Publishers of Andre Norton titles

~ M, N & O

Note: (x and a Number) equals the minimum number of printings that we have identified.

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MacMillan ~ Canadian




Crystal Gryphon, The




Here Abide Monsters 1973 HC  
House of Shadows 1984 HC  
Moon of Three Rings 1966 HC  
No Night Without Stars 1975 HC  
Quag Keep 1978 HC  
Quest Crosstime 1965 HC  
Seven Spells to Sunday 1979 HC  
Magnet ~ UK      
Plague Ship 1979 PB  
Postmarked the Stars 1980 PB  
Sargasso of Space 1979 PB  
McLeod ~ Canadian      
Huon of the Horn 1951 HC  
Star Rangers 1953 HC  
Meisha Merlin      
Mark of the Cat / Year of the Rat 2002 HC  
Mark of the Cat / Year of the Rat 2002 TP  
Methuen ~ UK      
Flight in Yiktor 1988 PB  
Scarface 1950 HC  
MJF Books      
Catfantastic 1997 HC  
Nelson Doubleday      
Black Trillium 1990 HC  
Voorloper 1980 HC  
Nelson, Foster & Scott ~ Canadian      
Star Born 1957 HC  
Nelson & Sons ~ Australian      
Red Hart Magic 1976 HC  
Steel Magic 1980 HC  
NESFA Press      
Grand Masters' Choice 1989 HC  
Onyx Books      
Breed to Come 2001 HC  
Open Road Media
 See Open Road Media Page
Gates to Witch World, The (omnibus) 2003 TP  
Oxford University Press      
Sword is Drawn, The 1946 HC