BAEN Publishing Omnibus Editions

by Andre Norton

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Omnibus Editions ~ A bibliographer's nightmare. Where to list them, how to list them, what to tie them to? These are the questions that one finds themselves asking when trying to organize this site, the world loves Andre's work so much that many of her titles just keep being paired up under new names.

There are currently 28 Omnibus editions containing previously released titles by Andre. Granted, 2 of those were re-released under a new title, but that leaves a lot of Andre titles still to get re-released. Be glad I'm not listing all the Russian Omnibus Editions on this page. Let me tell you ~ the Russians love Omnibus Editions, and some of them contain as many as 8 titles. (see individual title pages)


During Dragon-con 2012 we had the opportunity to discuss Andre Norton books with Toni Weisskopf a representative of BAEN Publishing. During that conversation she was asked "what is up with all these weird parings and titles of your recent releases?". We were referring to the Omnibus Editions that have been released by BAEN. Titles like Ice and Shadow containing Ice Crown & Brother to Shadows or Children of the Gates containing Here Abide Monsters & Yurth Burden.

Her answer was that BAEN had a list of titles they had access to, they had paired all the titles that actually go together a while ago, and now they are combining whatever titles they have left to make new editions. As for the weird titles BAEN people brainstorm and come up with titles that people would be interested in. It can be noted that the covers do match at least one of the stories within the edition. She also added that they are rapidly coming to the end of that list. We at are hoping they get many more titles to release, so that the new generation of readers can have access to all of Andre's works.



Children of the Gates ~ 2013
Here Abide Monster's & Yurth Burden

Crosstime ~ 2008 ~ Crosstime
Crossroads of Time, The & Quest Crosstime

Dark Companion ~ 2005
Dark Piper & Dread Companion

Darkness and Dawn ~ 2003
Star Man's Son & No Night Without Stars

Deadly Dreams ~ 2011
Perilous Dreams & Knave of Dreams

Forerunner Factor, The ~ 2012 ~ Forerunner
Forerunner & Forerunner: The Second Venture

From the Sea to the Stars ~ 2007
Sea Siege & Star Gate

Game of Stars and Comets, The ~ 2009
Eye of the Monster, Sioux Spaceman, The, Voorloper & X Factor, The

Gods and Androids ~ 2004
Android At Arms & Wraiths of Time

Ice and Shadow ~ 2012
Ice Crown & Brother to Shadows

Iron Breed, The ~ 2012
Iron Cage & Breed To Come

Janus ~ 2002 ~ Janus
Judgment on Janus & Victory on Janus

Masks of the Outcasts ~ 2005 ~ Dipple
Catseye & Night of Masks

Moonsinger ~ 2006 ~ Moon Magic
Moon of Three Rings & Exiles of the Stars

Moonsinger's Quest ~ 2011 ~ Moon Magic
Flight in Yiktar & Dare To Go A-Hunting

Search for the Star Stones ~ 2008 ~ Zero Stone
Zero Stone, The & Uncharted Stars

Secret of the Stars ~ 2014
Secret of the Lost Race & Star Hunter

Star Flight ~ 2007 ~ Astra
Stars Are Ours!, The & Star Born

Star Soldiers ~ 2001 ~ Central Control
Star Rangers & Star Guard

Time Traders ~ 2000 ~ Time Traders
Time Traders, The & Galactic Derelict

Time Traders II ~ 2001 ~ Time Traders
Defiant Agents, The & Key Out of Time

Warlock ~ 2002 ~ Warlock
Storm Over Warlock, Ordeal In Otherwhere & Forerunner Foray


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