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Andre Norton Ltd.      
Serpent's Tooth 1988 TP  
Appleton / Century      
Prince Commands, The 1934 HC  
Ralestone Luck 1938 HC  
Crystal Gryphon, The 1972 HC  
Gates to Tomorrow: An Introduction to Tomorrow 1973 HC  
Gryphon in Glory 1981 HC  
Here Abides Monsters 1973 HC  
House of Shadows, The 1984 HC  
Jargoon Pard, The 1974 HC  
Monster's Legacy, The 1996 HC  
Night of Masks 1975 HC  
No Night Without Stars 1975 HC  
Quag Keep 1978 HC  
Ride the Green Dragon 1985 HC  
Seven Spells to Sunday 1979 HC  
Ware Hawk 1983 HC  
Wraiths of Time 1976 HC  
Avon / Camelot      
Outside 1976 HC  
Outside 1976 TP  
Avon / EOS      
Brother to Shadows 1999 PB  
Wind in the Stone 1999 HC  
Wind in the Stone 2000 PB  
Brother to Shadows 1993 HC  
Brother to Shadows 1994 PB  
Brother to Shadows 1994 TP  
Hands of Lyr, The 1994 HC  
Hands of Lyr, The 1995 PB  
Mirror of Destiny 1995 HC  
Mirror of Destiny 1996 PB  
Outside 1976 PB  
Scent of Magic, The 1998 HC  
Scent of Magic, The 1999 PB x2
Tiger Burning Bright 1995 HC  
Tiger Burning Bright 1996 PB