Year of the Rat

~ 2nd Novel in the Mark of the Cat Series by Andre Norton

(Series aka) The Cat People

Has not been printed in English as a single title.


Synopsis ~

Andre’s never before Published sequel to Mark of The Cat, we find the natural water sources of the five queendoms of the Outer Region drying up. Hynkkel, not fully recovered from his previous trials, must now find a way to stop this loss and recover the missing water. To do so he must first find out who, or what, is causing the water loss and where it is going. When he and Murri, his sandcat, set out on their journey they make another, even more startling discovery. A being of ancient evil has returned and has brought with it, hoards and hoards of deadly desert rats, bent on one thing – to destroy the queendoms one by one. Can Hynkkel both find the missing water and stop the rats before all succumb to the Year of the Rat?


Write-up from a fan ~

The newly crowned Emperor is approached by the doll-maker's apprentice, who is the last survivor of one of the High Houses slaughtered during the previous Emperor's reign; she wished her House and privileges restored. One of the duties of the new Emperor is a Progress through all of the Queendoms, and he chose her for his Consort. The illegitimate son of the old Emperor resents that the Crown did not come to him by rights, and he's making trouble. Also there is some evil power that has stirred up the Rats, who are the ever-present danger to the Queendoms. ~ SL


Bibliography of English Editions ~

  • Mark of the Cat - Year of the Rat (2017) Published by Worldbuilders Press, DM, no isbn, $3.99, ~ cover by Matt Forsyth ~ Omnibus containing Mark of The Cat, The (1992) & Year of the Rat (2002)


Non-English Editions ~

  • (2006) Published in Moscow, by Eksmo and St. Petersburg, by Domino, 5-699-16065-5, HC, 384pg ~ translation by N.I. Nekrasov ~ cover by David Mattingly ~ Russian title Год Крысы [Year of the Rat]