English Publishers of Andre Norton titles

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Note: (x and a Number) equals the minimum number of printings that we have identified.

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Cat Who Used His Wits, The 2015 DM

Explorer IV 2015 DM

Fat Trolls 2015 DM

Fanus 2015 DM

Hobyahs 2015 DM

Legend of the Fairy Stone 2015 DM

Place by the Window 2015 DM

Ring of Stone 2015 DM

Rusted Armor ~ ss 2015 DM

Rusted Armor ~ novel 2015 DM

The Scribbling Women 2015 DM

Star Man's Saga 2019 DM  
Strong Medicine 2015 DM

The Telling of Tales 2015 DM

Touchstone Stars, The 2015 DM  
Trouble in Mayapan 2017 DM  
Ully the Piper ~ draft 2015 DM

Water Wizard 2015 DM

Who Dreams of Dragons? 2015 DM