be handed around the host's household.
  • Falconers' salutations: "Greeting, sword brother."
  • "Between us there is peace. The Lord of Wings opens his Eyrie to the Captain of Estcarp."
  • "I give you greeting, Brother. Was it fair, the hunting?" "It was fair, the hunting. Is the fire warm upon the hearth?" "The fire blazes and the board is laid. Will my Brother take his rest among my Brothers?" "Gladly would I rest."
  • "Welcome, Hawk Blood, who kept well the faith."
  • Tormarsh Salutations: "I give you greeting. May the blessing of Volt himself be with you."
  • (To a Tor clan daughter who is with child.) "Fair day. Fair be your going, fair be your coming, firm your steps upon the crossing places, full your hands with good labor, your heart with warmth,
  • your mind with thoughts which will serve you."
  • Moss Forest: "Who are you who follow a trail through the mossland?" "No threat from me to the House of _____ and her sister, clan, or rooftree, harvest, f1ocks...."
  • Krogan: "To Kofi of the river, greeting and peace from..."
  • Sulcar: "I am Koityi Stymir, at your summoning..."
  • Var: "Thrice blessing. Power calls to power, Light to light, even as Dark can call shadows. Peace is not yet won, but there is now a beginning." Response: "well to Varn."
  • Vupsalls: "Fair morning, leader of men."
  • "Mother of men, ruler of the Chief tent, be blessings and more good than can be held in the two hands of all on you."
  • "Seeress, we seek." "They who seek may enter."
  • "The Mother of Many does me honor...There shall be no forewalker or aftergoer between us."

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  • High Hallack: "Go with the good will of the house."/"Go with the Peace." / "Go with the Will of the Flame.”
  • "Good fortune, sun bright and lasting to you."
  • "May Our Lady of the Harvest Shrine guide your way."
  • "For the feast, my thanks, for the roof, my blessing, for the future all good, as I take my road again."
  • (Father—kin farewell, YEAR OF THE UNICORN): "As he who stands for all of you as father-kin, do I drink long years, fair life and easy passing, kin—favor, roof-fortune, child-holding. Thus it be ever."
  • Estcarp: "Go with fortune."
  • "Go in strength, watch well your footing, and keep always alert with eye and ear."
  • "May your road be a fair one and may the sun shine upon it."
  • "A fair road before you and a swift return."
  • Falconer: "Be strong, warrior, and fly high. The Lord of Wings favor your hunting."
  • "Go, winged warrior. We be of one breed with your master and there is peace between us."
  • Alizonder: "I.wish you abundant hunting and the best of hounds for your pack.
  • "Whatever you pursue, may your blade strike true."



  • Hands placed between those of the one to whom oath—taker swears, then pressed to forehead: "Lord, I am in your debt. Accept me as your liegeman, as is right."
  • Rite of Manhood:     (Crys) A kin—oath is sworn, then the father's gift-sword is accepted.
  • Kioga Festival of Change: -- See CUSTOMS and Grye
  • Oath of Bearing and Forebearing:     (Crys) Spit at the subject's Eeet. Then, You have taken our kin—Lord. Therefore you stand in his place."     (The burden of the speaker's support is the blood-price.)
  • Falconers' Oath of Sword and Shield, Blood and Bread. See WW
  • Swordbrother oath = See Fallaw, also Terms and Expressions.
  • "I would take Gunnora's Three Oaths."     (Crys)
  • "May I be slain by my own blade, struck with my own darts, if I ever meant any ill to those within the House of Dhulmat or to any man of Estcarp."     (Three)
  • Koris swore upon the Axe of Volt when he promised to guard Jaelithe's triplets in her absence.


  • Swords are exchanged to mark a truce. They also may be scabbarded with peace strings.
  • Both hands held out, shoulder high, palm out: An age—old sign for truce.     (Gryg)
  • Fyndale Peace = Visiting heads of households laid bared hands on an Old Ones' gray stone pillar and swore to keep peace throughout the fair.     (Amb)

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  • angelica = counteracts poison. -- See Magic: Herbs
  • agueweed = feverwort. For coughs and fevers.     (Exl)
  • arrow tree =     (Esc) Throws poisonous thorns.     (Gate)
  • ash tree -- See Magic: Herbs
  • black willow -- See Magic: Herbs
  • blue poppy = Pain killer also for coughs and chest disorders. The seed pod's sap is stewed with sugar to make a syrup.     (Exl)
  • bounty bush =     (Tw)     (Saltg)
  • bronze root =     (HH) A cure for sneezing.     (Nighth)
  • bural =    (HH) A root that is hard to pull free.     (Gryg)
  • carnation -- See Magic: Herbs
  • carnelian fruits =     (Ramp)
  • catmint = For skin swellings, rashes, and small burns should be steeped, not boiled.     (Exl)
  • comfrey = Good for healing wounds.     (Exl)
  • corfil =     (TOR) Plant which yields a scarlet dye.
  • Dragon's Tongue = Cleanses wound of putrid matter.
  • elder flower = used in beauty creams.
  • elder wood -- See Magic: Herbs
  • false sage = beauty cream ingredient.
  • Fever-leaf vine =     (Alz)
  • fogmot =     (Esc) Grows on tree trunks edible.     (Gate)
  • fringe hazel =     ("Double See Spit") Bark is an astringent, stops bleeding salves of it soothe pain.
  • frost flowers =     (Exl)
  • garlic -- See Magic: Herbs
  • golden fruits =     (Ramp)
  • huk-berries =     (Ware)
  • hyssop = Good for insect bites.     (Exl)
  • illbane -- See Magic: Herbs
  • Insect-eaters =     (SoutheastAs) Plants growing on far southern shore     (Port)
  • ker-apples =     (HH) Of autumn.     (Tog)
  • knitbone =     (Exl)
  • langlorn -- See Magic: Herbs
  • langmar -- See Web
  • loguth =     (Tor, Est) Plants which produce fibers used in weaving.
  • Lormt flowers =     (EST) Called "Noon and Midnight". Grow only near that ancient repository of knowledge.     (Exl)
  • minz weed =     (HH) Addictive. It is chewed.     (Rodd)
  • moly -- See Magic: Herbs
  • moss = Used for bandages.
  • mullein = beauty cream ingredient.
  • nettles = boiled, they stop bleeding.
  • pla-plums =     (Crys)
  • primrose = beauty cream ingredient.
  • rampion = Eases women's plight.     (Ramp)
  • ranni vines = When they bud, spring is near.     (Godron's)
  • red dead-man's hand = toxic seaweed; kills shellfish.
  • redwort = Better for stimulating the heart than witch's thimble.
  • rowan tree -- See Magic: Herbs
  • saffron -- See Magic: Herbs
  • salt -- See Magic: Herbs
  • sandalwood -- See Magic: Herbs
  • saxfrage = cures fever.
  • selka =     (Arv) The Kioga make it into a refreshing juice.     (Grye)
  • semroot = narcotic.     (Ramp)
  • shred bark = makes a brown dye.     (Mage)
  • silanti flowers = Grow on Karsten's coast.
  • silver nettle = makes a bleach.     (Mage)
  • star candles = Moss Forest flowers. -- See Warl
  • star eyes =     (Esc) First flowers of spring.     (Sorc)
  • stench vines -- See Warl
  • smother root =     (Alz) A poison.
  • stranglevine flowers =     (Alz) -- See Mage
  • summer s last / first of spring =     (Est) Mountain Gate flowers.     (Oldt)
  • tansen tree = Has fragrant blossoms. -- See Warl
  • tresayne = Its leaves aid in healing.     (Green)
  • valerian -- See Magic Herbs
  • vervain -- See Magic: Herbs
  • weed -- See Web
  • witch's thimble = A heart stimulant.
  • white heart -- See Zar
  • white hedge berries =     (Alz)
  • yarrow = an astringent.

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  • Alizonian Hounds -- See WW, Mage
  • Aspt =     (Esc) Beaverlike animals same habits, but larger.     (Warl)
  • assassin beast =     (Tor) -- See WW.
  • Broc-boar =     (HH)     (Crys)
  • blue-horned sheep =     (HH) -- See Mage
  • deer
  • dire-wolf =     (Alz) -- See Mage
  • Donta =     (Kst) -- See S'ol
  • Garth Howell mounts =     (Arv) -- See Song
  • orex =     (Kst, Esc) -- See Ware
  • Lormt pack =     (Est) Tri·horned canids. -- See Falh
  • mountain leapers =     (Esc)     (Kep)
  • mountain monster =     (Est)     (Torb)
  • night-hunter =     (Kst) -- See Ware
  • pards = both continents
  • pronghorns
  • rasti =     (Esc) Rodents three feet long, black, agile. Hunt and kill in packs.
  • scavengers =     (Kst) -- See Ware
  • seafoxes = Live on far northern islands. Thick—furred water dogs whose pelts are prized.     (Ramp)
  • shriekers =     (Alz) Burrowing animals. -- See Mage
  • snowbears =     (Esc)     (Kep)
  • snowcats = Both continents. Larger than pards. Have beautiful thick gray—white fur. Renowned hunters.
  • Torgians =     (Est; Esc) Much valued horse breed noted for speed and endurance. Duns with dark manes coats won't take a gloss.
  • verbears =     (Kst; Esc) -- See Ware
  • vuffle =     (Esc) -- See Warl: Expressions
  • Vupsall Hounds =     (Esc) -- See Sorc
  • Waste ponies -- See Gryg


  • hegitts =     (HH) Sea birds. -- See Ramp
  • hooded crow =     (Alz)
  • idylbirds =     (HH)     (Ramp)
  • lanagoot =     (HH)     (Isle)
  • rus =     (Esc) Flying spies for Sarn Riders and others of the Dark. Long supple necks, small, beaky heads. Cry a whistling screech.


  • Merfay =     (Esc) Turtlelike creatures. Scaly skin, webbed feet and hands, round heads, short necks. Friendly to Krogan.
  • Tor Lizard/ Wak-1izard =     (Tor) -- See Web
  • tree lizards =     (Esc) Live in treetop mazes.     (Three)

Water Creatures

  • Decca -- See Seasd
  • fleckfish =     (HH)     (Ramp)
  • fos-crab =     (Esc)
  • pincushion fish =     (HH)     (Ramp)
  • possel =     (Esc) Shellfish. -- See Warl
  • quasfi =     (Esc) Shellfish. -- See Warl, Strait.
  • taape fish -- See Isle.

Insects, Arachnids, and Crustaceans

  • Anda wasps
  • biting clouds/bitter motes -- See Southeast Ak
  • light insects =     (Tor, Esc) Used by Torfolk and Vupsalls. – See Sas, Sorc
  • rock crustacean =     (ESC) Land-going lobster. -- See Gate
  • spider monster =     (ESC) -- See Ware
  • web-riders =     (ARV) -- See Song
  • zizt spiders =     (Esc) -- See Sorc

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  • blank shield = a mercenary for hire.
  • earth tithe = the feast bowl at harvest time.
  • The Exile = When those now dwelling in Arvon left the Dales, crossed the Waste, and entered their present land.
  • The Far Shore = The Western Continent, to those of the Eastern.
  • The First Age of Arvon = Before the Lost Lords warred.     (Jpard)
  • The Great Time of Trouble = Period leading to the Last Struggle.
  • Halls of the Valiant = The Falconers' Valhalla.
  • Heal Craft
  • The Last Struggle = Fought between Dark and Light in Arvon.
  • Oath of Sword and Shield, Blood and Bread = A Falconer's bond of service, which may be extended to non-falconers. -- See Wwe
  • Peace of the Highways = Safety for travelers not always honored in chaotic times.
  • Road of Memory/Road of Sorrow = Taken by Arvon's exiles.
  • sword taken = captured land.
  • sword weight = tribute.
  • Three Times Horning = A pogrom. -- See WW.
  • Times = Ax time and sword time: humans. Wind and star time: Great Lords and Voices. Were-time and spell time: magic.     (Yofu)
  • Warn sword = Used by a Herald to summon allies to war. He carries a carved wooden sword as a symbol, and each party joining the alliance adds a colored cord to its hilt.     (Warl)


  • All Mother = Leader of the witches of Estcarp, post-Turning.     (Gate)
  • The Four Great Weagons = Helm—Biter, Ice Tongue, Sword of Shadow, and the Tongue of Basir.     (Trey, Ware)
  • The Four Lords = Of High Hallack, who allied to defeat the invaders: Imgry, Savron, Skirkar     (slain in battle), and Wintof.
  • Gormvin = Title of the authorities and/or race employing/protecting the ancient race of Toads.     (Wtw)
  • The Great Bargain = Struck between the Dales and the Weres: battle alliance in exchange for human brides.     (Yofu)
  • Guardian = Leader of the witches, pre-Turning.
  • Horn Leader =     (HH) A battlefield commission, in effect, a title given for bravery. Elys's brother received it.     (Dss)
  • Master of Hounds = Warlord of the Alizonian ruler.     (Mage)
  • The Seven Defenders of Arvon = Alon, Eydryth, Elys, Kerovan, Joisan, Hyana, and Trevon.     (Song)
  • Venerators = Priests of Alizon.     (Mage)
  • The War That Sealed the East = The previous Turning.     (Wtw)
  • Watch Witch = Posted at Es Castle to listen for remote sendings.
  • Wing Lord / Wing Master /Lord of Wings = Falconers' Leader.

Symbols and Badges of Authority

  • Bard's ornament of profession -- See Song
  • Heraldic Devices of High Hallack nobility = Basilisk, Gryphon, Phoenix, Salamander, Wyvern, etc.     (Crys, Yofu)
  • Falconers' = Badge of a Wing Master: a falcon in flight. Badge of the Captain of a Company: a stooping falcon. Commandant's cloak of rank: black, lined with silver.     (Seak)
  • Lord Hound's Mask = worn by Alizon's leader.     (Mage)

Conventional ~ Non-Magic Weapons

  • Kolder = Submarines, tanks, airships, control-belts.
  • Witch World Weapons = axe, bow and arrow, dagger, dart gun, flashing wands     (used by Sarn Riders) force lash/whip, pike, quarterstaff, spear, and sword.

Much Valued  / Special Trade Goods

  • foxsilk pelts
  • Ithdale pearls
  • Thunder Shield amber
  • Var glass
  • Woods: lamantine pinsal, redheart, spicy pine, and wence.


  • bloodwine = of Alizon.
  • "life water" = raw ale.
  • seamilk = wine of the far Northern Dales and isles.
  • selka juice = A Kioga beverage.


  • Creeping plague
  • Deep Chill

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N.B. = Any magical power misused or used selfishly may recoil on the spellcaster or drain her or him past the point of recovery.

Forms of Magic

  • Banishment spell = "By the bone of death, the power of silver, the force of our desire -— thus do we loose one of three, never to be knotted together again." An arrow of light then was fired at Gillan, leaving her cold and abandoned     (Yofu).
  • Barrow magic = May not be penetrated by the Dark.     (Horn)
  • Binding spells and chants = Includes circle spells, spiral traps, horsebonding, etc.
  • blood magic = Used to enhance the power of other spells, such as Gate opening.     (Warl, Crys, Song, Zar)
  • chant song = Raises Power in the body and makes it flow outward.
  • childbirth magic =     (1) Anghart aided Jaelithe with this during the triplets birth     (Three)     (2) Joisan used bespelled herbs to anoint a laboring woman's belly, palms, feet, and forehead with runes     (Grye).
  • circle spell = A form of binding spell: Those to be imprisoned are circled three times widdershins, with a magic cry given at each circle's completion.
  • compulsion spells =     (1) geas     (to break this courts disaster) (2) pull—spell     (3) summoning     (done three times, it forces the subject to obey).
  • conversion chant = To return the Were-riders to their human forms: "By the Light, by the Cold Steel, by the Rowan, by the Candles of the Weres."     (Blood)
  • dream-weaving = Separates the witch's body and soul, each existing in a different world.
  • Farseeing Magic = Scrying, or reading rune boards and stones.
  • Foretelling = Examples:     (1) Jaelithe's chant to foretell her triplets futures     (Three).     (2) Ninque read "pins on the Stone of Esinore"     (Amb).
  • Gate spell = Pentagram within a circle is drawn with blood, either the witch s own     (of the Light) or a sacrifice's     (Of the Dark) those to be transported stand on the star's points, facing inward.     (Crys, Song, Sorc)
  • Gunnora's charm chant = "Life is breath, life is blood. By the seed and by the Leaf. By the Springtime in its flood. May this power bring relief."     (Amb)
  • Harvesting chant = Used when taking part of a living plant in order to work magic ensures that the power remains intact and does not recoil on the one doing the harvesting.     (Grye, Zar)
  • Hunter's Magic = Men's magic: Pledging Kurnous with wine.
  • illusion spells = Glamours shape—changing     (WW) cloaking     (Yofu) disappearances     (Crys).
  • Moon Magic = Women's magic. Sometimes called High Moon magic. Includes Magic of Talaan     (Dsm). Often involves a Star Temple.
  • Names / Words of Power = Ghithe: Old Tongue for "Light"     (Grye). Asmerillion     (Stillborn). Sytry     (Warl). Euthayan     (Three, etc.). Min's Nine Words     (See Nine, Circle). Ashlin Ceeara     (Kep). Hesturfljott Strjuka Jurtsprengur     (Stillborn). "By the Power of the Nine Great Names"     (stillborn). Svochos Enyahg     (Peacock).
  • Power shaping = The ability to find Old Ones through their inanimate representations and thus steal their power.     (Circle)
  • Power spell = "Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. By the Dawn of the East, the Moon White of the South, the Twilight of the West, the Black Midnight of the North, by yew, hawthorn, rowan, by the Law of Knowledge, the Law of Name, the Law of True Falsehoods, the Law of Balance —- so do we move."     (Jpard)
  • Power transfer = Moving objects from one plane to another each remains partly thought and continues to exist elsewhere in a different form.     (Horn)
  • Protective spells = Examples:     (1) "By the Flame, by the Sword wielded in just cause, by all that stands with the Light, we claim protection"     (Nighth)     (2) placed at door of Elys's chamber to guard her and her unborn child. -- See Song
  • recalling spell = To bring a separated spirit back to its body: "By the Ash, the Maul, the Blade that rusteth never, by the Clear Moon, the Light of Neave, the blood I have shed to He Whose Semblance I wear, by the virtue of Banebloom, and the Lash of Gorth, the Candles of the Weres, come you back"     (Yofu).
  • Set spell = A gift accepted carries the spell with it if that is refused, the spell will rebound on the sender.
  • Shape-changing and transformations = Require pentagram(s), a fire producing smoke, and chants. When the smoke ebbs, the change is complete.     (WW, Strait, JPARD, Strait, etc.)
  • Spellbreaking = Examples:     (1) circle widdershins against the sun three, seven, then nine times the spellbreaker yields some of his own power in this process     (Warl, Amb, GRYE).     (2) Circling deasil to break a spell is of the Light     (Song).     (3) Yaal's Serpent chant: "Aphar and Stolla, Worum awake!/ What was drunk, must be tongued./What was wrought, you must unmake!/ In the Name of _________"     (Amb). (4) To break evil vines' spell: "Blood to bind, blood to sow, blood to pay, so it is demanded"     (Zar).
  • Spell Duel = A clash of the most powerful Adepts.
  • Spell of the Hour = Used in ancient times to bind the Thas in their underground world it weakened over the eons     (Grye).
  • sympathetic magic -- See (1) Game of Power     (WW) and (2) Destree's whittling magic of a model Scalgah     (Port).
  • tracing/finding spells = Objects take on impressions of former owners or users that fact can be employed to seek them out and track them down. Examples:     (1) Kaththea's scarf     (Warl)     (2) 0syra's Krogan xalta magic     (Port)     (3) Mayrin's hair ornament, given her by Romar, used to find him in the Tower.     (Kep).
  • vanishing circle = Disappearance in smoke.     (Neevor in Crys)
  • warding and protective spells = Examples:     (1) A circle drawn with a wand, candles placed along equal points of the arc, and herbs scattered around its perimeter     (Grye).     (2) Fingers held in a vee,
  • and the warder spits between them to left and right     (Three).
  • water spell = "Wind and water, wind and water, wind to hasten, water to bear, sea to carry, fog to ensnare." Jaelithe chanted this over the chip boats and touched each with a fingernail, con-
  • verting them into a phantom fleet to protect Sulcarkeep.     (WW)
  • Were-Magic.

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Magical Beings and Creatures

  • Beasts of the Wood Lord -- See Ware
  • Dark Lord's guardians -- See Oath-b
  • Death Bringers -- See Horn
  • eftan -- See Gate
  • Lagit = Gate guardian. -- See Port
  • Mountain monster -- See Falm
  • Night Hound -- See Nighth
  • Scalgah =-- See Port
  • Shadow servant -- See Oath-b
  • Silver Singers -- See Horn
  • That Which Dwells Apart / That Which Abides = Of the Dark. -- See Three
  • Theffen -- See Port
  • Undermountain monster -- See Warl
  • Varks -- See Horn
  • web-riders -- See Song
  • wenzal -- See Yofu
  • Wings of Ord -- See Horn


Colors of Magic

From Jpard:   Blue/blue-green = The Light.

Green Magic = Healer's Craft. Growing things.

Red = Power. Health. Physical strength. War.

Orange = Self-confidence and strong desire.

Yellow = Mind magic logic, philosophy, thaumaturgy.

Blue = Emotion, gods, prophecy, theurgy.

Indigo = Weather casting foretelling by stars.

Purple = Lust, hate, fear.

Violet = Pure power among spirits.

Brown = Woods, glades, and the animal world.

Black = The Dark.

Power colors     (Trey)

Blue = Safety.

Dull white! green! shot through with red = a trap.

Gray-green = a strong center of Dark Forces.

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Magic Herbs

Those using herbs for good magic generally ask the blessing of a growing thing before taking a branch for a wand, a magical flower, or other botanical. This helps preserve the power.

  • angelica = Herb of the sun in Leo. Protection against poison and evil magic. Used for amulets and in scented anointing oils. See Herrel's amulet, Blood Gi1lan's amulet, YofU.
  • ash = For wands of the Light and effigies.
  • basil = Of the Light. For amulets and protective spells.
  • black willow = to heal fever. Brewed as a tisane with saffron and sandalwood and administered while praying to Gunnora.
  • brony = For effigies.
  • carnation = added to dragon's blood and diluted, this makes a strengthening cordial.
  • dill = protection against evil used in combinations, amulets.
  • dragon's blood -- see carnation.
  • Dragon’s Tongue = Seeks out and cleanses putrid matter from wounds.
  • elder bush / wood = For Dark spells and wands, exorcisms, and banes.
  • farkill = Evil narcotic. Raises blisters at a touch. Difficult even for illbane to heal.     (Gate)
  • garlic = Protection against evil. Used in binding spells.
  • hawthorn = of the Light.
  • herb salves = Herbs mixed with thick grease and rubbed around the eyes and on one's ears and palms as protection.
  • illbane = Repels sorcery. Twice as potent if harvested while still bedewed. Aids in healing. Also enables a witch to rove outside her body.     (Futures)
  • iyy leaf = protection against evil.
  • langlorn = Has four trifid leaves. Clears the senses.
  • mandrake = For fertility spells and poppets/effigies.
  • moly = Breaks enchantments. Will only work once for the same individual.
  • rosemary = Rosemary oil is protection against evil. The herb is also used in combination for spells and amulets.
  • rowan = Protection against magic.
  • saffron = Used in combination with black willow and sandalwood to cure childhood fevers.
  • sandalwood -- See above.
  • salt = Protective against evil. Used in binding spells.
  • saxfrage = Cures fever.
  • tarragon = Protective against evil used in amulets.
  • trefoil = Good magic. Employed in combinations.
  • valerian = Protective. Used in combination in amulets.
  • vervain = Protective. Used in amulets and childbirth blessing.
  • white heart = magical flower of a Waste tree.     (Zar)
  • yew = of the Light.

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Magical / Old Ones' Landmarks

  • An-Yak = See Zar
  • Beacon Hut = Of Old Ones. -- See Swou
  • Bleak Grove = Arvon.     (Rite)
  • Blue Temple = On border of the Dales and the Waste.     (Wolf)
  • The Broken Road -- See Crys -- Began at edge of Waste.
  • Car Do Prawn = Kethan's birthplace Arvon.     (Jpard)
  • Car De Dogan = Maleron's Keep Arvon.     (Grye)
  • Cave of Immortality = In the Waste.     (Rodd)
  • Cave of the Plumed Snake = Dales. See Swseller.
  • Chairs of the Giants = Northern Dales.     (Amb)
  • Circle of Silence = Dales. Of Old Ones. -- See Circle
  • Circle of Toads = Dales. Within Standing Stones.     (Tog)
  • Dame Cavern = Estcarp. -- See Wtw
  • Darst = Of Old Ones -- See Nighth
  • Dragonsback = Dales. -- See Wolf
  • Elsenar’s posterns = In Lormt's cellar Southeast of Lormt in an ancient hunting lodge and in Castle Krevonel in Alizon City.     (Mage)
  • Fortress of the Redmantle -- See Jpard
  • Garden of Loskeetha = Escore. -- See Warl
  • Garth Howell = School of sorcery, Arvon.     (Jpard, Song)
  • Great Falcon -- See Falm
  • Grove near Rhystead Abbey = Blue stone sanctuary.     (Were-f)
  • Great Star = See Crys
  • Gunnorals Shrines = Found throughout Dales, Arvon.   (Tog, Jpard)
  • Hall of the Henge = On the White Road.     (Whiter)
  • Haunted Ruin = Of the Shadow. -- See Jpard
  • Hawk's Claw -- See Jpard
  • Hilarion’s Citadel = On Coastal Escore -- See Sorc
  • Hole of Volt = On Karsten's western coast.     (WW)
  • The Horned One's Keep =     (Horn)
  • Kar Garudwyn = Landisl's Eyrie, Arvon.     (Grye)
  • Kathal Hall -- See Zar
  • Linark = A Moon Drawers' school, Arvon.     (Jpard)
  • Lure Well = Arvon. -- See Grye
  • Moon Shrines = Numerous sites examples found in Garnsdale and in Ithondale, near Ghyll.     (Horn, Dsm)
  • Narvok's Gate = Western Ferndale.     (Mage)
  • Nexus = See Gate
  • Ninth Meadow = Gate near Mountain Gate in Southeast Estcarp.     (Oldt)
  • The Pillar at Fyndale = Of Old Ones. Where Dales lords swore peace during Fyndale fair.     (Amb)
  • Place of Light = In Varn.     (Port)
  • Place of Power at Verlaine Keep = See WW.
  • Quayth = Northern High Hallack.     (Amb)
  • Ravensmoore = In the Waste. Of the Dark.     (Peacock)
  • Reeth = Star Tower of Gillan, Herrel, and Aylinn.     (Jpard)
  • Refuge of Wise Women = Witches' post—Turning sanctuary.     (Gate)
  • Road of Dreams = The Waste.
  • Road of the Old Ones = Ran to a damaged circle of standing stones occupied by Toads.     (Tog)
  • Seely Shrine = In the Dales.     (Fortune's)
  • Setting Up of the Kings = The resting place of Arvon's border guardians.     (Grye)
  • Skull Square = Karsten/Escore border. -- See Ware
  • Sorn Fen = Of the Old Ones. Dales.     (Legacy)
  • Spiral Mazes = Found on both continents.     (Examples: Dss, Three)
  • Standing Stones = Both continents. Examples: -- see Gate, Tog, etc.
  • Star Altars and Temples = Mainly western continent. One stood above the fishing village of Wark.     (Dss)
  • Stone of Konnard = In the mountains south of Lormt. -- See Exl
  • Stones of Sharnon = Dales. -- See Stones
  • Sytry's Undermountain Tomb = Central Escore.     (Warl, Futures)
  • Temple of the Five-Pointed Star = A Star Temple.     (Dss)
  • Temple of the Skull = Escore. -- See Trey
  • Tower of Iuchar = Escore. -- See Trey
  • Trap Road = Arvon.     (Grye)
  • Valley of Healing Mud = Escore.     (Three, Song, etc.)
  • Valley of the Sleepers = In far eastern Escore. Source of the witches’_power.     (Gate)
  • Varr = An ancient stronghold in the Waste.     (Zar)
  • The Waiter's Hold = In the capital/port of Varn.     (Port)
  • Waste Shrine -- See Crys
  • The White Road = Leads into the Waste.     (Whiter)
  • Zephar = Escore. -- See Trey

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Magical, Tools, Weapons and Artifacts

N.B. = References -— "See Crys", etc. -- will be found under Magic in that novel's or short story's index.

  • Amarrok's turguoise amulets -- See Wolf.
  • Auridan’s sword -- See Swseller.
  • Aylinn’s healing talisman = See Jpard
  • bead circlets / bracelets = Used for memory focusing.
  • blood = Used to mark a pentagram for additional power in spellcasting or Gate opening. Evil magic uses another's or an animal's blood good magic uses the witch's own blood.
  • blue stones = Found on both continents used for construction in ancient times by those of the Light the power is still effective.
  • Broc's sword =     (Amb)
  • cat-head ring = Joisan's. -- See "ring", Gyrg
  • compulsion mannikins/poppets -- See Trey "Game of Power" in WW.
  • The Crystal Gryphon -- See Crys and Gryg
  • detection metal = Used by Jaelithe it blazed when anything of the Shadow was near.     (Sorc)
  • dream-weaving = to separate body and soul for magic purposes.
  • Eleeri’s stallion pendant =     (Kep)
  • Esinore’s stone = Used in fortunetelling.     (Amb)
  • Essence of Life wine -- See Lav
  • Elder’s key -- See Mage
  • Elsenar's magestone = "Betrothal gift". -- See Mage
  • Elys’s wand -- See Swou
  • familiars -- See Kaththea's     (Three) and Targi's     (Trey)
  • Feathered Serpent = Found in Cave of Plumed Snake. -- See Swseller.
  • Felde’s talisman -- See Circle.
  • Fooger Beast -- See Gate: "Nexus".
  • Gate opening -- see GENERAL MAGIC: Gate Spell.
  • Gillan’s amulet -- See Yofu
  • Green Fire = Warmed victims of evil cold.     (Oath-b)
  • Helm Biter = One of the Four Great Weapons. Uruk's axe.
  • herbs -- See MAGIC: HERBS.
  • Herrel's amulet -- See Blood.
  • hinder cord = Used to lame Herrel's mount.     (Yofu)
  • Hunter's Cup -- See Horn
  • Ice Tongue = One of the Four Great Weapons. Yonan's sword.
  • Imrie’s amulet -- See Que.
  • Jervon’s amulet -- See Dss, Swou
  • Kerovan’s wristlet -- See Crys
  • Llan’s Stone -- See Zar
  • luck stones = thrown for forecasting or to tell directions.
  • Maug's wand -- See Heir
  • Merreth's locket = See Candle
  • message rod -- See Web, Magic
  • Mirror Gate -- See Know
  • Ninutra's casket = See Ware
  • Ninutra's record holder = See Ware
  • Nolar's fragment of Stone of Konnard = See Exl
  • 0rel's amulet -- See Saltg
  • pentagram(s) = Drawn with a wand. Candles placed on points     (and if called for in the spell, in the star's center) color of candles may determine type of magic and summoning is used. Shape-changing spells require a smoke-emitting brazier nearby. Gate openings and other powerful spells require blood placed on star's points.
  • Plasper forces -- See Trey
  • Quan-iron = Ancient blue—green metal of the Light. Used for weapons, amulets, Landisl's throne, to protect buildings, etc.
  • rune boards/stones = to focus power and for forecasting.
  • running water = Evil cannot cross it.
  • Rymple’s horseshoe -- See Candle
  • screamer -- See Yofu
  • scrying cup = Focus object used to foresee/farsee.     (Water of the Ninth Wave best for such purposes = Crys) -- See also Sorc, Dss
  • Seeing Stone = Consulted by Jervon in his search for Elys.     (Song)
  • Siege Perilous -- See WW, Tall.
  • Sorn Fen ring -- See Legacy.
  • spiral traps = compel ensorcelled prey to follow them inward to perpetual entrapment or death.     (Three, Candletrap)
  • spirit gongs = Summon and focus power. Employed by Estcarp's witches and Sulcar seeresses     (who use them to draw favoring winds). Sound: low, brazen boom.
  • Sword of Shadow = One of the Four Great Weapons wielded by Crytha.
  • Sytry's sword -- See Warl, Futures.
  • That Which Runs the Ridges -- See Grye     (Yofu)
  • Tongue of Basir = One of the Four Great Weapons Nirel's sword.
  • Ursilla’s bone whistle -- See Jpard
  • Ursilla’s wand -- See Jpard
  • Vadim’s amulet -- See Sentinel
  • Vars’ testing stone -- See Port
  • wands = Good magic: Ash and rowan. Evil magic     (and more powerful magic): Elder.
  • winged globes -- See Grye
  • witch jewel = Power focus attuned to a witch's personality in unique circumstances, can be transferred to a worthy heiress.     (Gate)
  • Ysmay's pendant -- See Amb
  • Zvetta s talisman -- See Seasd

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Book and Story Indices

(Arranged in alphabetical order)


"Amber Out of Quayth"
by Andre Norton
in Spell of the Witch World

Major Characters
Ysmay = Narrow face, wide mouth, high-bridged nose, pointed chin. Greenish-brown eyes, brown hair. Wore Gunnora's charm, her mother's amber talisman.
Broc = The man trapped in the pillar, freed by Ysmay. His face was Hylle's, but with a subtle difference of spirit.
Hylle = Master of the Dark who wedded Ysmay and brought her to Quayth. Very dark hair, pale skin, straight mouth and brows, and sharp features, save for droopy eyelids.
Yaal the Far-Thoughted = The dark-haired woman in the pillar, adorned with amber, wearing an amber-colored silk robe.
Ningue = Hylle's soft-spoken housekeeper and watchdog. Thick bodied, with coarse yellow hair, a broad face, hairy lip and jaw. Black and white symbols on her gown and girdle.

Quayth = An ancient keep of Old Ones. Close to the sea and many days journeying north and east of Uppsdale.
Uppsdale = Holding of Ysmay's family, now her brother's keep.
Fyndale Fair = Where Ysmay met Hylle.
Ulmsport = Annet hoped merchants from there had come to the Fair.
Moycroft = Abandoned during the war; an overnight stop for Hylle's party on their way north to Quayth.

Minor Characters
Annet = Daughter of Urian of Langsdale; now Ysmay's sister-in-law and chatelaine of Uppsdale.
Lady Dairine = Daughter of the Lord of Marchpoint; accompanied Ysmay and Annet to the fair.
Ewald = Ysmay's brother, killed in the war.
Abbess Grathulda = Rejected Annet's attempt to place Ysmay among the Ladies of her Shrine.
Ladies of Grayford = Said to have an amber necklet that could cure diseases of the throat.
Gyrerd = Ysmay's surviving brother; Uppsdale's heir. Wed Annet.
Mamer = Brewer of a popular autumn ale.
Lord of Marchpoint = His Lady and daughter joined Ysmay and Annet at Fyndale fair.

Gunnora's charm chant: Life is breath, life is blood / By the seed and by the leaf / By the springtime with its flood / May this power bring relief.
Ysmay's amber pendant = Yaal called it the protection of Rathonna.
Serpent chant =     (Spoken by Yaal, calling upon unprounceable name)
          Aphar and Stolla, Worum awake!
          what was once drunk, must be tongued.
          what was wrought, you must unmake!
          In the Name of.......
Broc's sword = No cutting edge to its blade; ruddy brown, as if carved from wood.
angelica = Herb of the sun in Leo. A talisman against poison and evil magic.

Fyndale Peace = Visiting heads of households laid bared hands on the Old Ones' gray stone pillar there and swore to keep peace during the fair.
flag merchants = raised over fair tents by better merchants.
house spirit = Hand-fasting takes place before the niche dedicated to the family's house spirit.
Mid-Winter Feast = One of four fateful nights in the year when certain powers are loosed for good or ill.
fortune-telling = Common at fairs. Ninque offered a reading of pins on the Stone of Esinore or of a customer's hand.

Thunder Shield = a type of amber.
pinsal wood = fragrant; used to make boxes.

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by A.C. Crispin
in Tales of the Witch World 1

Major Characters
Herrel = -- See Yofu. At the time of this story, he rode a Were-bred stallion named Rowan.
Neevor = Voice. -- See Crys,Gryg
Ibycus = Voice. -- See Pard
Gwenfar = Treyval's niece; Dark sorceress who took life energies of men she seduced. Fled via Gate to escape the Pack's retribution.
Treyval = Silvermantle Clan's Overlord. Dark-bearded and heavy.

Farmarsh = Silvermantle village annexed by Goldmantle's Clan Lord.
Gray Towers = Were's home.
Car Do Prawn = -- See Jpard

Minor Characters
Lady Eldris = -- See Jpard
Pergvin = -- See Jpard
Maleron = -- See Grye
Were-Riders = Hyron. Halse. Hewlor (Hulor) = Were-gray wolf.
Harl = Were-eagle.
Hessel = were-boar.
Helder = Were-black wolf.
Hathor = Were-elk stag.
Hanon = Were-black bear.
Granther Admon = Of Farmarch. Of Wise stock; a Summoner.
Kardis = Lady Eldris's brother. -- See Jpard
Penmyre, Clan Lord of Goldmantle = Annexed Farmarch.
Annalise = Sword wielding woman of Farmarch, killed by the Pack.

Herrel's amulet = Angelica, basil, dill, rosemary, tarragon, and trefoil crushed and put in a white silk square with a sliver of quan-iron; bag was knotted with red thread and worn about his neck.
Chant: "Trefoil, angelica, rosemary, dill, hinder Dark sorcery, heed my will..." repeated three times.
Conversion chant = To return Weres to human form: "By the Light, by the Cold Steel, by the Rowan, by the Candles of the Weres."

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by Mary H. Schaub
in Tales of the Witch World 3

Major Characters
Merreth = 18. A foundling reared at Meadowvale Abbey.
Parven = Pursuer of ancient lore: a shy, sickly, only son, apprenticed to Trader Halvard.
Rymple = Stable lad, about 12; Merreth's guide and aide. Had his own pony and a useful amulet.
Willow = Blind wise woman taken in at Meadowvale Abbey when Merreth was 15. The girl became her apprentice.

Valley of Kulp = On a remote mountain valley near the Waste's edge. Always cloud-bound and frightening to horses. An ensorcelled chamber lay beneath a castle's ruins there.
Fyndale Fair = Where Trader Halvard went on his buying trip.
Meadowvale Abbey = Merreth's home.
Norstead Abbey = Willow's previous apprentice moved there.

Minor Characters
Bark = Rymple's pony.
Fulch = Trader Halvard's practical and harassed assistant.
Halvard = Parven's master he taught the boy to read, write, and handle bookkeeping.
Juspel = Legend said he offended the Old Ones and was forced off his holding, which Parven passed on his way to Kulp Valley.
Dame Katherilda = Meadowvale Abbey's horsemistress; taught Merreth to ride well.

Rymg1e's amulet = Horseshoe nails suspended on a thong was made by a smith of Groff, who spoke words of Power during its crafting. The amulet turned gold when affected by Power.
Ensorcelled chamber = In Kulp Valley's ruins. Lit by red candles emitting a spicy scent and copious smoke. A red spiral floor design drew victims into a central broad medallion.
Merreth's locket = Left around her neck when she was abandoned at the Abbey. It reacted to the chamber's magic by glowing and turning sharply cold.

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"Cat and the Other"
by Marylois Dunn
in Tales of the Witch World 1

Hurbis = The Cook.
Kharis = The youth.
The Witch
The Witch's white cat
Lord of the Keep
His daughter

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By Andre Norton
In Lore of the Witch World

Hertha = -- See Tog
Trystan = -- See Tog
Elfanor = Hertha's daughter, toad-marked at birth.
Dame Inghela = Stout; healer and midwife of Lethendale Abbey.
Abbess of Lethendale = Not tall; tolerant of other beliefs.

Herb salve = Before approaching the Toads' circle, Hertha used herbs given her by Dame Inghela, mixing these with thick grease she rubbed it in wide circles about her eyes and anointed her ears
and palms.

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"The Chronicler"
By Andre Norton
Introductions to Storms of Victory, Flight of Vengeance & On Wings of Magic

Duratan = Lorm't s Chronicler. Of the House of Harrid, he fled Karsten after the Horning. Was a Borderer, Kemoc's shieldmate.
Aden = Lormt's healer, Jerro's sister. -- See Know
Bethalie = Lormt's housekeeper. Needlework expert mended the scholars' clothing.
Galerider = The maimed falcon which Duratan rescued.
Janton = Lormt's smith.
Jerro = -- See Know.  Aden's brother. Scholar. Saved an ancient manuscript from being torn by a Falconer woman scholar.
Luukey = Youth bound in service at Lormt.
Meron = Youth studying heal-craft at Lormt.
Morfew = Scholar who welcomed Duratan as a pupil. Elderly, with silver white hair and pale blue eyes. Originally from Alizon.
Lady Nareth = Scholar past her middle years. Dusty brown hair, grey eyes. Partial to boy pupils, contemptuous of girls.
Ouen = Leader (by default) of the scholars. Tall, with silvery hair, grey eyes pale and elderly.
Pruett = Elderly herbmaster. Small, very old, low voice.
Lady Pyra = Falconer woman. Scholar, healer.
Rawit = Hound Duratan freed from brambles; later adopted her.
Wessel = Steward. Elderly, gaunt, balding, and brisk.

Quan-iron = when The Turning shook Lormt, it brought down some stonework, revealing quan-iron -- and long-forgotten texts —— in broken foundations.

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"The Circle of Sleep"
by Caralyn Inks
in Tales of the Witch World 3

Felde = Led patrols to protect Min's Hold from Alizonian raiders. Witch gifted. -- See Nine for her childhood adventure.
Janydon = Half-breed wizard: father was an Alizonian warrior, mother a witch of Estcarp. Of the Shadow, not the Dark.
Neve = Called "Ghost" by Felde. Great white dog, whelped at the same time Janydon was born, and life-bound to him.
Lord Alesanfar = Felde's father. -- See Nine.
Harn = Patrolman of Min's Hold.
Iredon = Patrolman killed by Ghost.
Lanis = Min's Hold Patrolman.
Tamar = Tenth in Felde's border patrol to die.

Old Ones
Min = Guardian of natural forces and the circle of sleepers.
Archerydon = Female creature of feathers and fire.
Furred man = Min's mate of the legendary bear-kin with red eyes
and horns.
Dark Haired men and women = wore red metal crownlets.
Fox Fire = A slender, winged form with foxfire scales.
Sharoon Keep = Felde's home, beset by Alizonian raiders.
Min's Hold = The adjacent valley, largely uninhabited.
Circle of Sleepers = Min's bier sat in the center of a ring of translucent bricks, their hues shading subtly in the row next to each one —- brown, green, yellow, blue, scarlet, gold, and white —- in the true essence of the four seasons.

Power shaper = Janydon. He could find Old Ones through their inanimate images (like Min's statue in Sharoon Keep) and thus steal their Power.
Felde's talisman = She found it and used it as a guide to the circle. Was horseshoe shaped, vined with flowers (their hearts like glowing coals) radiated a braided spear of light. At need, emitted a  bittersweet odor to banish magic-induced sleep. Changed size and weight and became a Gate straddling Min's bier.

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"The Crystal Gryphon"
By Andre Norton

Major Characters
Kerovan = Ulric's son, grandson of Ulm the Horn-Handed. His feet were small cloven hooves. Slender, slightly above middle height. Slanting eyebrows. Amber-colored eyes with slit pupils.
Joisan = Of Ithkrypt, child of Cyart‘s younger brother. Axe married to Kerovan, to be fulfilled in Year of the Fire Troll. Thin face, green-blue eyes, reddish brown hair, pointed chin.
Gryphon = Eagle's forepart, a lion's ears, leonine hindparts. In ancient lore, symbolized warmth and majesty of the sun guards hidden treasure. Usually pictured in red and gold.
Hlymer = Kerovan's half brother, older by two years. Tall, brawny, barrel-chested. Matted sandy hair. Hesitant speech.
Jago = Armsmaster of Ulric, disabled in fall. Sent to tutor Kerovan. Had been overseas with Sulcar raiders.
Dame Math = Cyart's older sister and Joisan's governess. Axe wed young; groom died; retired to Norstead Abbey, then left before taking vows. Used Power to deny Ithkeep to the invaders.
Neevor = Old One disguised as poor traveler of the Waste. Clean-shaven, short, brindle-hued hair. wielded Staff of Power.
Riwal = Wiseman who fostered Kerovan. Healer. Soft, tremulous voice, a swinging woodsman's stride. Explored Broken Road.
Rogear = Cousin-kin to Kerovan, betrothed to Kerovan's sister Lisana. Dark hair, oval face. A seeker of Dark allies.
Lady Tephana = Evil Witch, daughter of Fortal of Paltendale; Mixed-blood. First child: Hlymer. Widowed, then married Ulric and bore Kerovan and Lisana.
Toross = Yngilda's brother, would-be mate of Joisan. Slender, with reddish hair. Witty, song-gifted, comely, and brave.

The Waste = Not pure desert, though arid. Hunters/prospectors search there for much-prized strange furs and metals the latter are strong, but may explode when being worked.
The Broken Road = Began at the Waste's edge and stopped at the foot of a rock face where two pillars guarded a portal Kerovan found the crystal gryphon at the left pillar's base.
updales = Northern and westernmost known for occasional inter-marriages with Arvon's people and the Old Ones.
Ithdale = Famous for freshwater pearls.
Ithkrypt = Cyart's hold. Heraldic symbol: Broken Sword of Harb, who defeated the Demon of Irr waste and founded Ithkrypt's line.
Ulmskeep = Of Ulmsdale and Ulmsport. Landmark crag, the Giant's Fist, lies south of keep and village. Heraldic symbol: Gryphon.
Norstead Abbey = House of Dames in Norsdale.
Rishdale = An upper dale known for its wool trade. Yngilda wed Rishdale's Lord, Elvan. His House badge: A serpent.
Trevamper = Highway and river junction, site of a regional fair attracted trade from Sulcarmen sailing upriver.
Fyndale (fair)
Vastdale = Its main city and port —- Jorby.

Minor Characters
Dame Alousan = Of Norstead Abbey. Healer known for her cordials.
Alwin = Martine's newborn, named for his dead father.
Angarl = One-handed Armsman serving Toross. Old, dour.
Archan = Scribe of Joisan's uncle, limned her likeness for Kerovan.
Forester Borsal = Led Ithkrypt's refugees into western hills.
Lord Cyart = Joisan's uncle.
Marshal Dagale = Defended Ithkrypt when Cyart left to join the dales' forces.
Hagon = Trader who knew Ulmsdale's forested areas; Riwal pumped him, futilely, for information.
Harb = Legendary hero of Ithdale.
Hiku = The sure—footed pony Neevor gave Kerovan.
Lord Imgry = High Hallack's battle leader.
Insfar = Shepherd of Ithdale's Fourth Section wounded in shoulder while escaping the massacre. Carried a wolf spear.
Islaugha = Cyart's younger sister. Son: Toross. Daughter: Yngilda. Little liking between her and Dame Math.
Lisana = Kerovan's sister, a year younger than he.
Dame Lorlias = Of Norstead Abbey. Learned and much consulted. Read the stars three times for Cyart re Joisan's wedding.
Malwinna = Past-Abbess of Norstead Abbey. Elderly and wise. Fond of Joisan; let the girl use her library.
Martine = Young widow of Ithdale's village headman. Heavy with child when she joined Joisan's fugitives.
Nalda = Wife of Ithkrypt's miller. Tall and strong.
Lord Nolan = Ulric's man; took proxy axe to Ithkrypt for Kerovan's marriage. Close-cropped grey beard. Scarred knuckles.
Lord Randor = Cyart's father; protected a Wise Woman who aided Randor's wife Alys and predicted a son with farseeing. A mixed blessing: two farseeings successful the third fatal.
Rudo = Toross's Armsman. Old, sour, one-eyed.
Lord Savron = Of Uppsdale.
Stark = Ithkrypt's miller, killed by Alizonians. wife: Nalda.
Timon = Son of Stark.
Ulm the Horn-Handed = Kerovan's grandfather. Led his people to the dale and chartered sea rovers who founded Ulmsport. Looted an Old One's place and was cursed with fatal sickness.
Ulric = Kerovan's father, Lord of Ulmskeep.
Lord Wintof = Of Falthingdale.
Yngilda = Islaugha's daughter. Stout, broad-faced. Axe-wived to Elvan of Rishdale.
Marshal Yrugo = Marched with Kerovan to the war in the south.

Crystal Gryphon = Small globe containing tiny image of a gryphon: crimson flecked eyes, posed with one foot raised and beak open. Gold loop at top for chain. "It shall bind when the need is for binding it shall open a door where there is want of a key it shall be your fate, to lead you into strange places."
Kerovan's wristlet = Quan iron. Found in a stream. Adorned with an intricate red gold rune pattern.
vanishing circle = "Trader" Neevor drew one in the earth around himself and his pony a thin blue haze sprang from the wand's point when it faded, man and beast were gone.
Great Star = On the Road's End wall. Stone faces were carved on the cliffs leading to the Star.
Waste shrine = Incense holders and bowl of oily liquid set before a great face carved in stone beside the Broken Road.
Gate Spell = Star within a circle drawn in blood; oily smoke rose from the points, on which stood: Hlymer, Rogear, Lisana, Lady Tephana. On fifth point, facing the Road's End wall: Joisan.

Expressions and Customs
Marriage = Blue garbed maiden brides. Life Cup and House Candle. Men unsheathe Knives of Ceremony so torchlight flashes on blades as they vow to uphold the truth of the marriage. Axe marriage. Right of Bridal refusal.
We Departure Wish = Spiced journey drink poured from war ewer into men's horns before they ride off.
Fortune Well = -- See General Info: Customs = Luck.
Rite of Manhood = Kin-oath sworn, father's gift-sword accepted.
Truce = Swords scabbarded with peace strings.
Oath of bearing and forebearing = -- See General info: Oaths.
Neevor's blessing = "With the Fourth B1essing," and tapped lightly on Kerovan's forehead, right and left shoulders, and over heart.
Escape Way = Hidden passage out of a Keep.
"A nest of Anda wasps..."
"I would take Gunnora's Thee Oaths..."

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"Darkness Over Mirhold"
by Patricia Shaw Mathews
in Tales of the Witch World 2

Major Characters
Derris = Dowerless maiden of the Old Race. Small and thin.
Rovagh = Lord of Mirhold. Scarred face dark hair going gray.
Samiel of Seven Hills = Witch disguised as a gray-eyed, silver-haired, slender youth. Reared in High Hallack; sealed to Gunnora.

Manslayer = bespelled sword; made its wielder a berserker. Its hilt was a carved yellow stone in shape of a human face (Rovagh's father, whom he killed unknowingly).
To break Mans1ayer's spell: Sword was wrapped in silk and placed within a square of elements: Rainwater, a brand from Mirhold's fire, a stone from its land, and herbs. Samiel then circled the weapon three times, chanting: "By the earth that gives us bread by the fire that gives us life by the air that gives us breath by the water that cleanses all, begone, begone, begone."

Minor Characters
Annis = Duke Louvain's housekeeper.
Farco = A soldier Rovagh whipped for stealing.
Harrel = Farm lad who handed arrows to defenders on the walls.
Liregan = Mirhold's shortsighted clothmaker.
Louvain = Duke in Karsten after the Turning.
Moryk = Mirhold's crippled fletcher.
Noriel / Norrie = Liregan's little sister.
Ranielle = Her great-grandmother was half-sister to the former lady of Mirhold, and because of that she gave herself airs.

Blood = Rovagh's roan stallion.
Starshine = Derris' mare.
Sudden Death = Mirhold's old mastiff.

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"Dragon Scale Silver"
By Andre Norton
In Spell of the Witch World

Major Characters
Ely = -- See Gryg   Old Race features.
Jervon = -- See Gryg   Tall and lean; golden brown hair. Father was a landless third son who became Lord Remard's Marshal of Horse and married a damozel of Lady Guida's household. Jervon was once Marshal of Horse of Haverdale.
Aufrica = Wise Woman, Elys's tutor and moon sister to Lady Almondia. Helped Elys transform a wooden cup into one of dragon scale silver.
Witch of Coomb Frome = Dark Old One, mistress of illusions. Her heart was hidden under a spiral trap's center stone. Dark-eyed, with hair like moonlight.
Elyn = Elys's twin brother, Brunissende's husband. Brave; made Horn Leader of his forces.
Dame Wirtha / Ulrica = Of the House of Kantha Twice Born; did not scorn Old Knowledge.

Coomb Frome = Cursed from time of Jervon's grandfather. The Keep's tower had a barred window: if a man saw the far hills at a certain hour, he would ride away and never return. Elyn married Brunissende of Coomb Frome's current House of Ingaret.
Dorn = Where Jervon's father served.
Edale = Lord Franklyn's dale.
Gastendale = Its troops were destroyed by Alizon.
Haverdale = Jervon's forces were from there.
Ingra Ford = Site of desperate battle between the Dales and Alizon.
Inisheer = Where Franklyn's forces harassed the foe from the rear.
Wark = Seaside village, Vestdale; reef-guarded small bay. Elys's parents shipwrecked there, she and Elyn born there.

Minor Characters
Almondia = Mother of Elys and Elyn.
Lady Brunissende = Of the House of Ingaret. Elyn's wife.
Dauch = One of the Dales' southern lords killed by Alizonders.
Deryk = Of Wark. Found Old Ones' gold coins in storm wrack.
Edgir = Refugee from Wark who found the black stone which burns.
The Four Lords = United the Dales. Made pact with the Were-Riders.
Franklyn of Edale = Elyn and Jervon rode with him. Brunissende his heiress, and Franklyn hand-fasted her to Elyn.
Lord Gaillard = Of Vestdale.
Gudytha = Headman's wife, Wark.
Kaleb = Smith of Wark. Swam to the drifting boat with a rope to make it fast for hauling to shore.
Myric of Gastendale = A Southern lord slain by Alizon.
Omund = Wark's Headman. Arthritic. Gave Elys a purple cloak of mountain goats' wool on hides.
Pell = Younger brother to Jervon's lord. Killed at Ingra Ford.
Lord Remard of Dorn = Jervon's father took service with him. He was killed by Alizonders.
Skirkar = One of the Four Lords; slain, left no heir.
Truan = "The Far Stranger". Elys's father.
Uttar = Songsmith who joined Wark's refugees.
Yelena = Woman of Wark, safely delivered of child by Almondia.
Yonan = Southern lord killed by the invaders.

casting = Determined direction. Crystal held above a cloth marked in quarters by gold, triangles by red, and inscribed with runes.
childbirth magic = -- See General Info and General Magic.
Far-seeing /scrying = Aufrica and Elys ignited a mixture of dark red liquid, producing greenish, strong-scented smoke. This they poured into the dragon cup, then into a large polished shell.
Great Names = Aufrica did not call upon them, considering it high sorcery and beyond her skill.
Jervon's pendant = of moon silver, wrought into loop cross protection against spells.
star altar = A place of Old Ones in the hills above Wark. Low walls enclosed a pentagram and star-shaped altar stone. Colored sand lay within the points: red, blue, silver, green, and gold.
wands = Rowan: peeled and steeped in its fruit's juice for three nights under the full moon in a place of Old Power. Ash: used in rites at star altar.

Terms and Expressions
Horn Leader = Chosen for bravery. Elyn was one.
House of Ingaret = The first of that line (Brunissende's) bore a wife's curse on a faithless husband.
"He has gone ahead" = country euphemism for death.

Year's End Feast = Women throw ivy on the fire, men holly – for good luck in the coming year.
Child Naming = Done with a touch of water.
Field of Memory = Where the dead are laid.
Sword salute = A soldier's homage to his comrade's funeral pyre.
Dames and Old Knowledge = Not supposed to get on well. (Dame Wirtha was an exception.)

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"Dream Smith"
by Andre Norton
in Spell of the Witch World

Major Characters
Collard = A gifted smith injured working strange metal brought out of The Waste. Afterward lived apart and masked his face.
Lady Jacinda = Lord Vescys' daughter: small, pale, thin, with honey-colored hair. Sent to Ghyll, attended only by her old nurse.
Sharvana = Ghyll's Wise Woman. Tended Collard after his accident and made him a mask of soft bark.
Talann = Old One, presence at Ghyll's shrine.

Ghyll = On a riverfork; westernmost holding of Ithondale.
Sym = Town some distance from Ghyll; Broson was known there.
Boldre = Another town where Broson's reputation was good.
Twyford = Broson traded his wares here, downriver from Ghyll.

Minor Characters
Arnar = Broson's son. Married Nicala of the mill the summer after his brother's accident.
Broson = Ghyll's smith sons -- Collard and Ancar.
Lady Gwennan = Jacinda's stepmother sent the young woman to Ghyll.
Lord Huthart = Lady Gwennan's brother; planned to marry Jacinda.
Dame Matild = Supervisor of Ghyll's keep. Town gossip.
Vescys = Lord of Ithondale, Jacinda's stepfather.

conversion spell = Collard placed his model on the shrine's stone, put herb powder in candle flames and called three times upon Talann.
Shrine = Near Sharvana's hut, in a rock cleft. Supplicants stood between horns of a stone shaped into a crescent moon.

"He might as well try to empty Fos Tern with a kitchen ladle."

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 "Dream Pirates' Jewel"
by Brad and Cynthis Linaweaver
in Tales of the Witch World 2

Teo = Wise Woman. Sulcar captain's daughter with Old Race features. Nicknamed "Dark Willow" by Gatil.
Gatil = Brawny, red-headed, red bearded crewman of the Moon-Shell. Saved by Myrna, and later challenged the sea monster with her.
Myrna = The orphaned girl Gatil brought to Teo.
Randa = Teenager who babysat for young ones of Osberic harbor.

Osberic = The new Sulcar colony, named for their fallen leader.

The Jewel = A focus of magick for a bloodline as old as Estcarp's hills.
Moon-Shell = Ship which bore Sulcarkeep's refugees to their new home on the southern coast of High Hallack.
White Spray = See above.

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by Mary H. Schaub
in Flight of Vengeance

Major Characters
Nolar = Long dark hair, port wine facial birthmark. (Children taunted her as "Mistress Wash Her Face" and "Tightmouth".)
Derren = Black hair, gray eyes. Son of a forester from southern Estcarp. Worships Lord of the Forest.
Elgaret = Cataract in one eye. Staff topped by a silver raven, leading Nolar to call her the "Silver Raven Witch".
Ostbor = Scholar living in the woods took Nolar as apprentice. Known as "the Pack Rat". Tall, elderly, with a long thin nose.
Smire = Servant of Tull. Burly, with deep-set brown eyes, thin lips. A black metal earring in his left lobe.
Tull = Dark Adept walled away in ancient times. Short, thin—faced, arched brows, dark, glittering eyes, uneven teeth.

Tull's ruins = Time-locked since the previous Turning.
Pethel = Village where a branch of Nolar's Meroney kin settled.
Sign of the Snow Cat = Es City inn where Nolar sought a merchant with a horse to sell.

Minor Characters
Arona Bethishsdaughter = Recordkeeper for a village of Falconers' women. Later went to Lormt.
Duratan = See Chron.
Galerider = See Chron.
Goswik = Wounded Borderer Nolar met on the trail to Lormt.
Kester = Lormt specialist's in spe1l-countering and healing scrolls
He fell, injured his hip, and was replaced by Morfew.
Morfew = See Chron.
Ouen = See Chron.
Pruett = See Chron.
Rawit = See Chron.
Thanta = Wise Woman who refused to teach Nolar.
Wessel = See Chron.

Healing herbs = Blue poppy syrup (seedpod sap stewed with sugar): good for chest and cough disorders and a soporific pain-killer.
Fringe Hazel: ("Double Seed-Spit") Bark astringent, stops bleeding, salves soothe sprains.
Aqueweed: Feverwort; also good for coughs.
Catmint: For skin swellings, rashes, small burns (should be steeped, not boiled).
Hyssop: good for insect bites.
Yarrow: Astringent. Knitbone. Comfrey. Slippery root.
Lormt flower = Also called "Noon and Midnight"; a nine-petaled flower which grows only near Lormt. Pruett gave some to Nolar for remembrance.
Nolar's fragment stone = Carried as talisman until it rejoined its "parent".
Scrolls of Eggs of Inscof = Lost on the trail by Ostbor.
Stone of Konnard = Referred to in a chestful of books at Lormt. The fragment's "parent". Tapered, smooth, cream and white in color, with dark green and crystalline veining. Seven feet high at peak base five feet wide and three feet thick.

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"Falcon Blood"
By Andre Norton
In Lore of the Witch World

Major Characters
Tanree = Kin-1ess Sulcar crewwoman aboard the "Kast-Boar"; tall, blonde, and strong.
Rivery = Falconer traveling on that wrecked ship. Thin-lipped, dark, green—eyed, with a beaky nose.
Jonkara = Old One; The Opener of Gates, Commander of Shadows. Tyrant over the Falconers' ancestors. Long red hair, cruel red eyes.
Langward = His murder by Jonkara freed the men she held in bondage.

Salzarat = Ancient sea-cliff Keep of Jonkara. Archways led to a wall carved in shape of giant falcon's head, its open beak the doorway.

Customs and Terms
The Middle Dark = Jonkara should have gone into it long since.
Sulcar = Tanree made the Sign of Wottin and followed that with an age-old plea:
     Wind and wave,
     Mother Sea,
     Lead us home,
     Far the harbor,
     Wild thy waves,
     Still, by thy Power,
     Sulcar saved!

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“Falcon's Chick"
by Patricia Shaw Mathews
in Tales of the Witch World 3

N.B = Many of these characters also appear in “We, The Woman”

Jommy = Born with twisted feet. Became "the Wise Weaver on the Mountain" of a Falconer women's village.
Cousin Agni = Made fruit wine for the village.
Mad Bethia = Sent away in time of Jommy's great-great grandmother.
Corrin = Darthis' companion.
Darthis = A woman Jommy met on the trail.
Eina = Jommy's mother.
Elthea = Lame village weaver; Jommy was her apprentice.
Guardian = The village watchdog.
Haakon = Falconer. Jorra's killer.
Jorrra = Jommy's foster-sister and lover. Lorin's daughter.
Lennis = Meireith's daughter.
Aunt Lorin = Sister-friend to Jommy's mother.
Marra = Lennis' best friend.
Meireith = Lennis' mother, killed by Falconers because she was too old for childbearing.
Natha = Lorin's daughter.
Noriel = Village blacksmith; had bulging arms and a grimy face. Asked Jommy to sire her child.

Falcon Crag
Village of Falconer's Women

Customs and Expressions
Falcon-away = a warding sign.
Maiden Day Gifts = Given when a girl reaches puberty.
"Tale of Kallile" = Of a woman forced in the fields by a stranger; Jorra tried to use that to explain why she was with child.

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"Falcon Hope"
by P. M. Griffin
in Flight of Vengeance

Major Characters
Tarlach = -- See Seak    The Mountain Hawk.
Una = -- See Seak
Adeela = Ghost child. Tiny, wan, with masses of brown hair and large pale green eyes.
Kathreen = Adeela's older sister, murdered by No-el.

Falconers' Eyrie

Minor Characters
Aden = -- See Chron
Arnel = Falconer Captain, considerate of his women's village.
Breen = See above.
Brennan = -- See Seak
Daria = Seakeep's healer.
Gurrin = Falconer Commander, Xorock's ally.
Jerro = --- See Chron
Langhold = Falconer Captain, ally of Xorock and Gurrin.
Luukey = -- See Chron
Meron = -- See Chron
Pyra = -- See Chron
Torkis = Sergeant of late-arriving volunteers from Ravenfield.
Commandant Varnel = Warlord of the Falconers. Silver eyes.
Commandant Xorock = Leader of a notoriously harsh Falconer column, uncaring about his women's village.

Sultanites = Warrior culture from alien world regarded their Lord (Sultan) as a god in human form. Enslaved all their home world's other peoples, who rebelled and drove them back into a small corner of their original homeland. The Sultanites escaped via gate and attacked Seakeep. Their color: purple symbol: crescent.

Falcon talisman = Tarlach's gift to Una: A silver falcon diving, a blood red stone in its talons. Could not be taken by force, guile, or threat. Possession entitled one to Falconers' aid.

Lormt pack = Tri-horned monsters ravaging lands about the scholars' hold. Bigger than mastiffs, red-eyed, brindled brown and black.
Eagle's Brother = Tarlach's spare horse, war-trained.
Lady Gay = Tar1ach's mare.
Bravery = -- See Seak
Sky Glory = Column Commander Varnel's falcon.
Storm Challenger = -- See Seak

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"Falcon Law"
by Judith Tarr
in Four from the Witch World

Major Characters
Javanne = An illusion-protected Falconer cadet from the women's village. Called "Shadow" before her testing, "Javan" after. Quick, silent, effacing.
Loric = Falconer cadet "Eyas" before testing. A "seachild" who had sailed and come back. Small and slight. Beaky nose.
Iverna = Mistress of the Falconer women. She sent Javanne in male disguise to the Eyrie.
Almery = Javanne's Captain, who spoke for her at the trial.
Theron = Winglord / Wingmaster of the Eyrie.

Wind-in-the-North = White and silver young female who Chose Javanne.
Stormrider = Loric's black winged tiercel.
Windhover = Almery's bird.

The Eyrie
Ravenhold Keep = Lord Imric's holding.

Minor Characters
Alarn = Older Falconer who came to Javanne's cell to dress her.
Colt = One of Javanne's fellow candidates.
Downychick = -- See above
Gavin = Decurion of Falconers over the young newcomers.
Grub = Unsuccessful Falconer candidate.
Lady Gwenlian = Imric's sister Witch candidate before the Turning.
Hendin = Falconer cadet name before testing, "Dancer".
Lord Imric = Hired Almery's company to clear his lands of outlaws.
Jonkara = -- See Falb
Kerrec = "Snowcat" before testing. Pale-eyed, haughty, cruel.
Langward the King = -- See Falb
Maid = Named "Jory", after testing.
Revan = Killed himself when reft of his falcon in the attack.
Rivery = -- See Falb
Riwal = Younger Falconer who accompanied Alarn to Javanne's cell.
Verian = Blind Falconer, trainer of youths.
Lady Vianna = Lord Imric's notoriously unfaithful wife.

Weapons of Testing
Sword, spear, dart gun, axe, pike, quarterstaff, and dagger.

Falconers’ Badges
Wingmaster's = Falcon in flight.
Captains' = Stooping falcon.

Terms and Expressions
Swordbrother oath = "Sword and shield, blood and bread, and the Lord of Wings over us all: be thou my brother in heart and hand, through life and through death, unto the world's ending." Wrists are cut and blood mingled by the oath-takers. "...the queens of falcons be my witness..." "By the Powers of Air, so shall it be."
Fane of Wings = Heart and summit of the Eyrie.
Honor of the Raven = In Gwenlian's hands.

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"Falcon Magic"
by Sasha Miller
in On Wings of Magic

Major Characters
Eirran = -- See Torb     Jenys's mother, Yareth's wife.
Yareth = -- See Torb
Bee = The Witch who took the girls to Es City.

The Apprentice Witches
Jenys = "Mouse", daughter of Eirran and Yareth.
Bird = Plain; her father a blacksmith, her mother a beauty. Was a"finder".
Cricket = Child of poor farmers in South Estcarp. Created illusions and changed her appearance and others’.
Flame = Could bring inanimate objects to life for a time.
Lisper = Magic gift: invisibility. Her family were important members of minor nobility.
Star = Most self-possessed of the six girls. Her parents were itinerant peddlers.

Blagden = Jenys's home, a village a few miles south of Lormt. Located in a notch of the Barrier Mountains where they branch off from the Great Mountains to the east.
Canisport = Prisoners were shipped there to become mindless slaves of the Kolder. Lies downriver from Alizon City.
Gweddawl Garth = Lisper's home; a large establishment.
Great Fork = In the north-south road.
Place of Wisdom = -- See General Info.
Alizon Gap = Between Tor Marsh and the mountains.
Alizon Ridge = "The Forbidden Hills".
Ostbor's house = -- See Exl    Charming dwelling used by the escaping travelers a ramshackle expansion from a single room.

Minor Characters
Aidine = Eirran's next-door neighbor in Blagden.
Anylse = Derren's wife. Had midwife training.
Belda = Rofan's wife.
Erman = Belda's oldest boy.
Dunnis of Gorm = Guardsman on the rescue mission.
Baron Esguir = Master of the Hounds of Alizon.
Girvan = Yareth's guide. Alizonian spy and pretended turncoat.
Gwannyn = Cricket's brother, a little older than she.
Hefin = Aidine's husband.
Hirl = Guardsman riding with Yareth.
Juvva = Taught Eirran herb lore in Karsten.
Kernon = Es City Guardsman. Slight build.
Leaf = Witch assigned to take the girls to the Place of Wisdom.
Loric = Guardsman.
Mallandor = Ruler of Alizon, Facellian's successor.
Ranal = Guardsman.
Rhinfar = Chief of Bee's escort guards.
Rawfa = Belda's oldest girl.
Rhyden = The Alizonian guard Mouse bit.
Rofan = Blagden's drunk; a glutton and wife abuser.
Talgar = Alizonder who sympathized with and helped the girls.
Weldyn = Guardsman, former Falconer. His form later was possessed by a Dark Adept attempting to inhabit Eirran's newborn.
Willig = Alizonian guard; keeping company with a widow.
Yeser = Falconer captured by Alizonders before the Turning; escaped and relayed information to Weldyn before he died.

Alizonders = Silver white hair, green eyes, hooked noses. Blue-green uniforms, snarling dogs' heads badges.
Kolder = Wide, flat faces, narrow chins, yellowish eyes. Their language is full of clicks and whistles.

The Great Falcon = Evil temple. The Falcon Road led there. It was a circle of dark pillarlike stones, half topped by bird carvings, half with larger-than-life carvings of falcon's eggs. Its opening was two larger pillars in the shape of man—sized birds with outspread wings and open beaks. In the center was a huge stone falcon, different from present species.

Incalling = Gathering apprentice Witches.
Haglets = Alizonder term for the girls.
"By the Great Falcon which the Dark took..."
"By the Power of the Lady denied..."

Boldwing = Young wild falcon bonded with Yareth after Newbold's death.
Dorny = Eirran's gelding.
Fangfoot = One of Weldyn's earlier falcons.
Forbidden Mountains monster = Giant cat-bear with little red eyes and taloned human forelegs. Extra-long fangs.
Newbold = Yareth's falcon, died during the rescue.
Pounce = Tiger tomcat who adopted Eirran's household.
Rangin = Yareth's Torgian.
Sharpclaw = Weldyn's falcon.

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by Wilanne Schneider Belden
in Tales of the Witch World 1

Fenneca = "Fenny" Mute, tiny survivor of the Hounds' raid. Turquoise-green eyes, long hands and feet, red-gold hair.
Janya = Farmer's wife, widowed by the raiders. Cared for Fenny and Labram.
Labram = Son of a Great House, orphaned by the raid, saved by Fenny
and Janya. Ten or eleven years old.
Fenneca's father = Witch, drawn to Janya's house by Fenneca.

"Witch borne from Witch get. Witch she is, the pattern set."

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"Fortune's Children"
by Patricia A. McKillip
in Tales of the Witch World 3

Lyse = Foundling born in Ysledale. Mother left her only a scarf and a metal talisman necklace. Tall and strong, a swordswoman.
Jaryl = Bastard son of Maryekeep's lord by the abbess of Seely Shrine. Big, burly, blue eyed, with a beaky nose and barley- colored hair. Wounded at Kyllkeep.
Chace = Witch of Estcarp, Lyse's mother, Guardian of a Gate in the Waste. Needed Lyse's half of the talisman to lock the Gate.

Ysledale / Yslekeep
Seely Shrine
Hollowkeep = a fable: a place of grim poverty and eerie ways.

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"Futures Yet Unseen"
by Melinda M. Snodgrass
in Tales of the Which World 2

Sytry = Styron's son and heir to the House of Rashinaya. Scientist. Short, with a diseased hip walked with a limp. Foxy face, blue-gray eyes, dark brown hair. Carried his grandsire's sword of Power.
Signe = Sytry's wife. Old Race. Wore wand of Power at her girdle.
Dukkar = Greatest among the Dark Ones winning the battle for Escore.
Adorjan = Sytry's childhood friend, a squire in Styron's household  guardsman at the Garden of Stone during the conference.
Candra = Of the Light. Warlock opposing Dukkar.
Haguilla = Renthan, Sytry's mount.
Hilarion = -- See Sorc     Ally of Candra.
Loskeetha = -- See Warl
Morguant = -- See Dahaun & Three
Styron = Sytry's father.
Tahon = Styron's steward and Sytry's aide in scientific experiments.
Vivian = Daughter of Signe and Sytry.
Yacinda = Sytry's sister-in-1aw. Wise woman of their House.
Zivien = Son of Signe and Sytry.

Jahalli = Fell to Dukkar. A choking wood engulfed it, tumbling its walls and releasing a poison which drove the defenders mad.
Loskeetha's Garden of Stones = -- See Warl
Old Port = -- See Sorc

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“The Gate of the Cat”
By Andre Norton

Major Characters
Kelsie McBlair = Inherited an estate in highland Scotland from Old Jessie McBlair, her aunt. Kelsie's coming to Witch World was foretold in Green va11ey's scrying.
Wittle = Witch of Estcarp chosen to find the Valley of the Sleepers. Arrogant and brusque, but genuinely dedicated to the cause of Light.
Yonan = -- See Trey     Blond, young, blue eyed, warrior. Accompanied Kelsie and Wittle on their quest across Escore.

Characters from Previous Books
Crytha, Dahaun, Ethutur, Hilarion, Jaelithe, Kaththea, Kemoc, Kyllan, Ninutra, Simon Tregarth, Tsali, Uruk.

Ben Blair = Scots mountain near Kelsie's former home.
Escore = -- See General Info.
Evart, IN = Where Kelsie lived before coming to Scotland.
Lormt = -- See General Info.
The Lying Stones = In Ben Blair's foothills. Blue, all but three overthrown by church long ago (a warning not to meddle in the forbidden). Three remaining upright formed a rough arch on the Witch World side of the gate, the fallen stones were raised.
Nexus = Place of the Dark. -- See Magic below.
Refuge of Wise Women = Their haven after the Turning.
Valley of the Sleepers = Legendary source of power for the witches.
Vock = A battle lost to the Dark in olden times.
Varhum = Otherthrown by Plasper forces in ancient battles.
Mount Holweg = Landmark; north of the track taken by Kelsie, Wittle, and Yonan.

Minor Characters
All Mother = Witches' leader.
Dr. Atless = The vet Kelsie assisted in Evart, IN.
Avian Old One / Adept = Thin female; appeared in Kelsie's dream. Grey-skinned body and leathery wings; narrow face, beaked nose, faceted eyes, taloned hands. Carried a Quan-iron wand.
Glydys = An Old One whom Yonan called upon.
Kalrinkar = Ancient servant of the Dark alluded to by Lord Rhain: "when Kalrinkar had the strength of the future with him..."
Neil McAdams = Ruthless trapper pursued the mother cat.
Lord Rhain = Of the Dark. Tall, naked save for patches of shaggy hairon body crooked legs ended in hooves split half their length. A twisted back, protruding belly, and flawless human face.
Roylane = Witch. Sister Makeease. Victim of Sarn Riders. When dying, told Kelsie her true name and gave the stranger her jewel.
Swiftfoot = The name Simon gave the mother cat.
Sister Wodelily = Of the Witches' Council. Known to Roylane by that name because wodelily scent clung to the old woman's robes,

eftan = Dancing air elementals dwell in the Valley of the Sleepers. Suborned by the Dark.
evil rod = Found by Tsali in rocks above Green Valley's rim. Was a murky grey color contained a smoky substance. Its knobbed ends bore miniature human heads with eye slits of yellow fire.
Nexas = Vast subterranean lair of Sarn riders and prison for their captives. Entrance guarded by the Fooger Beast, a ponderous-bellied artifact which malevolently studied whoever approached. Red birds circled its head and smoke poured from the statue's face.
Plasper forces = A weapon of the Dark in ancient battles.
scrying cup = The third day is best for readings.
Skull road = An old belief: A conqueror walks on the heads of the vanquished to complete his victory. The road the travelers found in the woods was guarded by an image with a big, bald, pointed head, one paw reaching for prey, its eyes fathomless pits.
standing stone talisman = Kelsie took a fragment, wedged into her belt buckle, as a weapon against evil.
war1ock's wand = (Kemoc's) Peeled bark, blue—green for half its length.
witch chants =
          (1) Ke1sie's to disarm the rod: "By the Fire of Reith, by the will of Nieve may this be rendered harmless."
          (2) Sung over the miniature world, the Valley of the Sleepers: "Light to Dark / Dark to Light / After Day comes the night / After night the morning clear / Hope rises always from all fear!"
          (3) "By the will of Langue, by the power of Thresees, by the memory of Janderoth..."
          (4) "By Hofer and Tem, by the ten lights, and the nine cups, the six faggots, and the three fires..."
witches' lot = A rod pointed at a wide-topped silver jar fluttering bits within swirl the lots fall into the laps of the chosen.

fogmot = green-brown, grows on tree trunks. Can be eaten.
farkill = Its odor is a narcotic, and its touch raises ulcers difficult even for illbane to heal.
arrow trees = Look dead but throw deadly thorns.

Expressions / Customs
"Black Dogs and Daft Ponies out of He1l..." said on Ben Blair.
"May the Lady turn her favor to you..."
The right of death-gift.

Creatures and Animals
"gateway" birds = Inhabit an area near the standing stones. One species has a golden breast, another peacock blue-green plumage.
Sarn rider's hounds = resemble the Alizonian variety.
rock crustacean = A land-going lobster: yellow beak, many legs, chitinous armor, tail stinger. when struck with a fragment of blue stone, it disappeared in a stinking puff of flame and smoke.

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“Godron’s Daughter"
by Ann Miller and Karen E. Rigley
in Tales of the Witch World 3

Silistia = 17. Daughter of Riatha and Gunnal.
Reldo = Silistia's cousin; his parents were Lenil and Varela. Tall, with dark hair and ginger-colored eyes.
Gunnal = Silistia's father: He helped Lenil rescue Riatha from Godron, and later married her.
Godron = -- See Stones
Lenil = -- See Stones
Jenli = Reldo's younger sister.
Riatha = -- See Stones    Silistia's mother.
Werebeasts = Served Godron; killed Riatha's guards during abduction.
Varela = -- See Stones

Festival of the Young in Emerald Cove = Where Silistia and Reldo said they were going, then explored Godron's cave.

ranni vines = weather forecasters: when they bud, spring is near.

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"Green in High Ha1lack“
by Kiel Stuart
in Tales of the Witch World

Tymmons = A young warlock unaware.
Camryn = Renthan Tymmons freed from brambles.
Roop = Tymmons' aunt.
Vannit = Tymmons' uncle.
Selkurr = Village wise woman.

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“Gryphon’s Eyrie”
by Andre Norton and A. C. Crispin

Major Characters
Kerovan = -- See Crys & Gryg
Joisan = -- See Crys & Gryg
Jervon = -- See Crys & Gryg
Guret = Kioga youth. When Nidu chose him as drummer, he opted instead to accompany Kerovan and Joisan to Kar Garudwyn.
Nidu = Kioga Shaman; gaunt, narrow-faced, long dark hair, wore a hooded, coarse brown robe. Old, yet seemed not to age. Had opened the way (Gate) for the Kioga, generations before.
Lady Sylvya = Maleron's half sister (different mothers, a human father). Downy, crested avian humanoid; pointed chin, large eyes, and a high, musical, trilling voice.
Maleron = Margrave of the Heights: Adept, once Guardian of Arvon's border with the Waste and High Hallack. Leader of That Which Runs the Ridges. Narrow face, wide brow, pointed chin, and black hair and eyes.

Kar Garudwyn = Landisl's Keep, on southern peak of a saddle-backed mountain, reached via a spell-guarded upward passage. Kar Garudwyn occupied the lesser height, Car Re Dogan the greater.
Car Re Dogan = Maleron's Keep, now a grey stone ruin.
The Setting up of the Kings = Burial place of Arvon's border Guardi-ans it is an oval enclosure lined with niches.
Cliff of the Great Star =     (See Crys)
Anakue = Lake village where Kerovan and Joisan stayed. Its fisherfolk built houses on pillars, linked by spidery bridges.

Kioga = Long-lived race; came through a Gate near Car Re Dogan. They revere The Mare (southern constellation) and call Gunnora "Mother of Mares". Dark skinned, high-bridged noses, prominent cheekbones. Wear loose sleeved linen blouses, braided hair, and trousers tucked into soft boots.

Minor Characters
Acar = Breechborn new son of Utia and Raney.
Anga = Guret's mother.
Bern = Maleron's serving man, in ancient times.
Cleon = Guret's father.
Elys = -- See Dss and Glor
Ennia = Small daughter of Terlys of the Kioga.
Eydryth = Bard. (See Grye Prologue and Song)
Janos = Terlys' son; five years old.
Jerwin = Obred's nephew, killed / absorbed by the Runner of the Ridges; his death was the reason the Kioga left the mountains.
Jibbon = Ageing smith of the Kiogas; Jerwin was his apprentice.
Jonka = Kioga chief. Short, stocky, wore a silver crescent pendant adorned with a horse head. Rode Briata.
Klareth = Trader who told the Kiogas word the war was over.
Lero = Kioga hunter helped bring Briata and foals back to camp.
Nita = Guret's young sister. Saved from drowning by Kerovan.
Obred = Leader of Kioga hunters and scouts. Shorter than Kerovan.
Raney = Man of Anakue Utia's husband, Acar's father.
Rigon = Terlys' husband. Wiry, terse. Went with scouting party.
Terlys = Joisan's friend. Large, bosomy, very long hair.
Thalma = Utia's sister.
Tremon = Guret's best friend, and Nidu's former drummer; he died mysteriously, drained by the shaman's blood sorcery.
Utia = Woman of Anakue. New mother. Raney's wife.
Valona = Brought Kerovan and Joisan the Kioga guesting cup.
Vala = Kioga hunter, helped bring Briata to camp.
Zwyie = Wise Woman of Anakue. Plain, with dark blue eyes.

cat's head ring = -- See Gryg    Responded to ancient word of power "Ghithe" and helped light the way across the saddleback.
Dream Spirits = They answer the Kioga shaman's drumming.
Ghithe = Old Tongue word for "light".
lure well = Drew its prey with the sound of water; for humans, the water of immorality. Girded by enticing flowers.
Quan-iron throne
scrying = -- See General Info.
That which Runs the Ridges = A wild hunt led by Maleron; appears as monsters pursuing a harpy (Sylvya) Red streaks in yellow mist, A droning like angry bees or insane music. Sylvya prayed to Neave, who shifted the hunt outside time every night, it comes up the ancient road into Car Re Dogan's ruins.
warding circle = -- See General Info.
winged globes = They sit atop two blue stone pillars and guard the pass leading to Kar Garudwyn's valley.

Beliefs and Customs
Child blessing = (Anakue) Angelica and vervain passed through candle smoke and brushed against baby's feet, hands, and forehead: "Let not his feet carry him near the Shadow. Let these hands work in the service of life and the Light, his mind remain clean and untainted. Grant him the strength of will to naysay any thought born of the Dark."
Kioga salute = Palm pressed to forehead.
Festival of Change = Kioga youths pass tests, take oath to protect their people. The Shaman cuts boys' right wrists with crescent-shaped knife and their blood drips on the tribe's ancient horsehide.
"By the Sacred Horsehide of my people" = Kioga saying.
Cera = Kioga term of respect.

Arren = Chestnut mare given Joisan by the Kioga.
Briata = Lead mare of the Kioga herds foaled twins.
Nekia = Appaloosa mare who "chose" Kerovan. Het name means "night-eyes in Kioga.
Pika = Janos' pony.
Vengi = Guret's stallion.

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"Gryphon in Glory"
By Andre Norton

Major Characters
Kerovan = -- See Crys    "Lord Amber".
Joisan = -- See Crys
Neevor = -- See Crys
The Cats of Carfallin = Reside in the Keep. Half again as large as common housecats.  Thoughtspeakers. Yellow eyes, yellow-brown fur with dark vees between eyes and on breasts. The female is smaller and has a sharper temper than the male.
Elys = -- See Dss     A Woman of Power, and a blank shield. Tall and slender, delicately cut features, tanned. Wears bluish mail.
Galkur = Old One of the Dark; Landisl's enemy. Tall, a hero-king's features, dark curly hair, deep, rich voice. Human down to waist; lower body is a hooved satyr's.
Herrel = -- See Yofu    were-rider; animal form, a snowcat.
Jervon = -- See Dss    Elys's partner. Tall, handsome, with deep lines around eyes and mouth. Old scar on chin.
Landisl = -- See General Info: Deities / Old Ones    Kerovan's protector.
Telpher = Landisl's aide. Gryphon talisman made life-sized.

Carfallin = Spell-guarded ancient keep by the white Highway. Two towers. Furnishings are benches: seats shaped like elongated cats, heads and erect tails at ends, supporting feet are clawed paws.
The Dales / High Hallack
Ithdale = -- -- See Crys
Lodge of the Wereriders = Constructed of stone and living trees. Twenty poles fly banners bearing the weres' animal heraldic devices.
Norstead Abbey / House of Flames = -- See General Info.
Range of Shifting Shadows = Carfallin cats' term for the Thas's underground territory.
Road of Exile = -- See Crys    The Broken Road.
The Waste = -- See General Info.
White Highway = Of the Old Ones runs from Waste to Arvon.

Minor Characters
Agran = Jervon's horse.
Bural = Joisan's mare, mountain bred; named for a root that is hard to pull free.
Harta = Ithkrypt's cook. Harta saved melon seeds for young Joisan to string into necklaces.
Hyron = -- See Yofu     Wereriders' Chieftain were-stallion.
Lord Imgry = Warlord of High Hallack.
Malwinna = -- See Crys
Dame Math = -- See Crys
Matr = Old One, departed companion of Landisl.
Nalda = -- See Crys
Rllene = Old One, departed companion of Landisl.
Yoer = -- See above.

scrying cup = Elys's was silver, wrapped in rune—branded linen.
camp safeguards = Four peeled wands upright at outer limits of grazing field: north one had tuft of horsehair fastened to it; south one snowcat fur; east an eagle feather; west, boar bristles.
Spell of the Hour = Referred to by Carfallin cats once set, it was supposed to keep Thas penned in their subterranean world.

ring = Given Joisan by Carfallin tower-room spirit: the thin band held a thumb-sized cat's head of pink-yellow iridescent stone.
Weres' lodge lights = Baskets of metal holding egg-sized golden balls.

Expressions and Terms
"By the Warmth of the Flame and the Flash of Gonder's Spell Sword."
"By the Heat of the True Flame."
"As long as the Flame Eternal burns upon any altar..."
Sky-Ones = landisl's group of Light-dedicated Old Ones.
hill-huggers = Weres' term for Dalesmen.

red bears
hill hens
Carfallin bear = Small, of a red-brown color.
Waste ponies = Slightly larger than mountain breds; broad-hooved, gaunt, long necks, large, heavy-lidded, well-lashed eyes. Bad-tempered must be hobbled or tethered every night.

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"Gunnora's Gift"
by Elisabeth Waters
in Tales of the Witch World 3

Kyria = Wed at 15, childless after 8 years was going to Gunnora's Shrine to plead for a child.
Harne = Kyria's husband. Gray-green eyes. Had a bastard son of 9 by one of his tenant cottager women.
Dians = The Maiden Goddess. -- See General Info.
Raidhan = The Crone. -- See General Info. The baby left on the cliff was payment to Raidhan by a woman grateful for the Crone's grant-ing her release from childbearing.
Lara = Kyria's bitch.

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by A.C. Crispin
in Tales of the Witch World 3

Branwyn Stormgerd = Inheritor of a cattle farm. Had witch gift she did not desire. Dark red hair, green eyes, round face.
Lorin = Horse trader and gambler of the Old Race. Had some magic power. Dreamed of creating new breed of horses.
Betha = Lorin's sister: witch of Estcarp sent to recruit new witches after the Turning.
Sguire Barkas = Branwyn formerly was his dairymaid, to pay her taxes and lord-tithe. Barkas generously gave her calves to start her own herd.
Gareth = Lorin's stable lad. Young, with shaggy brown hair.
Jennis = Lorin's sister a witch who died in the Turning.
Rannulf Stormgerd = Branwyn's Sulcar father.
Tomlin = Drunk, with black whiskers, who tried to assault Branwyn.

Ravensmere = Village in Estcarp where Branwyn lived.
Torview = Lorin's home village, where his parents farmed.
Eslee Port = Branwyn's parents met there, during the fair.
Silver Spur = Tavern in Ravensmere.
wayfarer's Rest = Inn adjacent to the Silver Spur.

Cinder = Branwyn's massive black ox.
Branwyn's cattle = Callie, Goldhorn, Primrose, Ebony Star.
Jet = Branwyn's cat.

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“Heir Apparent"
by Robert Bloch
in Tales of the Witch World

Maug = -- See Shau
Lady Tephana = -- See Shau, Crys, & Gryg
Hlymer = -- See Crys
Darklord Galkur = -- See General Info., Crys, & Gryg
Lord Ulric = -- See Shau, & Crys
Ylas = -- See Shau

Paltendale = Where Maug was raised.
House of Fortal = Where Tephana first married and bore Hlymer.

Maug's wand = fashioned from the spine of an unborn babe and bathed in its blood.

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by Diana L. Paxson
in Tales of the Witch World 2

Aelvan = 17. Of Escore's House of Medwyn; came from overmountain: Father an Estcarpian borderer, mother a Karstenian refugee.
Auster = Of Lynxholme. Ae1van's friend.
"Lady Deraa" = Sought power over things wore the shape of a lovely human female.
Lady Deranne = Deraa's twin, but of the Light. Sought power to heal and create.
Medroc of Gallorn = Of Old Race. Another youth whose family came overmountain. Yearned to live in a more heroic era.

rowan wood haypole = used to vanquish creatures of the Dark.

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"Horn Crown"
By Andre Norton

Major Characters
Elron = Clansman of Garn's House, kinless after failing to prevent Iynne's abduction. With Gathea, went into Arvon to rescue her.
Gathea = Wise Woman; Zabina's pupil. Slim, strong, independent. Low, hoarse voice. Tanned, sharp-featured, a long braid wound tightly about her head.
Gruu = Gathea's snowcat companion.
Iynne = Garn's daughter; betrothed to Lord Farkon's second son. She was abducted from the Moon Shrine by Dark Forces.

Old Ones – See General Info.
Black Tower = A sanctuary of evil.     (Arv)
Farthfell = Barrow-marked site of Old Ones' battle.     (Arv)
Garnsdale = Northernmost of the clan settlements on the sea.
Horned One's Keep = Of rose-colored stone. Appeared abandoned. Insignia above broken gate: A green-eyed silver and white cat sitting upright, its tail about its feet.

Minor Characters
Dartif Double Sword = Warrior of the Light died at Farthfell. Elron and Iynne took refuge on his barrow.
Dawuan = Fisherfolk's Clan Lord; drew shore lands.
Dryad of Alafian = Elron met her in The Waste. Tall, slender, clad in flowing leaves. Long green hair touched with shades of brown, red-brown skin, large green eyes.
Everad = Garn's son; orderer of clan's rear guard on the march.
Farkon = Clan Lord; his people drew a wide valley.
Fastafsa = Iynne's old nurse, Garn's housekeeper.
Garn = Clan Lord. Hawk-faced, dour, taciturn.
Hewlin = Elron's fellow patroller of Garnsdale's rim.
Jamil = Of Lord Tugness's meiny. He followed Gathea into the circles and died.
Laudat = Arch Bard. He and Ouse sang and used spirit drums to open and close the Gate.
Miles = Clan Lord. On 24th day of the march, he and his people turned west, up a narrow valley.
Ouse = Laudat's fellow Arch Bard.
Quaine = Captain of the Sword Brothers the previous Ten Year, he had scouted the shore way far north led Lord Garn's clan there.
Rarast = Household Clan.
Rolfin = Clan Lord. Three bits of red gem set in his helm.
Roff = Garnsdale patrolman reported odd tracks (snowcat's) on the cliff top.
Siwen = Clan Lord; drew one of the wide valleys.
Stigg = Headman of Garnsdale's non-kin; constructed the Dale's first buildings and fireplaces.
Thorg = Son-heir of Lord Tugness; seemed to be a simpleton.
Trudas = Maidservant who left Iynne unguarded when the women went to harvest fruit.
Tugness = Clan Lord; Involved in old feud with Garn's household.
Uric = Clan Lord; drew a wide valley for his people.
Wavent = Captain of Sword Brothers for this Ten Year.
Zabina = wise Woman; Gathea her apprentice.

"By Gunnora I ask it..."
Death Bringers = Wore black hooded robes, wielded whips of black lightning. Rode bipedal, fanged lizards.
Harrest = Barrow magic; forces of the Dark dared not climb to those who stood atop one.
Hunter's Cup = Goblet carved from dark wood; Kurnous's head depicted on its side in high relief.
Hunter's Pledge = Magic no woman can summon. The drinker must seek until he finds. Evocation: "Ha, Kurnous, Ha, Hie Wentur!" / "Ha, Kurnous, By the Name of the Horns."
Moon Shrine = west of Garnsdale: blue stone, moon-shaped pattern, columns with moon phase carvings. Garn declared it off-limits.
Moon symbols = Upward pointing horns.
Power transfer = -- See General Magic
Silver Singers = Sirens in the three circles of the hidden way.

Objects and Terms
Bard-Sages = Who light the Flame's torches and sing the war words.
The Burden = Second sight.
constellations = Arrow, Bull, The Hunter's Horn.
fall hunt ceremony = Portion of kill hung untouched except by birds: an ancient rite which those practicing it no longer understood.
Glom the Weeper = Legend explaining rainy skies: "Her two welling tear-filled eyes above us, her sorrow as heavy as a curse."
Kamphur = Incident in c1ans' recent past; made people wonder where Lord Tugness stood on certain matters.
Lot basin = Bronze, held above eye level of Clan chiefs contained strips of hide -- the lots -- representing lands.
spark snap = flint fire-starter.
Sword Brothers = No clan ties once they took Sword Oath. Used sword, bow, and short spear. Had own herds, tended by foot—brothers.
The Undying and One Flame = The Everburning: The claus' Faith.
Wise Women = Healers. Not Flame worshippers. Free, not bound to any clan. Live apart, grow herbs, follow secret ways.

Terms and Expressions
"She looked like a fetch out of an old tale..."
"May the Death of Kryphon of the Dart be upon you..." •
"If the Flame favors us..."
"Have you thrown the luck stones for the trail?"
"I have not yet heard my name called in the battle morn, thus I will not die this day."
Said over snowcat-killed deer: "Honor to the Great One of the herd. Our thanks to That which Speak for the four-footed that we may eat -- we take not save that which is freely given."

Creatures and Animals
deer = Those of The Waste and Arvon larger than coastal species silvery coats, darker forelegs. Branched horns. Bellowing call.
Varks = (Tw) Avian; Elron found a female statue in an arched niche on a stone ledge: Slender legs, tall feathered crest, large slanting red eyes, talons, wings, and a beak. Only garb a wide and ornate collar. The living male form was shorter, squatter, and had crooked shoulders.
Wings of Ord = Black birds, servants of a Dark One. Brilliant red eyes, raw lap of flesh about their strong black bills.

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"The Hunting of Lord Etsalian's Daughter"
by Clare Bell
in Tales of the Witch World 2

Megarti = Were-snowcat, former Witch of Estcarp and victim of Etsalian's lust.
Chrina = Etsalian's witch-gifted daughter; 10, plain, pale, gangly.
Etsalian = Lordling of Estcarp.
Toriswithe = Megarti's sister; witch.
Pagant = Etsa1ian's chief guardsman.

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"Isle of Illusion"
by Carol Severance
in Tales of the Witch World 1

Metae = Heir to Komlin's Keep.
Kelana = Metae's aunt, believed drowned, marooned on the isle.
Garrin = Metae's father, Taggart's twin. Died five months before Metae was swept to the isle.
Taggart = Regent of Komlin Hold until Metae was of age.

Komlin Hold, on the Komlin Sea = North of Quayth.
Grayson Heights = Where Kelana went to mourn her father, and was swept into the sea.

lanagoot = their eggs are good for frying.
taape = fish much prized for its flesh.

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"The Jargoon Pard"
By Andre Norton

Major Characters
Kethan = Dark-eyed, dark haired son of Herrel and Gillan, raised as Heroise's child, heir of Car Do Prawn. Were-pard.
Aylinn = Heroise's daughter, reared by Herrel and Gillan. Taken to Fane of Neave as a child, Linark-trained as Moon Drawer. Long dark hair, slender. Wand: a silver rod wound with moon flowers.
Gillan = -- See Yofu     Green Magic witch, Lady of the Star Tower. Her wand was a freshly-peeled straight, unknotted branch tipped with a single spearpointed green leaf.
Herrel = -- See Yofu     Lord of Reeth, the Star Tower.
Lady Heroise = Sister of Lord Erach of the House of Car Do Prawn. Studied with the Wise Women of Garth Howel.
Ursilla = Sorceress Heroise brought home with her from Garth Howel. Wand: a length of bone inlaid with red and black runes.

Car Do Prawn = Where Kethan was raised. It owes allegiance to the Redmantle Overlord.
Car Do Yelt = Favored by Voices; Maugus sent a messenger there to seek someone to cleanse his Keep.
The Fane of Neave
Fortress of the Redmantle = Where Lady Eldris was seen and desired by a Werelord.
Garth Howel = Wise Women's haven, where Heroise and Ursilla studied.
The Grey Towers = Were-Riders' Keep. -- See Uni
Hawk's Claw = Held by the Voices of the Heights and the Silvermantle Clan for almost half a year before they were forced to take the Road of Memory across the Waste to Arvon.
Haunted Ruin = A place of shadow: Two tall, standing rocks anchoring a monster's web. No vegetation grew around it. A pile of ruins with a large hole in its middle. A monster dwelled inside.
The Inner Lands = Silvermantle Clan's Keeps of the Western marches.
Linark = Aylinn studied there with The Moon Drawers.
Reeth, the Star Tower = Where Aylinn and her parents live: Three storeys built of blue-green stone in the shape of a five-pointed star, glowing poles set between its points. Located in a forest clearing amid herb gardens. A stronghold of Green and Brown Magic.
The White Flow = River boundary of Silvermantle territory.

The Four Clans = -- See Yofu     Followed the old inheritance laws: Kethan, son of Lord Erach's full sister, was heir to Car Do Prawn.
The Seven Lords = Of Arvon. -- See Yofu    Won peace in Last Struggle.
Voices of the Heights = Silvermantle their ally, sent them embassies to learn the future, because Voices can read star charts.
Were-riders = -- See Yofu
Wild Ones = Of Arvon's Higher Lands; the Four Clans guard against their forays.

Minor Characters
Aidan = The High Lord. Erach of Redmantle Clan stood with him, as did Bluemantle and Goldmantle.
Berthold = Maidservant; Thaney threw a mirror at her.
Cadoc = Lord Erach's Commander and Marshal.
Lady Eldris = Had a son, Herrel, by a Were-rider later bore Erach and Heroise to a human mate.
Erach = Lord of Car Do Prawn.
Hergil = Erach's record-keeper and historian.
Hulda = Maidservant at Car Do Prawn.
Ibycus = Voice. Mysterious "trader" short, an easy manner with an air of command. Brought the jargoon pard belt to Car Do Prawn.
Kardis = Lady Eldris's brother; fell at the Battle of Thos.
Malkin = Ursilla's elderly servant; sent to steal Kethan's belt.
Maughus = Lord Erach's son.
Pergvin = Kethan's tutor in arms and riding. Born in High Hallack; took the Road of Memory in the Great Time of Trouble.
Ragaard the Less = Dark Lord, foe of Redmantle Clan and its allies.
Ralf = Car Do Prawn servant who saw Malkin enter Kethan's room.
Thaney = Erach's daughter. Petulant features. Sent to Garth Howel.
Dame Xenia = Told others Malkin had always served Ursilla and had always looked old.

Aylinn's healing talisman = Crystal globe with a sprig of moly growing within, effective until it died. Its spell would work only once for the same person.
Power Spell = -- See General Magic
Ursilla's bone whistle = To summon and open a gate: It emitted a thin, eerie piping, sounded thrice and answered thrice.

The Exile = When those of Arvon left the Dales and went north across the Waste.
The First Age of Arvon = Before the warring of the Lost Lords.
jargoon = a gem of common sort; adorned the pard fur belt.
The Last Struggle = Between Dark and Light, in Arvon.
Lost Lords = Those who warred in Arvon's First Age.
The Other World = Where Herrel and Gillan were sent by the Were-Riders, battled, and returned to their own bodies in this world.
The Road of Memory / of Sorrows = Pervgin, among others, took it from the Dales in the Great Time of Troubles.
Time = Ax time and sword time: humans. Wind time and star time: Great Lords and Voices. Were time and spell time: magic.

Pard = Smaller than its cousin the snowcat.
Were-riders' horses = camouflage dappled.
Fearfang = Leader of Car Do Prawn's hound pack.
Latchet = The hound who rushed Kethan when he approached the Youth's Tower, then retreated fearfully.

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