Attention fans of Andre Norton.


Hello Kind Folks,

I have an idea for a new project but I need help.

The Idea – a pronunciation guide for names, places and other terms in Andre’s work.

I often get asked, how do you pronounce this name or that place. And truthfully, I have no idea. Generally my spelling sucks. And lets face it, a lot of names and places Andre used are hard to pronounce, especially in the Witch World Saga. For those of you who think I’m nuts or just plain stupid, you are just the person I need.

I would like to send out a list of names, places or things (even the ones I can pronounce) and get people to do the grammatical notation of said word. I still have to create a list but it wouldn’t take to long using all the glossaries I’ve collected and posted on the website over the years. Then I would go through those glossaries and add the grammatical info to it.

And so – I’m looking for volunteers to help with said project. I really want several people to help so I can see what multiple people think of each word.  You can sign up by emailing me at

Any and all help will be deeply appreciated. Again I’m looking for volunteers for I can’t afford to pay you. I can however give you credit on the website. 



Ully the Piper

~ A Short Story in the Witch World Saga by Andre Norton


Synopsis ~

In the years after the Invader's War, the small village of Coombfrome, which was always isolated at the best of times, seems to have been completely forgotten. Even their overlord, whoever he may be now, fails to collect taxes. When a trader passes through, it's an event. One such trader leaves a pipe behind, to be broken in the hands of the arrogant braggart who dominates the youngsters of the village. But Ully, crippled and confined to a cart, has a talent for mending broken things, and teaches himself to play the now patched-up pipe. Out of spite, the strutting bully who first broke the pipe one day sends Ully's cart out of control down a steep hill, to fetch up at the standing stones near the village. Where Ully finds that someone else might be interested in his music.


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Non-English Editions ~

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