The Noble Warrior Series

by Andre Norton

A set of short stories.


Noble Warrior ~ 1989;

Emmy’s dad sends her a gift all the way from India – Thragun Neklop better known as Noble Warrior. Only Thragan has been banished from Hob’s Green by the evil Mss. Wyker. Thragan must find a way back inside in order to protect his princess as is his charge.


Hob's Pot ~ 1991;

Thragun Neklop better known as “Noble Warrior” detects a Khon within a tea pot that was a gift to the house master. Noble recruits the house spirit “Hob” to help fight off the evil Khon only to have Hob taken over by the Khon.


Noble Warrior Meets with a Ghost ~ 1994;

Thragun Neklop better known as Noble Warrior has been catnapped. A big black ghost named Simpson helps him rescue a princess.


Noble Warrior, Teller of Fortunes ~ 1996;

While attempting to return home after escaping from his ordeal with the catnapper Thragun befriends some gypsies and saves a life.


Noble Warrior and the “Gentleman” ~ 1999;

Emmy and her Noble Warrior travel to Garlynstone to spend the summer with her father. Together they explore the deep caverns and following a presence felt by Thragun, there they meet the Gentleman.



  1. Noble Warrior
  2. Hob's Pot
  3. Noble Warrior Meets with a Ghost
  4. Noble Warrior, Teller of Fortunes
  5. Noble Warrior and the "Gentleman"












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Below is an image of a collection of Cats belonging to Andre, each cat is wearing a costume which represents one of the original 13 Colonies of the United States. Image courtesy of Victor Horadam and will become property of Texas A & M University in their Andre Norton collection.