One Spell Wizard

~ A Short Story in the Witch World Saga by Andre Norton


Synopsis ~

One Spell Wizard is a yarn about a Wizard's apprentice in High Hallack who learns only one spell but uses it cunningly if not quite wisely. Joachim was a useless farmer. Yet when a local mediocre wizard sought an apprentice, Joachim was chosen. But Saystrap the wizard was only interested in quick get-rich schemes. Can his apprentice stop him when Saystrap sets his sights on a Dale Lord's daughter?


Bibliography of English Editions ~

  • Garan the Eternal (1972) Published by Fantasy, HC, 0-686-02511-3, LCCN 73160575, $4.95, 199pg ~ cover by Morris Scott Dollens (Re-released in 2012)
  • (1979) Educational Progress Published by Western Publishing Co. a division of Educational Development Corp, #1-803541 ~ One of 5 Short Story titles published as a Stand Alone Booklet. Extremely Scarce in any condition.
  • Moon Mirror (1988) Published by TOR, HC, 0-312-93098-4, LCCN 88020136, $17.95, 250pg ~ cover by Yvonne Gilbert (Re-released in 2012)


Non-English Editions ~

  • (1992) "Barbarians II" Edited by Robert Adams, Martin H. Greenberg & Charles G. Waugh, Published in Poland; by Rebis, 83-852-0247-1, PB, 218pg ~ translation of "One Spell Wizard" by Danuta Korziuk ~ Polish title Barbarzyńcy II [Barbarians II] ~ Story title Czarodziej jednego czaru [One Spell Wizard] ~ This book is the English title Barbarians which was split in two volumes, One Spell Wizard replaces Sand Sisters for the Polish release.
  • (1990) Combined with "Legacy from Sorn Fen" ~ Published in Simferopol, by Tavria, no ISBN, PB, 80pg - translation by E. Drozd ~ cover by V. Kras ~ Russian title Общественное порицание [Public Reprimand] (a collection of short stories)
  • (1992) Combined with "Legacy fron Sorn Fen" ~ Published in Alma-Alta, by RGZHI "Deuir", 5-862-28022-7, PB, 312pg - translation by S. Gontareva ~ Russian title Не только мертвые. Сборник фантастических произведений писателей Англии и США [Not Only Dead Men: A Collection of Fiction Writers fron England and the US] (a collection of short stories)


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