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# D-400 ~ D-599

D-401 Louis Trimble Obit Deferred / Tedd Thomey I Want Out (1959)

D-409 Louis Trimble Cargo For The Styx / Jay Flynn (as J.M. Flynn) Terror Tournament (1959)

D-415 Prentice Winchell (as Stewart Sterling) ''Fire On Fear Street / Dead Certain (1960)

D-419 Bernard Thielen Open Season / Bob McKnight A Slice Of Death (1958)

D-425 Roberta Elizabeth Sebenthal (as Paul Kruger) Dig Her A Grave / Joseph L. Chadwick (as John Creighton) A Half Interest In Murder (1960)

D-433 Jack Bradley If Hate Could Kill / Talmage Powell The Smasher (1960)

D-439 Duane Decker The Devil's Punchbowl / Owen Dudley Run If You Can (1960)

D-445 Robert Emmett Mcdowell (as Emmett Mcdowell) Bloodline To Murder / In At The Kill (1960)

D-447 Bob McKnight Kiss The Babe Goodbye / J. M. Flynn The Hot Chariot (1960)

D-451 Steve Ward Odds Against Linda / Robert Martin A Key To The Morgue (1960)

D-459 Howard J. Olmsted The Hot Diary / J. M. Flynn Ring Around A Rogue (1960)

D-463 Prentice Winchell (as Stewart Sterling) Dying Room Only / The Body In The Bed (1960)

D-469 Bob McKnight Running Scared / Talmage Powell Man-Killer (1960)

D-477 Louis Trimble The Duchess Of Skid Row / Love Me And Die (1961)

D-483 Russell Robert Winterbotham (as J. Harvey Bond) If Wishes Were Hearses / Bruce Cassiday The Corpse In The Picture Window (1961)

D-489 R. Arthur Somebody's Walking Over My Grave / John Miles Bickham (as John Miles) Dally With A Deadly Doll (1961)

D-499 Frederick C. Davis Night Drop]] / High Heel Homicide (1961)

D-505 Louis Trimble The Surfside Caper / Robert Colby In A Vanishing Room (1961)

D-511 J. M. Flynn One For The Death House / Bob McKnight Drop Dead, Please (1961)

D-515 Robert Colby Kill Me A Fortune / Prentice Winchell (as Stewart Sterling) Five Alarm Funeral (1961)