The Witch World Saga

by Andre Norton

High Hallack


Year of the Unicorn -- This is the most complicated Norton story, so far. Many years ago, Gillan a member of the Old Race of Estcarp was captured as a young girl by the Alizon forces who were waging war across the sea. Rescued by the Dalesmen of High Hallack , she grew up and was schooled the by the dames of Norstead Abby. Meanwhile, to defeat the Alizonders, the lords of The Dales made a pact with the Were Riders, a group of formidable fighters from the area known as The Waste. In return for the destruction of the forces of Alizon, The Dales would send 13 maidens to the Were Pack as brides. Gillan feels compelled to take the place of one of the chosen women. She has no idea about her background, but soon learns that she has "second sight" powers to see through some illusions. The Were Riders were, in truth, from another world and were trying to get back to the gate to go home. The brides were paired with Riders through a choosing of ensorceled cloaks. Gillan chose Herell, the least respected of the Pack. There ensued dissension in the ranks and all sorts of sabotage and skuldugery aimed against the couple. All the trials and tribulations, sorcery and malignant forces that Gillan must face to fulfill her destiny make one wonder if Andre didn't like Gillan. The book starts out fairly slow, but picks up to a break-neck pace in the final chapters. roberts.1986.high hallack

 by Mary Hanson-Roberts ~ 1986




Year of the Unicorn ~ 1965

Across the sea to the west of Escarp lies the land of High Hallck and here Gillan, an orphan witch child of Escarp, has grown up in a convent. she becomes one of 13 brides given by the Lords of High Hallack to the Were Riders in return for the aid of their sorcery in the successful battle against the Alizon invasion. Gillan chooses Herrel, the least of the Were Riders, disappointing Halse, the overconfident one, who discovers she has witch powers when she shows herself to be unaffected by the Were Raiders shape-changing illusions. Halse cast a spell over her, separating Gillan the witch from Gillan the maid, and places Herrel under a compulsion that almost succeeds in killing Gillan the witch. In this fantastic and marvelous story, Gillan recounts the fearful trials she encounters in her quest to regain her other self and her identity in the Were Riders' magical land of Arvon.


The Crystal Gryphon ~ 1972

Here begins the saga of Kerovon of Ulmdale, bolrn with the amber eyes and cloven hooves of the Old Ones, who seeks his rightful heritage as Lord-heir of Ulmsdale - and Lady Joisan of Ithkrypt, proxy-wed to Kerovan, who wears about her neck Kerovan's precious and powerful gift... a small crystal globe encasing a tiny gryphon.
Kerovan and Joisan - each forever entwined in the other's fate - their destiny clouded by dark evils which threaten to destroy their kingdoms. Together, they seek to unlock the wondrous powers they hold within them... and the mysterious secrets of the crystal gryphon.


The Jargoon Pard ~ 1974

In Arvon the ancient powers answer those who know how to call, and the blood of the Wereriders flows in the veins of those who are both Man and Cat.
Kethan was heir to the great house of Car Do Prawn because his mother’s evil Wise Woman had tampered with another’s birthright.
But one day Kethan was given a belt on incredible beauty and great power. From that moment, his future was again in others hands—and his body in a strange new form ...




Titles: (in order written)

  1. Year of the Unicorn ~ 1965 ~ Also sometimes considered #3 in the Estcarp Series
  2. The Crystal Gryphon ~ 1972 ~ Also considered #1 in the Gryphon Series
  3. The Jargoon Pard ~ 1974 ~ Sequal to Year of the Unicorn
  4. Zarsthor's Bane ~ 1978
  5. Gryphon in Glory ~ 1981 ~ Also considered #2 in the Gryphon Series
  6. Horn Crown ~ 1981 ~ Also considered a prequel novel that takes place long before Witch World
  7. Gryphon's Eyrie ~ 1984 ~ Also Considered #3 in the Gryphon Series
  8. Songsmith ~ 1992 ~ see note below
  9. Silver May Tarnish ~ 2005


Note; "Songsmith" takes place in both the western continent & the eastern one and is a sequal not only to the "Gryphon trilogy" but also to "Ware Hawk" so it doesn't really belong in the "High Hallck" section exclusively but takes place between "The Turning trilogy" and the "Secrets of the Witch World trilogy" and could go there.




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