Back in the late 1990s Andre’s good friend Caroline Fike would do some typing and editing for Andre. Andre once told Caroline that your edits are better than my own words.”Andre then handed Caroline a short story that she (Andre) had done, about a fallen knight, and said “see what you can do with this.” Thus under Andre’s tutelage, in 2001 was borne a manuscript by Andre and Caroline. Do to circumstances beyond either woman’s control the manuscript was never published. has been given the great honor of bringing this delightful piece of work out into the light of day for your reading pleasure. We also have the original short story done by Andre. And so, without further ado, I tell you now, if you click on the title’s below you will travel to the world of “Hart” the fallen knight. Enjoy, for I sure did! 



"Rusted Armor"
Copyright ~ Caroline Fike and the Estate of Andre Norton 2001
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Donated by – Caroline Fike


Formatted for online viewing by Jay Watts aka: “Lotsawatts” ~ May 2015

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Rusted Armor – the short story


Rusted Armor ~ the novel

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