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Short Stories

by Andre Norton


Many people just are not aware of how prolific a writer Andre Norton was. Within her great body of work there are over 75 short stories, some of which have not been seen by the public in many years.

In early 2011 this website was contacted by the Estate of Andre Norton, they were trying to identify just what Andre had written in the way of short stories. It turned out that your webmaster was the only person the Estate could find with a complete set of shorts by Andre. Please do not look down on the estate for this, we have seen some of Andre's personal records and she had forgotten some of the shorts that she produced. By assisting the Estate of Andre Norton with the rebuilding of their records the world gets treated again to some of Andre’s finest works.

Pictured below are just eight of some of the rarest anthologies containing works by Andre.


Also see Witch World: Short Stories for there are over a dozen shorts listed there.


Throughout 2014 a three volume set was released containing reprints of many of Andre's rarest shorts. This anthology is titled "Tales From High Hallack"


Two special previously unpublished short stories were posted on this site in April 2015 ~ they are "Fanus" and Rusted Armor


In May 2015 a group of 13 previously unpublished short stories were released on this site in an anthology titled "The Telling of Tales" ~ The titles are as follows:

01: The Hobyahs
02: The Fat Troll
03: The Cat Who Used His Wits
04: Ully the Piper ~ rough draft of same
05: Ring of Stone
06: The Knights of the Fish
07: The Legend of the Fairy Stone
08: Yankee Camels
09: Strong Medicine
10: Place by the Window
11: Water Wizard ~ rough draft of “Frog Magic”
12: Explorer IV
13: Who Dreams of Dragons?