Andre Norton’s Fantasy House


Just an image from the internet.

I’m thinking Andre and I have the same taste in houses for the only thing she didn’t mention would be the very large real-wood library with automatic filing system. The outside really doesn't matter because the inside changes to what you require it to be. And it would look something like this.


Andre (herself) took me on a guided tour of her fantasy home.

1) Huge old Victorian House.

2) Her house and her cats kept care of her instead of people.

3) Mealtimes, she would sit down at her table the fridge would roll over to her so she could fetch the items she wanted out of it.

4) Her cats prepared her meals and served it to her.

5) Her cats and merekat’s ran and frolicked on the walls and ceilings.

6) When Andre wanted to go up stairs, she would stand on the first step, the hand railing formed around her back like a chair and took her upstairs and positioned her to walk.

7) The halls in her home were yellow bricked like the road in her favorite book Wizard of Oz.

8) She had a “special weather room” that would develop any kind of weather she was in the mood for....snow, rain, sunny and tropical, etc. It worked telepathically.

9) She had a special room that would transform into any place on the planet... such as the Grand Canyon, Great Wall of China, the Pyramids of Egypt, etc. It also worked by telepathically.

10) She had a special room that she could go into to have conversations with departed famous writers. It was a parlor type setting with a huge over sized sofa. An elaborate robotic tea cart with tea service. Her cats did the serving!

11) Her office had a massive wooden desk with gryphon carvings. Her pen wrote without Andre’s help. It worked telepathically. She told me that her pen knew her all her thoughts, hopes and dreams. It had been her devoted companion in life.

12) Her bathroom accommodated her by telepathy. She had an oversized claw foot bath tub she would ran full of water. When she was ready to get in, the tub would swoop slowly down into a large curve low enough for her to step over and into it. (The water level remained the same!) Once she got into the tub, the back of the tub formed a small seat around her butt and carefully lowered her into the water. Her cats helped bathed her. When her bath was done the back of the tub formed a seat and raised her to her feet, the tub curved and she stepped out.

13) Her house always knew if “someone” was plotting to harm her in some way. It would send out an invitation to that person (itself). When that person showed up for the visit, they were shown to the “guest room”. At night, after that person got snuggled into the bed, thinking about their dirty deeds, the wall would come down and smack them like a fly swatter and that person became part of the “wall paper motif”. If you looked close enough in the wall paper, you could see other people’s images!

14) In the mornings, Andre could walk into her closet and come out fully dressed and at bed time, walk back into her closet and come out with her gown on.

15) Glass door knobs became a magnifying glass for her whenever and where ever she needed it.

16) The huge majestic oak tree out in front of her house stood guard over the outside and strangled intruders who would try to break in on her. It’s limbs had the capability to reach any and every where on her property (outside).

17) Her favorite flower, purple & yellow pansies, stayed in bloom all year round in her yard.

18) She could open any book brought into her house and they spoke to her, instead of her reading them.

At the end of the dream, I told her to take care of herself, she told me “not to worry, my house takes care of me” as she closed the door.

****We do not know who typed this but it was found in Andre’s files.