My Ace Doubles Project

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# F-100 ~ F-299

F-102 Bob McKnight The Flying Eye / Clayton Fox Never Forget, Never Forgive (1961)

F-107 Chester Warwick My Pal, The Killer / John Trinian Scratch A Thief (1961)

F-111 J. M. Flynn The Girl From Las Vegas / Robert Martin To Have And To Kill (1960)

F-115 John Creighton The Blonde Cried Murder / Fletcher Flora Killing Cousins (1961)

F-121 Helen Nielson Sing Me A Murder / Helen Nielson Woman Missing And Other Stories (1961)

F-125 J. M. Flynn Deep Six / Frank Diamond The Widow Maker (1961)

F-130 J. M. Flynn The Screaming Cargo / James A. Howard The Bullet-Proof Martyr (1961)

F-143 Bob McKnight A Stone Around Her Neck / Clayton Fox End Of A Big Wheel (1962)

F-155 Lionel White A Death At Sea / The Time Of Terror (1961)

F-166 Georges Simenon Maigret And The Reluctant Witness / Maigret Has Scruples (1958)

F-229 Louis Trimble The Dead And The Deadly / Bob McKnight Homicide Handicap (1963)