Dream Smith

~ A Short Story in the Witch World Saga by Andre Norton


Synopsis ~

Collard was a well-favored smith's son. Yet when he tried to work some metal of the Old Ones out of the Wastes, his body was transformed into a hideous form. But with his maimed body, he received a gift: he dreamed and was able to craft what he saw in his dreams into beautiful statues with the Old Ones' ore. Can he make his dreams and those of a sickly Lady of the Dales become a reality?


Write-up from a fan ~

A blacksmith with two fine sons takes in trade some strange material from a trader out of the hills surrounding their village of Ithondale. When his son Collard tries to work the metal, there is an explosion, which maims and cripples him for life. After he had healed as much as possible, he discovers a way to work the metal into small figurines. Vecys, the Lord of Ithondale remarries and to appease his new wife, he sends his crippled daughter, Jacinda, to the Keep above Ithondale; the new wife fears that always seeing such a cripple will affect the new child she is carrying.

To make Jacinda's exile a little more tolerable, Collard begins to make "happy" figurines for her. One day, he dreams of a Keep to make out of the strange metal, and does so. Just as he finishes it, the Lord Vescys dies, leaving his only heir the crippled Jacinda. Vescys new wife, disappointed of her hopes of bearing the Lord an heir, makes plans to marry Jacinda off to her brother, so the lands and title stay in her own hands. Collard fears it will mean Jacinda's death, so he carries his Keep to a shrine of the Old Ones and following the Wise Woman's directions works a spell to transform both him an Jacinda into the Lord and Lady oh his tiny Keep. ~ SL


Bibliography of English Editions ~

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Non-English Editions ~

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  • (2015) Published in Kiev, by Мой Друг Фантастика (My Fiction), HC, 1056pgs ~ Anthology of short stories containing one by Andre Norton, “Dream Smith” ~ translation by Yuri Sokolov ~ cover art by R. Morrill ~ Russian title Всё, что в тебе есть [All That You Have]
  • (2015) Published by Kharkov: Проект «Самиздат» (The “Samizdat”), HC, 1236pgs ~ Anthology of short stories containing one by Andre Norton, “Dream Smith” ~ translation by Yuri Sokolov ~ Russian title От Артура до Эсплунда [From Arthur to Esplunda]


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