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~ 1st Novel in the Witch World: Estcarp Series by Andre Norton

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Synopsis ~

Write-up from an old Amazon.com posting ~

Lieutenant-Colonel Simon Tregarth was a man at the end of his rope. He had been unjustly cashiered from the service of his country for black market dealings that he had never engaged in. Then he had in reality been forced into that shadowy underground world when no one else would have him. But, he was a cut above the men that he had to deal with- and this inevitably made him enemies. In fact, he had eaten his final meal and resigned himself to meet the assassins that shadowed him. Time spent in combat and in prison had led him to look deeper inside himself than most men ever do ~ or perhaps should. He was ready to end this travesty of an existence one way or another. It was then that the infamous Dr. Jorge Petronius introduced himself.... The good doctor told Tregarth of the legend of the Siege Perilous- the seat that could judge a man, determine his true worth, and deliver him to his fate. In legend, only Percival and Galahad had ever escaped the judging unscathed. Now it was Simon's term- and he was far from a pure knight. The world to which he found himself transported was far from a paradise. It was an ancient world truly ruled by sword and sorcery. Simon already knew how to live by the sword. In the service of the Women of Power of ancient Estcarp he came to know of sorcery. For that mysterious extra sense that had kept him alive for so long was the faint stirring of the Power. Here in this world it would thrive. Indeed, it would prove both his personal redemption and that of dying Estcarp, for before his arrival none but women possessed the Gift.


Write-up from the back of the early ACE paperback editions ~

By the author of Daybreak 2250 A.D.
For the myriads of Andre Norton readers, those who know Norton’s books to be tops in science-adventure, Witch World will prove to be a special treat.
It’s an all-original novel about a weird, adventure filled planet where certain of the laws of nature operate differently – where in fact certain types of “magic” apparently work. Into this far-out space world, an Earthman is sent to test his skill against this new type of science.
Witch World is high adventure in super-science, witchcraft, and fantasy-romance that will remind you of the best of such varied writers as Burroughs, Tolkien, and Brackett – and yet remains Andre Norton in top form!


Write-up from the front flap of the Gregg Press edition ~

SIMON TREGARTH was a hunted man. Though highly skilled and successful as a secret agent, he had made enemies, and now they were closing in on him. His last hope lay in London with the mysterious Dr. Petronius who in the past had been able to make several other highly- prized Fugitives disappear from the face of the earth. Simon learns that Petronius’ secret is the Siege Perilous, a legendary stone that judged a man, determined his worth, and then transported him into another world in which his spirit would be at home. Many had gone before Simon but none had returned. Was this a trick, another form of death? Simon was too desperate to hesitate and in a moment he is carried into the Witch World, a strange medieval land of magic, conflict and adventure which demanded all of his cunning and power for survival.
Fast paced and filled with fantastic conflicts and adventures, this is only the first of The Witch World Novels of Andre Norton, the most famous series of novels by one of the best and most widely-read of American science fiction writers.
This new edition of Witch World includes an Introduction to the Witch World series by Sandra Mielsel, as well as endleave maps of the Witch World by Barbi Johnson.


Write-up from the back of the 1978 UK paperback edition ~

The doomed land of Estcarp stood alone, menaced from the north and the south, and from the sea to the west. Only because they were heirs to an age-old knowledge were the dark people of her fields, her cities and her towers able to hold back the press. Theirs might be a losing cause, but they would go down fighting to the last blow of sword from the last living Guardsman, the last blasting weapon man or woman could lay hand upon.
Alone among the nations of the continent Estcarp wielded a strange and fearful weapon, and the hatred and dread of her neighbours was founded on that very weapon – magic. To Alizon in the north, Karsten in the south, the power of the witches was evil. But the terror that threatened from the west was an alien evil from a source unknown.


Write-up from the back of the 1980s ACE paperback edition ~

Ex-colonel Simon Tregarth was a hunted man – and the hunt was beginning to come to its inevitable deadly end. Tregarth was desperate, and his situation required a desperate solution. His only alternative was wild beyond imagining – sorcery.
Simon was forced to give himself up to the mysterious Siege Perilous, the ancient stone of Power. It would judge him, determine his worth, and then deliver him into a world in which his mind and sprit should be at home.
Simon Tregarth’s lot would pit him against an uncanny world where the laws of nature operated… differently. Where in fact, “magic” was science.
For Simon Tregarth there would no return, he could never escape from the Witch World.


Write-up from the back of the 1987 UK paperback edition ~

Theirs might be a losing cause, but they would go down fighting to the last blow of the sword, to the last blasting weapon man or woman could lay hand on.
The proud land of Estcarp stood alone, its fields and plains, its mountains and fortresses menaced from north or south. But the terror that came from the west was a far worse evil. Against it must be wielded all the power of Estcarp’s age-old knowledge – a strange and awesome force which could both save and destroy her.
From the moment he gave himself uo to the Siege Perious, Simon Tregarth, fugitive from Earth, owned his allegiance to the witches and warriors of Estcarp. He had embarked on a journey of magic and peril, power and adventure from which there could be no return.
“Her story-telling gift is phenomenal” – Anne McCaffrey
“An imagination quite out of this world” – T.L.S.

Write-up from a Gregg Press sales flyer ~

We enter the Witch World with Simon Tregarth, an American secret agent marked for elimination, who sits upon the Siege Perilous, a magic throne of legend, and is transported into a strange new world. He no sooner passes into the misty marshes of Escarp than he sees a woman being pursued by warriors and hounds. Rescuing her, he discovers that she is no less than one of the ruling witches of Escarp with mysterious powers over nature. To Tregarth's earthly eyes, Jaelithe's magic seems more like fragments of forgotten science - he is to find other fragments in the possession of other people. Together Simon, Jaelithe, and their warrior friends Koris and Loyse combat the Kolder, an enemy alien race whose weapons are mind control and technological wizardry, in scores of fantastic adventures involving the Sulcarmen (sea-rovers), the Falconers, whose birds of prey are an extension of their eyes and ears, the mercanaries of Karstan, and the treacherous Fulk of Verlaine.


Write-up from the 2016 digital release ~

The first book in the classic Witch World saga by beloved fantasy and science fiction author Andre Norton. Simon Tregarth, a man on the run, escapes from our world into another, where magic still has power. He finds new purpose in the service of Estcarp, whose witches use their ancient knowledge of magic to protect their home. But a new threat is rising: the mysterious Kolder, who possess powers and technology unlike anything known in the Witch World. It will take Simon and the forces of Estcarp all their might, their courage, and their magic to drive back the insurmountable enemy.

Write-ups from fans ~

Witch World starts out with disgraced Ex-Us Army colonel on the run from underworld assassins. He meets an old man who has the reputation of providing an escape for desperate people on the run. The old man takes him to an old house and has him sit in a stone chair beneath a stone arch. At dawn he sees a gate open in the arch and he lands on a grassy stretch of moors. He is definitely not on Earth any more, but where is he?
He hears a hunting horn and rescues a young woman from a pack of hounds and hunters on horseback. She takes him to her home country Estcarp which is ruled by a council of virginal Witches (Women of Power). Estcarp is at war with the Kolder, and alien race bent on domination and world rule. Simon enlists in Estcarp's army and meets Koris whose home Gorm is held by the Kolder. We meet the Sulcars, master traders and warrior sailors, the race of misogynistic Falconers who with their telepathic falcons sometimes hire out marines on sulcar ships. Estcarp is beset from the west by the Kolder and threatened from the South by the Duchy of Karsten and from the north by the cruel hound-masters of Alizon. Simon has many puzzles to solve--he has seen Magic, Science, hi-tech and low-tech all mixed together. Also Simon himself is an enigma to the Witches when they discover that he possesses a similar magic to their own. How can that be? Who and What are the Kolder and can they be defeated? ~ PG


Simon Tregarth is an ex-colonel and a fugitive from the law. While in New Orleans, he meets a man who offers him a permanent escape to a life that he wishes to lead. This man, Dr. Petronius, takes him to his place where he has the Siege Perilous-the ancient stone of power that the Arthurian legends mentioned. Petronius offers, for a price, the Gate to fugitives so they might find another world that is better suited to their needs. Reluctantly, Simon agrees, and he finds himself on a rocky edge.
From his vantage point, Simon witnesses a young woman running from a pack of hunting dogs and men on horses. Although there is a language barrier, the two manage to escape the hunters. The woman is a witch (he learns at the end of the book that her name is Jaelithe), and Simon later learns (as he learns the language) that he is in Estcarp where the Witches rule. Simon meets the matriarch of the Witches and Koris of Gorm, the Captain of the Estrarp forces.
Simon gains the trust of these people even though his Cornish heritage gave him a second sight similar to that of the Witches (a power that men do not have in the land). He joins their battle against Alizon and Kolder—the people who had hunted the young witch. In a fight against these technologically advanced people, Jaelithe uses her magic in a last effort to try to save the Sulcarkeep port. Jaelithe gets lost in the fog.
The second part of the book is about Loyse of Verlaine-the only daughter of the Lord of Verlaine. She loathes her father, but then hates him more when he arranges for her to marry an older lord; the alliance is one of power and greed. On the night of her symbolic marriage, Loyse cuts off her hair and puts on the mail and armor she stole for her escape. Before she leaves, she decides to save a witch that her father’s men captured, half-drowned, on the beach. The men had plans to rape the witch (Jaelithe) because they believe that the source of a witch's power is in her maidenhood.
Part Three returns to Simon's point of view. Simon and Koris discover that the men they had fought were only empty shells (killing machines) of people that Koris had known in Gorm. While wandering through the area on the beach, the group find a passageway that leads to skeletal remains of one they know as Volt. Koris takes it as a sign that Volt's Ax is meant for him. Simon, Koris and their men join forces with the Falconers (a patriarchy of warriors). Their goal is to stop and defeat the combined forces of Karsten and Verlaine that are joining with the Kolder.
Simon dreams of a place In the city of Kars, and he and Koris travel to the city Down a dark alley they discover Jaelithe (who led Simon there through his own power) and Briant (Loyse disguised as a young man) The women have a plan to free Loyse from the unwelcome marriage-Jaelithe twists her magic and makes a love potion for the long time mistress of the Duke of Karsten The spell is supposed to make the Duke fall in love with his mistress and forget about his betrothed Loyse escape Kars, Jaelithe uses her magic again, but this time to disguise them through shape change.
They make it back to the Falconers and discover that the Kolder have captured some of their numbers The Kolder also used their own mechanical birds to scout the area. Jaehthe and “Briant” camp away from the Falconers as Jaehthe’s presence is not acceptable to the men. Later Simon and his companions ride toward the border of Gorm and Estcarp Simon scouts ahead, and is captured.
Simon wakes up in the blackness of a ship, and there are many men with him-including the missing Falconers. They are all put to sleep by a strange gas that enters the chamber. When Simon wakes again, he finds himself naked and strapped to a table. A Kolder stands over one of the other five men in the same situation. With strange technology, the Kolder turns the unconscious man into a mindless, fighting machine. Simon escapes, kills the Kolder, and finds his way out of the rooms. He wanders around the building and accidently discovers the room that serves as the Kolder headquarters.
Simon manages to escape the mind control of the Kolder by driving a machine off the roof of the building. He makes his way back to Koris and the others. They join the Witches of Estcarp in a ritual to destroy their evil enemies. All of the protagonists join to destroy their own respective nemeses so that their fight will have power over the enemies. Only Loyse (still as Briant) feels as if she has not been successful destroying the image of her father.
Then they storm the Kolder headquarters and defeat the strange beings. They know that they still face challenges from their other antagonists, but they are satisfied for the moment. Koris recognizes Loyse’s true identity, and they join together in a match of love and equality. Jaelithe gives Simon her name in a significant gesture that binds them together. ~ DB


1963’s Witch World marks Norton’s shift towards fantasy. After this novel, fantasy was an increasingly large fraction of her output. It is also the first novel in her long-running (later collaborative) Witch World series. Oddly enough, while I have read the other books in the series (Ellen Asher or Andrew Wheeler, then my shadowy masters at SFBC, must have liked them—or perhaps the books just sold well), I’ve never read this particular book. Having read it now, I can see how this could have been a formative experience for a young reader, especially in the context of the…. ~ JN
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Various reviews ~ For more info and other listings see Articles about Andre

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Bibliography of English Editions ~

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Non-English Editions ~

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  • (1991) Published in Barcelona, Spain; by Ediciones Tridente, PB, 978-848-76980-40, 320pg ~ cover by Enrich ~ Spanish title Mundo de Brujas [World Bruges]




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