Star Hunter

~ A Novella by Andre Norton


NOTE: This title was not released as a stand alone title until it entered the public domain. It was originally released as an ACE Double Book with The Beast Master and then re-released with Voodoo Planet.

When it was released by Gregg Press in 1978 and re-released by ACE in 1983 with Voodoo Planet, the title was reversed so Voodoo Planet came first. (see Voodoo Planet for the later two releases).


NOTE: This title has entered the “Public Domain” and is therefore open to any publisher that wants to print it. Many “Print on Demand” publishers have started to release this title. This site has chosen to ignore these published versions and only concentrate on estate sanctioned materials.

Synopsis ~

Write-up from the back of the early ACE paperback editions ~

“Nobody can top Andre Norton when it comes to swashbuckling science-fiction adventure.” – St. Louis Globe-Democrat
A few years ago Andre Norton wrote two interplanetary novels especially for publication in the famous ACE Double-Books. Long unavailable and in increasing demand by the legions of readers who know that Norton is tops in space adventure, ACE Books brings these two novels back into print in one single volume.
Star Hunter takes the reader on safari on an unexplored jungle world to hunt two quarries – the fearsome native beasts and the equally menacing lone survivor of a mysterious spaceship crash.
Voodoo Planet is a novel of Dane Thorson of the space trader Solar Queen as he faces the mental wizards of the planet Khatka.


Write-up from the back of the 1970s ACE paperback editions ~

Two Complete Norton Novels
Star Hunter and Voodoo Planet
Star Hunter:  Somewhere on the jungle world of Jumala hid a man whose mind had been reconditioned with another's brain pattern. There was a fabulous reward out for him. And so began another-worldly game of hide and seek. Between a man who did not know his own powers and an interstellar safari that sought something no man had a right to find.
Voodoo Planet: Dane Throson of the space trader Solar Queen found himself caught in the middle of a desperate battle of minds – the rational science of the spaceways vs. the hypnotic witchcraft of the mental wizards of Khatka.


Write-up from the dust jacket of the Gregg Press edition ~

Star Hunter tells the tale of Vye Lansor, an orphan down on his luck until Ras Hume arrives, bringing danger and adventure with him. Vye quickly finds himself cast as the pawn in a complex plot to defraud an inter-galactic trading combine by reprogramming him to believe he is the long-lost heir of the company’s fortunes, the sole survivor of a crash on the newly discovered jungle planet of Jumala. As he fights to regain control of his mind and uproot the false memories planted in him, Vye must also struggle with a powerful alien intelligence that seeks to force him and Ras Hume into a valley of alien mantraps from which no living thing has ever escaped.


Write-ups from fans ~

Ras Hume, of the Old Hunters Guild, approaches a Veep (VP) of the Thieves Guild with a proposition to "find" on a newly-opened planet a survivor of a 10 year old space line wreck, carrying a young man who is the sole heir to a major shipping line. The young man he chooses to do this impersonation is conditioned to have the memories of the young boy he would have been at the time, and the Hunter proposes to "find" him while escorting a hunting party. Unfortunately, the one thing the Hunter hadn't counted on is that the planet is really inhabited, and the natives take exception to the presence of the hunting party. ~ SL


A fairly short novel, but long on action. A Veep (Andre's term for her underworld/mob bosses) receives a proposition from a member of the Star Hunter Guild. This safari leader has found a marooned lifeboat from a ship carrying the heir to a billion-credit Empire. He proposes that they will brainwash/condition a young man to pose as the lost heir and put him in area of the lifeboat. The hunter will then lead an unsuspecting group of rich big-game hunters on a safari and "find the boy and restore him to the loving arms of his family. How fortunate (for the crooks) that a busboy at a local dive fit the description of the heir and would not be missed when he disappeared.
The planet Jumala had been surveyed and pronounce clear of any intelligent life. There are many dangerous animals to interest a hunting party and something mysterious lies waiting. Just how accurate were those preliminary surveys anyway? I wonder......... ~ PG


I am reviewing 1961’s Star Hunter out of sequence because in the original ad for Andre Norton novels, the one that inspired this series, Star Hunter is listed as part of an omnibus edition also containing Voodoo Planet. That novel was published in 1959. This review and the one that follows constitute a review of the omnibus Star Hunter & Voodoo Planet. In cases like this, the publication date of the earlier work is the one I am going to use [1].
Discussion of one of the more interesting aspects of this book requires a pretty major spoiler, so…. ~ JN
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Various reviews ~ For more info and other listings see Articles Over the Years

1961 by P. Schuyler Miller in Analog Science Fact -> Fiction, September
1969 by P. Schuyler Miller in Analog Science Fact -> Fiction, May
2015 by James Nicoll, February, 27   Θ
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Bibliography of English Editions ~

  • (1961) ACE Double Book containing Beast Master, The & Star Hunter ~ Published by ACE, PB, # D-509, $0.35, 159+96 pg ~ cover of Beast Master, The by Edward Valigursky ~ cover of Star Hunter by Ed Emshwiller
  • Star Hunter & Voodoo Planet (1968) Published by ACE, PB, # G-723, $0.50, 318pg ~ #78191 1969 $0.60 159pg, #78192 ???? $0.95 159pg, #78193 1974 $1.25 159pg, #78194 1980 $1.95 159pg, covers by Jeff Jones ~ contains Star Hunter (1961) & Voodoo Planet (1959) ~ some count this as an ACE Double Book but it is not. The ampersand was replaced by the word AND on ACE # 78192 and later publications.
  • Voodoo Planet & Star Hunter (1978) Published by Gregg Press, HC, 0-839-82417-3, LCCN 77026231, $7.95, 160 pg ~ Space Adventure Novels of Andre Norton 3 ~ Dust Jacket by Jack Gaughan, Frontmatter by Elizabeth R. Cooke {Binding: 5.625 x 8.25 - Brown Cloth Boards with Gold Lettering (Publisher states the color is Burnt Orange), Orange End Papers}
  • Voodoo Planet & Star Hunter (1983) Published by ACE, PB, 0-441-78195-0, $2.50, 248pg, #78196 1983 $2.75 248pg, covers by Jeff Jones ~ Titles are switched around from previous editions ~ Also Voodoo Planet’s title continues with “Book Three in the Solar Queen Series”
  • The Legion of Lazarus / Star Hunter (2011) Published by Armchair Fiction, Edited by Edmond Hamilton, TP, 1-612-87045-7, 978-1-612-87045-8, $12.95, 216pgs - contains The Legion of Lazarus by Edmond Hamilton 1956 & Star Hunter 1961
  • Black Magic Holiday / Star Hunter (unpublished) Published by Armchair Fiction, Edited by Robert Bloch, TP, 1-612-87035-X, 978-1-612-87035-9, TP, $12.95, 216pgs. ~ NOTE - the publishers discovered "Black Magic Holiday" was still in copyright under a different title and no copies were ever distributed.; "Black Magic Holiday" cover same as "Imaginative Tales", by Robert Bloch, January 1955;

Non-English Editions ~

  • (1962) Published in Munich, Germany; by Moewig, OCLC: 73741821, Teera 60, 94pg ~ German title Gehirnwäsche
  • (1974) Published in Frankfurt, Germany; by Ullstein, OCLC: 74139827, Ullstein 3013, 124pg ~ translation by Heinz Nagel ~ German title Das Geheimnis des Dschungelplaneten
  • (????) Published in Warsaw, Poland; by a book club, no ISBN ~ Polish title Gwiezdny łowca [Star Hunter] ~ limited to 100 copies
  • (1994) Published in Poznań, Poland; by Rebis, 83-712-0138-9, 121pg ~ translation by Katarzyna Karłowska ~ cover by R. Petillo ~ Polish title Gwiezdny łowca [Star Hunter]
  • (1991) Combined with "The Living Monster" by A. Merrit and four short stories by Robert Heinlein ~ Published in Nizhny Novgorod, by Phlox, no ISBN, HC, 336pg ~ "Star Hunter" translation by B. Poluektova ~ cover by Tarasova and V. Ana ~ Russian title Живой металл [The Metal Monster]
  • (1992) Combined with "Daybreak 2250 AD", "Star Guard", "The Last Planet" and "Secret of the Lost Race" ~ Published in Ishin, by EYA, HC, 544pg ~ cover by O. Polishchuk ~ Russian title Рассвет в 2250 году [Daybreak 2250 AD]
  • (1992) Combined with "The Last Planet", "Catseye" and "Star Guard" ~ Published in Angarsk, by Amber and Zelenograd, by Zelenogradskaya Books, 5-863-14007-0, HC, 528pg ~ Russian title Звездная стража [Star Guard]
  • (1993) Combined with "Sargasso of Space", "Plague Ship", "Voodoo Planet", "Postmarked the Stars", "Catseye" and "Plague Planet" by unknown ~ Published in Yaroslavl, by Nuance, 5-741-51030-2, HC, 768pg ~ cover by N.D. Shadura ~ Russian title Саргассы в космосе [Sargasso of Space]
  • (2014) Combined with “The Stars Are Ours!” & “Eye of the Monster”, Published in Moscow by Eksmo, 9785699753215, HC, 704pgs ~ “The Stars Are Ours!” translation by D. Arseniev, “Star Hunter” translation by D. Arseniev & A. Kolesnikov, “Eye of the Monster” translation by D. Saveliev & Y. Savelyev ~ cover art by A. Dubovik ~ series: All Norton ~ Russian title Звёздный охотник [Star Hunter]


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