Garan the Eternal

~ A Collection of Short Stories by Andre Norton


Contains ~ (note - page numbers from paperback edition)

  • 09~ Garin of Tav originally known as People of the Crater [as Andrew North] (nv) Fantasy Book # 1 (1947) Published by Fantasy Publishing, Magazine, Edited by Garret Ford, $0.25, (pgs. 4-18) ~ cover by Milo ~ illustrated by Neil Austin, Charles McNutt & Robert K. Murphy
  • 53~ Garan of Yu-Lac (na) partial publication in two separate issues of Spaceway Science Fiction Sep/Oct 1969 & May/Jun 1970, Published by Fantasy ~ both covers by Morris Scott Dollens ~ story illustrated by Carlton Palmer


Synopsis ~

Write-up from the Fantasy Publishing dust jacket ~

I stood on a fancifully carved balcony of opalescent stone looking down upon a fantastic city not yet awakened from the hours of sleep. In the rose sky, strange seeming to my half-earthy eyes and yet familiar, were the first golden strands of dawn. Yu-lac, the Mighty, lay below me and I was Lord Garan, Marshall of the Emperor’s Air Fleet, peer of the Empire - but I was also Garan of Tav, earthly reincarnated of that other Garan.
My Existence as Garan of Tav had begun when I summoned to that hidden exotic world beyond the Antarctic ice barrier where the remnants of the Great Race which have founded the Empire of Yu-Lac had fled. I had been called to Tav in a time of crisis, but had been fortunate to overcome the evil of the Dark Lord Kepta, and win the love of one more precious to me than life itself. At the time of his overthrow Kepta had made reference to the fact that the three of us, myself, my Lady Wife, and Kepta, were tied together by fate. That we had lived and loved and fought before and would again.
Now I was reliving the life of that other Garan on a planet beyond the stars - a world long since shattered into dust... and through him I was to become involved in the fateful struggles of the Ancient Ones against the Lord of Darkness.
The two short novels comprising Garan the Eternal were written by Andre Norton at an early stage in her writing career and their appearance here represents the first complete publication of the second story, though two installments were published in SPACEWAY. While these stories may lack some of the polish of the author's more recent work, they are still outstanding examples of a class of fiction which has come to be known as "heroic fantasy."
The two other stories in the volume were written at a recent date and have the same locale as her popular Witch World series.


Write-up from the back of the paperback editions ~

In our world he was Garin, jet pilot and explorer. In the lost land of Tav, he was Garan who would supply the link with their most ancient past. And in a world far distant in space and time, he was Garan of Yu-Lac who would stand alone between a planet’s doom and the ones he loved.
GARAN THE ETERNAL is a web of wonders woven by a master writer. It is the story of three lives tied by a recurrent destiny - that of Kepta the Ambitious, of Thrala the Devine, and of Garan himself, Man of three worlds.
 Here is a never-before-published novel by the author of the Witch World series - a new adventure in science fiction and fantasy sure to please Andre Norton's legion of readers.


Various reviews ~ For more info and other listings see Articles Over the Years

1974 by B. Fredstrom in Luna Monthly #54 (fnz), September


Dedications and Acknowledgements ~

GARIN OF TAV and its sequal were written more years ago than I care to count now, among my first attempts at fantasy writing when I was greatly influenced by A. Merritt. His books opened a whole new world of creative description to me and I tried to follow in his footsteps. Though I fear I have lagged quite a bit behind.
But the short stories with these two older novelettes are a much later vintage. Their basic structure comes from very old folklore and they are laid in High Hallack, that western continent of Witch World. For these the research into many legends was quite detailed.
Thus this volume really spans almost thirty years of my writing time.
- Andre Norton


Bibliography of English Editions ~

  • (1972) Published by Fantasy, HC, 0-686-02511-3, LCCN 73160575, $4.95, 199pg ~ cover by Morris Scott Dollens {Brown Cloth Boards} 1300 copies printed
  • (1973) Published by DAW, PB, 0-451-UQ104-5, No.45, $0.95, 206pg, also Canadian Edition C$0.95 ~ 3rd printing also $0.95, 5th printing #UY1186 1975 $1.25, 6th Printing #97431-1 UW1431 1978 $1.50, ~ covers by Jack Gaughan ~ 7th printing #UE2055 1985 (states 6th on copyright page) 8th printing #UE2244 1987 $2.95 US $3.95 Canadian,  covers by Jose Segrelles
  • (2012) Published by Premier Digital Publishing, eISBN 978-1-937957-37-7, DM, $3.99, 155pg ~ cover by Kib Prestridge
  • (2014) Published by Open Road Media, DM, eISBN 978-1-497656-18-5, $3.99, 206pg ~ cover by Kib Prestridge ~ re-released in 2017 with new cover-art by Ian Koviak


Non-English Editions ~

  • (1974) Published in Rastatt, Germany; by Pabel, OCLC: 70715486, Terra TB241, 144pg ~ translated by Susi-Maria Roediger ~ German title Garan de ewige
  • (1978) Published in Milan, Italy; by Edizioni M. G., Gemini. Fantascienza n. 6, 126pg ~ Italian title Garan l’eterno
  • (1998) Combined with a rather good size group of short stories in "Il Grande Libro della Heroic Fantasy" - Published in Italy, by Editrice Nord, Edited by Alex Voglino, TP, 88-429-1055-4, 978-88-429-1055-8, 28,000 Lit, 700+pgs. ~ cover by Ken Kelly, translated by Maria Cristina Pietri ~ Italian title "Il popolo del cratere" [Garan the Eternal]
  • (1996) Published in Poznań, Poland; by Wydawnictwo Poznańskie, 83-861-3834-3, 160pg ~ translated by Piotr Kuś ~ Polish title Garan nieśmiertelny [Highlander j. Garan]
  • (1992) Combined with "Forerunner Foray", "Judgement on Janus" and "Victory on Janus" ~ Published in Novosibirsk, by EYA, 5-872-16019-4, HC, 464pg ~ Russian title Гаран вечный [Garan Eternal]
  • (2015) Combined with “Here Abide Monsters”, “Huon of the Horn”, “Knave of Dreams” & “Merlin’s Mirror”, Published in Moscow by Eksmo, 9785699844630, HC, 800pgs ~ “Garan the Eternal”, “Here Abide Monsters” & “Huon of the Horn” translation by A. Kolesnikov and Vladimir Sergeyev, “Knave of Dreams” & “Merlin’s Mirror” translation by D. Arseniev ~ cover art by A. Dubovik ~ series: All Norton ~ Russian title Гаран вечный [Garan the Eternal]


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