My Ace Doubles Project

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# D-200 ~ D-299

D-201 Harry Whittington Across That River / Nathaniel E. Jones Saturday Mountain (1957)

D-203 William Grote Cain's Girlfriend / William L. Rohde Uneasy Lies The Head (1957)

D-209 John Jake A Night For Treason / F. L. Wallace Three Times A Victim (1957)

D-217 Bob McKnight Downwind / B. E. Lovell A Rage To Kill (1957)

D-221 Gordon Ashe You've Bet Your Life / Robert Chavis Terror Package (1957)

D-225 Kendell Foster Crossen (as M. E. Chaber) A Lonely Walk / Harry Giddings Loser By A Head (1957)

D-231 Dudley Dean Macgaughy (as Owen Dudle) Murder For Charity / Edward S. Aarons (as Edward Ronn) Point Of Peril (1957)

D-235 Jack Webb (as John Farr) The Lady And The Snake / Louis Trimble Nothing To Lose But My Life (1957)

D-241 Harry Whittington One Deadly Dawn / Wilson Tucker The Hired Target (1957)

D-247 Ken Lewis Look Out Behind You / John Creighton Not So Evil As Eve (1957)

D-253 Bruce Cassiday The Buried Motive / Prentice Winchell (as Spencer Dean) Marked Down For Murder (1957)

D-259 Michael Avallone The Case Of The Violent Virgin / The Case Of The Bouncing Betty (1957)

D-265 Robert Bloch Shooting Star / Robert Bloch Terror In The Night (And Other Stories)

D-273 Ernest Jason Fredericks Shakedown Hotel / John Roscoe and Michael Roscoe (as Mike Roscoe) The Midnight Eye (1958)

D-279 J. Harvey Bond Bye Bye, Baby! / Bob McKnight Murder Mutuel

D-285 Bruce Cassiday Brass Shroud / Joseph Linklater Odd Woman Out (1958)

D-289 Alan Payne This'll Slay You / John Hawkins and Ward Hawkins Violent City

D-297 Peter Rabe The Cut Of The Whip / Robert Kelston Kill One, Kill Two (1958)