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We are hoping to get more people to share their stuff with the fans of Andre. All ownership would remain yours and full credit given if you wish. We ask that you loan your stuff to us so that we may digitize it and return said stuff to you promptly. Or you may submit digitized stuff to us via email.

This is a non-profit site and the only things I purchase are items for my personal collection of Andre Norton. As you may have noticed throughout the history of this site I share what I find.

Thank you for all the things donated to this point ~

Jay Watts (aka: Lots-a-watts) ~ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We have collections of Andre images taken throughout her lifetime.

From her birth in Ohio to her death in Tennessee.

Note: if you find an image that is dated or labeled wrong and can supply some semblance of proof ~ please notify us and we shall correct it as soon as possible. The notes we are going by are a little hard to understand.


Lifetime Image Gallery


1980s Image Gallery

1990s Image Gallery

Necromicon Conventions 1984 and 1985

World Fantasy Convention 1987

Tennessee Image Gallery

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John L. Coker, III - Collection


Andre's Book Collection


Andre's Jewelry Gallery


Title Image Gallery


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