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# Extras

The titles listed below are the items which I have not yet been able to categorize. 



D-025 P. G. Wodehouse Quick Service / The Code Of The Woosters(1953)         D-025 P. G. WODEHOUSE Quick Service (listed as "complete and unabridged") and D-025b P. G. WODEHOUSE The Code of the Woosters (c. 1938; 1953; listed as "complete and unabridged")

D-026 Harold Acton and Lee Yi-Hsieh (translators) Love In A Junk And Other Exotic Tales / Charles Pettit The Impotent General (1953)     D-026 HAROLD ACTON & LEE YI-HSIEH (translators) Love in a Junk and Other Exotic Tales (original title: Four Cautionary Tales; listed as "complete and unabridged") and D-026b CHARLES PETTIT The Impotent General (listed as "complete and unabridged"; covers for both of these by Norman Saunders; 1953)

D-035 Rae Loomis The Marina Street Girls / Jack Houston Open All Night (1953)       D-035 RAE LOOMIS The Marina Street Girls (1953; listed as "complete and unabridged") and D-035b JACK HOUSTON Open All Night (1953; listed as an "ACE Original")D-050 Wilene Shaw The Mating Call / Ozro Grant The Bad 'Un (1954)

D-040 WILLIAM IRISH (aka CORNELL WOOLRICH) Waltz Into Darkness (c. 1947, listed as "abridged edition") and D-040b MALDEN GRANGE BISHOP Scylla (1954; listed as an "ACE Original")

D-049 CHARLES GRAYSON Golden Temptress (original title: The Broken Gateabridged edition) and D-049b DAN CUSHMAN Tongking! (1954; listed as an "ACE Original")

D-050 WILENE SHAW(aka VIRGINIA M. HARRISON) The Mating Call (listed as an "ACE Original") and D-050b OZRO GRANT The Bad 'Un (1954; listed as an "ACE Original")

D-057 A. S. FLEISCHMAN Counterspy Express (c. 1951; 1954; listed as an "ACE Original") and CHARLES L. LEONARD (aka M. V. HEBERDEN) Treachery in Trieste (1954; cover by Victor Olson; listed as "revised edition")

D-065 JUANITA OSBORNE Tornado (1954; listed as an "ACE Original") and D-065b EDWARD KIMBROUGH Night Fire (1954; cover by Bernard Barton; abridged edition)

D-170 LAWRENCE GOLDMAN Black Fire (listed as "complete novel") and D-170b DAY KEENE Flight By Night (1956; cover by Bernard Barton; listed as "complete novel")

D-178 JEAN PARADISE The Savage City (cover by Lou Marchetti; listed as "complete and unabridged"; ACE Historical fiction) and D-178b

D-182 Émile Zola Shame / Therese Raquin (1956)     D-182 EMILE ZOLA Shame (a new translation) and EMILE ZOLA Therese Raquin (1956)

D-201 HARRY WHITTINGTON Across That River (1956; listed as "complete novel") and NATHANIEL E. JONES SaturdayMountain (cover by Lou Marchetti; 1956; listed as "complete and unabridged")

D-207 CHARLES GRAYSON Hollywood Doctor (original title: Venus Rising; 1954; listed as "complete and unabridged") and D-207b

D-214 MARTIN L. WEISS Hate Alley (1957; listed as "complete novel") and D-214b

D-318 MARCOS SPINELLI Mocambu (1958) and D-318b

D-477 LOUIS TRIMBLE Love Me and Die and The Duchess of Skid Row

F-101 JOAN SARGENT Cruise Nurse (c. 1954; listed as "complete and unabridged") and F-101b MARGARET HOWE Calling Dr. Merriman (1960; listed as "complete and unabridged")   F-101 Joan Sargent Cruise Nurse / Margaret Howe Calling Dr. Merriman (1960)

F-112 Jeanne Judson Barbara Ames - Private Secretary / Nell Marr Dean Ratzlaff (as Nell Marr Dean) Fashions For Carol (1961)     F-112 JEANNE JUDSON Barbara Ames - Private Secretary (cover by Rudy Nappi) and NELL MARR DEAN (aka NELL MARR DEAN RATZLAFF) Fashions for Carol (1961)