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Just some of Andre's work in various paperback editions.

Shelves are 54" wide x 77" high. Little under 1000 books.



A Note from Andre,

      There is an axiom which was carefully instilled in me at the very beginning of my writing career--series books are weak; sequels are the downfall of many writers.

      Only twice when writing in the science fiction - fantasy field-did I deliberately plan for sequels -- the Solar Queen adventures (which appeared under the pen of Andrew North), and the Dipple series of three volumes, CATSEYE, JUDGEMENT ON JANUS and NIGHT OF MASKS.

      The others simply grew of themselves, with no fore intent but because reader interest and a sparking of ideas from one to another spontaneously occurred after the appearance of the first volume.

      The Time Agent series was in the 'beginning intended only to be THE TIME TRADERS. I had devoured with fervor Paul Herrmann’s magnificent survey of the Bronze Age merchant adventurers in CONQUEST BY MAN, and from that built up a tale with the background of that time and place. Then I discovered that this was only the beginning of such exploration for me. Letters from readers urged for more -- an so came GALACTIC DERELICT. Then THE DIFIANT AGENTS effectively disposed of one hero but left the second unaccounted for -- hence KEY OUT OF TIME. The only problem now is that letters still come asking for the return of Ross Murdock and Travis Fox.

      THE STARS ARE OURS!  required, I discovered, a follow-up to settle the future of the Terran colonists on Astra and to answer whether or not they ever did encounter the to-be-dreaded Others. BEAST MASTER, in the same fashion, needed at least one more adventure for Hosteen Storm to make sure he had truly taken root on his new planet -- thus LORD OF STORM. [actually released as LORD OF THUNDER]

      ORDEAL IN OTHERWHERE presented a slightly different problem. It was my desire to write a story centered on a heroine instead of a hero. For reasons of plot her entanglement with the Matriarchate of the Wyverns of Warlock was ideal, making a sequel to STORM OVER WARLOCK which had certainly never been foreseen by me when I wrote the first book.

      There remains the Witch World series which has now jumped to four in number and may grow even further. This was not planned either. Much of the story idea and material in the first volume was accumulated in fragments over a number of years, intended for a historical novel dealing with the Crusaders in Outremer, but never written except for a scene or two. Then I discovered that such material fitted easily into the concept of a sword and sorcery adventure. However, once on paper, it was plain that WITCH WORLD was by no means the end of the sagas to come out of Estcarp. The Kolders had to be adequately accounted for so -- WEB OF WITCH WORLD.

      Warrior and Witch, what would come of a mingling of their diverse inheritances and backgrounds? Speculation on this subject led to the emergence in turn of the three Tregarths of the next generation and THREE AGAINST WITCH WORLD.

      While YEAR OF THE UNICORN is not directly a sequel, in that is deals with the same world but not the characters introduced before, it was intended to fit into the Estcarpian tapestry with the rest.

      I seldom mean to write sequels, they just grow, sometimes in spite of me, and many times because of the continued demand from the readers for more. I know that this is a pit into which any writer may easily fall, to the detriment of his or her work and I trust that I shall be able to resist temptation in the future.

Andre Norton

As appeared in 1966, Published by Niekas Publications, Magazine # 16, June (pgs 45 & 46) [excerpt from a Fanzine]