My Ace Doubles Project

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# D-100 ~ D-199

D-101 Jack Karney Knock 'Em Dead / Hal Braham (as Mel Colton) Point Of No Escape

D-109 Dale Clark Mambo To Murder / Sterling Noel I See Red (1955)

D-115 Harry Whittington One Got Away / Cleve F. Adams Shady Lady (1955)

D-123 Gil Brewer The Squeeze / Frank Diamond Love Me To Death (1955)

D-129 Day Keene The Dangling Carrot / Norman C. Rosenthal Silenced Witnesses (1955)

D-135 Milton K. Ozaki Maid For Murder / Rene Brabazon Raymond (as James Hadley ChaseDead Ringer (1955)

D-147 Gregory Jones Prowl Cop / Norman Herries My Private Hangman (1956)

D-149 Ronald Kayser (as Dale Clark) A Run For The Money / Mark Macklin The Thin Edge Of Mania (1955)

D-157 Louis Trimble Stab In The Dark / Jonathon Gant Never Say No To A Killer

D-167 Milton K. Ozaki Never Say Die / John Creighton Destroying Angel (1956)

D-170 Day Keene Flight By Night / Lawrence Goldman Black Fire]]

D-177 Stephen Marlowe (as C.H. Thames) Violence Is Golden / Robert Turner The Girl In The Cop's Pocket (1956)

D-185 Geoffrey Holmes Build My Gallows High / Harry Whittington The Humming Box (1956)

D-189 Lawrence Treat Weep For A Wanton / Stephen Marlowe Dead On Arrival (1956)

D-195 Robert Colby The Quaking Widow / Dudley Dean Macgaughy (as Owen Dudley) The Deep End

D-197 James Byron TNT For Two / Charles Weiser Frey (as Ferguson Findley) Counterfeit Corpse (1956)