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Silver May Tarnish

~ 9th Novel in the Witch World: High Hallack Series by Andre Norton

Written solely by Lyn McConchie but set in Andre Norton’s Witch World

Hence marketed as collaboration.


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Synopsis ~

Write-up from the front flap of the 2005 dustjacket ~

The Dales of Andre Norton’s Witch World has endured wars, natural disasters, the predations of strange creatures, and treachery. None loves the land as well as Lorcan, orphaned at birth, who has sought his birthright for as long as he can remember. Exiled from his native land when it was invaded by Alizon, he spent his youth in Paltendale where he was treated as an outsider, especially by Hogeth, an heir of that dale, who resented Lorcan’s presence when both were still young men.
When he came of age, Lorcan left to seek his own destiny. Since then, he has fought valiantly to rid the Dales of the Alizon invaders, but not even his efforts can prevent the deaths of many people, and the destruction of many keeps and garths. The war now over, he has survived, but so have those who would plunder the lands of the survivors. And among the plundering bandits is his nemesis from Paltendale, now more bitter and determined to vanquish Lorcan.
During his travels Lorcan has joined with five blank shields, who, fighting together for common cause, become his boon companions. Then he meets a young noble lass, from a dale known as Honeycoombe for its beekeeping. Her dale has been decimated by the war, but with Lorcan and his band, she will try to rebuild a home where they all can live in peace. Lorcan feels that he might at last find happiness with the valiant fair maiden. But Hogeth now leads marauders across the dales, destroying what they cannot rightfully have, and there will be no peace in the dales until Lorcan and Hogeth settle their old, bitter score..


Write-ups from fans ~

Lorcan a boy of 8, whose home hold of Erondale, was wiped out in the war with Alzon had fled with his father's chief armsman to the Hold of Paltendale. Growing up treated as an encumbrance, Lorcan learns hunting skills to earn his keep. Finally, in one last push to drive the Alizonders out of the Dales all the Dales forces become united under Lord Imgry.

Lorcan is 16 and a competent fighter now so he asks Lord Paltendale if he may leave. The Lord becomes enraged and tells him that he must leave as he came, a naked beggar. Lorcan reminds the Lord that he came with a horse and offers to pay for board and keep he had received. He mistakenly tosses a gold coin down instead of the silver one he'd intended. The coins were his own, his last inheritance from his father. After the war, Paltendale's third son the only survivor of the House remembers this gold coin and is determined to gain the supposed treasure for his own.  ~ SL


This is a story of The Dales at the end of the Alizon wars and events in the aftermath of all the destruction in the Dales. Thirteen-year-old Lorcan is the only survivor of Erondale and flees to Paltendale and the safety of distant kin. He is a hard worker and when he grows older he becomes a blank shield and takes up arms against the Alizon invaders. After the war he is wandering and gets captured by a band of outlaws who want the hold him for ransom, and then kill him. He is rescued by thirteen-year-old Meive, the lone survivor of Honeycoombe (aka Landale). She has the power of communication with bees and the favor of The Lady of the Bees, an OLD ONE of Power. Her large warrior bees protect her wherever she goes. Lorcan becomes he liege man and together they set out to rebuild Honeycooombe. It is a tough job and slow going, but after a few years and a lot of adventures they start to collect people to move into and rebuild Honeycoombe. Just when things are starting to look up, word comes of another Dale Lord who has hated Lorcan since childhood and plans an attack. Love, hatred, loyalty, treachery, magic, good folk, bad folk, and a song. A page turner, indeed. ~ PG


Dedications and Acknowledgements ~

To Linnette Horne, old friend, and a truly good companion at many conventions.
- L. McC.


Bibliography of English Editions ~

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  • (2006) Published by SFBC, HC, # 1197759, $12.99, 284pg ~ cover by Daniel Dos Santos
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