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# G-500 ~ G-599

G-501 Charlotte Armstrong Lewi (as Charlotte Armstrong) Incident At A Corner / The Unsuspected (1965)

G-503 Ursula Curtiss The Face Of The Tiger / The Stairway (1962)

G-506 Doris Miles Disney Black Mail / Did She Fall Or Was She Pushed?

G-508 Ruth Fenisong The Schemers / But Not Forgotten (1965)

G-509 Elisabeth Sanxay Holding The Virgin Huntress / The Innocent Mrs. Duff (1951)

G-511 Charlotte Armstrong Lewi (as Charlotte Armstrong) The Chocolate Cobweb / Who's Been Sitting In My Chair? (1965)

G-512 Elisabeth S. Holding The Blank Wall / The Girl Who Had To Die (1965)

G-513 Charlotte Armstrong Lewi (as Charlotte Armstrong) Then Came Two Women / Catch As Catch Can (1965)

G-518 Helen Reilly Follow Me / The Opening Door (1965)

G-519 Elisabeth Sanxay Holding The Old Battle Axe / The Obstinate Murderer (1965)

G-521 Charlotte Armstrong Lewi (as Charlotte Armstrong) Mischief / The Better To Eat You (1965)

G-523 Ursula Curtiss The Forbidden Garden / Hours To Kill (1965)

G-524 Elisabeth Sanxay Holding Who's Afraid? / Widow's Mite (1965)

G-525 Dana Lyon The Tentacles / Spin The Web Tight (1965)

G-526 Charlotte Armstrong Lewi (as Charlotte Armstrong) The Mark Of The Hand / The Dream Walker (1965)

G-528 Helen Reilly Certain Sleep / Ding Dong Bell (1965)

G-529 Dorothy Miles Disney Unappointed Rounds / Mrs. Meeker's Money (1965)

G-530 Elisabeth Sanxay Holding The Unfinished Crime / Net Of Cobwebs (1963)

G-531 Helen Reilly Not Me, Inspector / The Canvas Dagger (1965)

G-533 Charlotte Armstrong Lewi (as Charlotte Armstrong) The Black-Eyed Stranger / The One-Faced Girl (1965)

G-534 Elisabeth Sanxay Holding Kill Joy / Speak Of The Devil (1965)

G-535 Dana Lyon The Lost One / The Frightened Child (1965)

G-539 Hilda Lawrence Duet In Death: Composition For Four Hands / Duet In Death: The House (1965)

G-543 Mildred Davis The Dark Place / They Buried A Man (1965)