Long Live Lord Kor!

~ A Novella by Andre Norton


Synopsis ~

Survey discovered the world of Vallek, burned to a cinder by atomic war. Useless? Not at all ~ enter the Bureau of Time Exploration and Manipulation, with their machines that can send agents' minds back in time to influence critical points in history by taking over the bodies of people in the past.


Write-up from a fan ~

In 3450 (Old Reckoning) time travel became feasible, thereby bringing up the possibility in meddling with the past. By 3500 the Bureau of Time Exploration and Manipulation was well entrenched, meddling in the past of various worlds to bring about favorable outcomes of some crises. One such world was Vallek, which in the present time is a radioactive cinder. The turning point is a war that the priest of Orm started, with their high worms as mounts in the dessert. The Bureau's Field Agent must go in and take over the body of the Prophet and make a prophecy against the war. Instead of landing in the imbecilic body of the Oracle, he winds up in the body of the Kor-King's son who is in a coma due to a severe head injury. As such, he must still pull off his mission, even though he cannot be recalled by the Bureau, since he's no longer in the body where they expect to find him. ~ SL


Bibliography of English Editions ~

  • Worlds of Fantasy Vol 1 # 2 (1970) Edited by Lester del Rey, Published by Universal Publishing, $0.75, 192pg (pgs. 50-72, 148-192) ~ cover by Jack Gaughan
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Non-English Editions ~

  • (1992) Combined with "Catseye" and "Forerunner" ~ Published in Tashkent, by The Truth of the East, no ISBN, HC, 352pg ~ Russian title Да здравствует Лорд Кор! Кошачьим взглядом. Предтечи.
  • (1992) Combined with "The Crystal Gryphon" and "Sorceress of the Witch World" ~ Published by Nakhodka, 5-700-20001-5, HC, 368pg ~ Russian title Кристалл с грифоном. Волшебница колдовского мира. Да здравствует лорд Кор!
  • (1993) Combined with "Operation Time Search" and "Quest Crosstime" ~ Published in Moscow, by AST, 5-870-12025-2, HC, 366pg ~ translation by T. Romanova ~ Russian title Поиск во времени [Time Search]
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