The Warlock Series

by Andre Norton

(aka) Planet Warlock or Shan Lantee



Storm Over Warlock ~ 1960;

The Throg task force struck Terran survey camp without warning a few minutes after dawn, in a fully reconnoitered and deadly precise attack. Only a single cowering man, flattened on a ledge in the heights above, was witness to the eye searing lances of energy lashing back and forth across the base with methodical accuracy. And he knew that when the last of those yellow-red bolts fell, nothing would be left alive.
So Shann Lantee was the only Terran left, alone and weaponless, on the strange and hostile world of Warlock, prey to both the aliens of Warlock and the aliens from space.


Ordeal in Otherwhere ~ 1964;

When an outlaw seized control of the colonial planet Demeter, Charis Nordholm decided that it could no longer be her home. She contracted herself into the service of an off-world trader, who assigned her to buying cloth from the mysterious Wyverns.
At first she was greatly attracted to these shimmering, dream-rulers of Worlock, and yearned to learn their secrets. But, Charis discovered to her cost, some secrets are best left alone.


Forerunner Foray ~ 1973;

Only Andre Norton could have created Ziantha, and the story of how her powerful mental talents led her to the eerie stone of power that drew her on a deadly quest, back through ancient empires and alien reincarnations, seeking the lost talisman of a forgotten race. Forerunner Foray is a vivid window on the future that no science fiction fan can afford to miss!



  1. Storm Over Warlock
  2. Ordeal in Otherwhere
  3. Forerunner Foray















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