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The Sorcerer's Conspectus:

A comprehensive view of Andre Norton's Witch World

by Four Sorcerers ~ Elwher, Metaldragon, Indagare & Lotsawatts

originally created at elwher.wikidot.com

 [Last Updated 10/08/2019]

The Sorcerer’s recommend that you start reading The Witch World Saga

with S’Olcarias’s Sons.


Suggested Reading Order of the Witch World Saga

Books of Witch World
Short Stories of Witch World

Races of Witch World
Places of Witch World
Houses of Witch World


Timelines of Witch World

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This is a culmination of years of work by Elwher (see: note) and his associates Mike Brenner aka: Indagare, Jay Demetrick aka: Metaldragon and Jay Watts aka: Lotsawatts. The main theme is a timeline for the happenings within the Witch World Universe by Andre Norton. There are multiple versions of the timeline available which allows one to see the places where continuity got a little confused.

By the time Andre had finished “The Magestone” in 1996 the Witch World Universe had gotten so big that she commissioned Juanita Coulson to create an index for the universe [seen here] so that she (Andre) could write “The Warding of Witch World”. Juanita’s work is more of a dictionary and does not try to tie all the stories together. The link [Coulson’s Index] on a page will take you to that entry within her dictionary.

This work is more of an encyclopedia of Witch World. It defines the people, places and events of the Witch World Universe and explains how it all fits together. It also discusses where things do not seem to fit. This is a massive amount of work which I would never have attempted by myself. It consists of a hundred seventy plus pages on the wiki platform. Here on this site we attempt to tie it all together with the other works we have accumilated over the years. Please keep in mind that this is a work in progress; therefore some things may be a little confusing or seem redundant. The data from wikidots was captured on 03/30/2019. We will update the pages as often as possible and post the most recent date on each page.

When you click on titles or names within this document you will be taken to pages about the story and how it fits into the timeline. You will also find hyperlinks to related documents on this site. We have changed the order and format of the wikidot work somewhat to better fit this site. Comments by the Webmaster will be identified as such and links to other documents on this site will be bracketed as [such].

We hope you enjoy and find it both interesting and useful. ~ Jay Watts

Note: The Sorcerer Elwher seems to have disappeared. His last contribution at elwher.wikidots.com was in 2013, Metaldragon and Indagare are the ones expanding the wikidot site and I have obtained permission from both to duplicate their work on this site. On occasion we do try to reach Elwher to get permission to use his real name.



Books of Witch World
Ciara's Song
Crystal Gryphon, The
Duke's Ballad, The
Falcon Hope
Falcon Magic
Flight of Vengeance
Four from the Witch World
Gate of the Cat, The
Gryphon in Glory
Gryphon's Eyrie
Horn Crown
Jargoon Pard, The ~ Presented in two parts
Key of the Keplian, The
Lore of the Witch World
Magestone, The
On Wings of Magic
Port of Dead Ships
Silver May Tarnish
Sorceress of the Witch World
Spell of the Witch World
Storms of Victory
Tales of the Witch World 1
Tales of the Witch World 2
Tales of the Witch World 3
Three Against the Witch World
Trey of Swords
Warding of Witch World, The
Ware Hawk
Warlock of the Witch World
We the Women
Web of the Witch World
Witch World
Year of the Unicorn
Zarsthor's Bane

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Short Stories of Witch World
A Question of Magic
Amber Out of Quayth
An Account of the Turning
Cat and the Other
Circle of Sleep, The
Darkness Over Mirhold
Dragon Scale Silver
Dream Pirates' Jewel
Dream Smith
Falcon Blood
Falcon Law
Falcon's Chick
Fortune's Children
Futures Yet Unseen
Gate of the Kittens
Godron's Daughter
Green in High Hallack
Gunnora's Gift
Heir Apparent
Hunting of Lord Etsalian's Daughter, The
Isle of Illusion
Judgement of Neave, The

La Verdad: The Magic Sword
Legacy from Sorn Fen
Milk from a Maiden's Breast
Neither Rest Nor Refuge
Night Hound's Moon
Nine Words in Winter
Of Ancient Swords and Evil Mist
Of the Shaping of Ulm's Heir
Old Toad
One Spell Wizard
Peacock Eyes
Plumduff Potato-Eye
Rite of Failure
Road of Dreams and Death, The
Root of All Evil, The
S'Olcarios's Sons
Salt Garden, The

Sand Sister
Scent of Magic, The
Sea Serpents of Domnudale
Sentinal at the Edge of the World, The
Spider Silk
Stillborn Heritage, The
Stones of Sharnon, The
Strait of Storms
Sword of Unbelief
Sword Seller, The
Tall Dames Go Walking
Through the Moon Gate
To Rebuild the Eyrie
Toads of Grimmerdale, The
Ully the Piper
Voice of Memory
Way Wind, The
Weavers, The
Whispering Cane
White Road, The
Yellow Eyes

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Races of Witch World
Green People
Grey Ones
Moss Wives
Old Race
Sarn Riders
Scaled Ones
Sky Ones

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Places of Witch World
High Hallack
The Waste
Tor Marsh


Houses of Witch World
House of Car Do Prawn
House of Edale
House of Gryphon
House of Ithkrypt
House of Paltendale
House of Tregarth
Houses of Erondale and Honeycoombe
Houses of Gorm and Verlaine

Houses of Witch World by Michael Martinez

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GURPS: Witch World Roleplaying Guide
GURPS: Years Defined
Months of Witch World
Character Ages
When Were the Tregarth Children Born?


Timelines of Witch World
Timeline Version 1.0 = GURPS Timeline
Timeline Version 1.1 = Adds Dragon Scale Silver & Spider Silk
Timeline Version 1.2
 = Adds The Night Hounds Moon
Timeline Version 1.3 = Adds The Magestone, To Rebuild the Eyrie and Falcon Magic
Timeline Version 1.4 = Adds Silver May Tarnish

Timeline Ciara's Song
 = Discusses Inconsistencies between Timelines.

Timeline by the Years = Most Detailed Version - Presented in two parts.

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Formatted and Edited by Jay Watts ~ April, 2019

 Copyright ~ Elwher, Metaldragon, Indagare & Lotsawatts
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