The Witch World Saga

by Andre Norton and friends


The Turning


 Three Against the Witch World ~ Rodney Matthews


Storms of Victory ~ 1991;

The Witches of Estcarp defeated Pagin of Karsten when they caused the Turning, a massive cataclysm that moved mountains to block the invasion. But the witches’ enormous use of magic crippled their powers and brought chaos and destruction to all of Witch World.
At the Lormt sanctuary, a solitary chronicler is trying to bring people news of those lost or missing since the cataclysm. And to him come two rousing epics of heroism and triumph, one of a young Sulcar woman who awakens to her Power only to do battle with an Ancient Evil; the other a saga of a Dales Lady and the falconers who help her defend her lands from marauding pirates.


Flight of Vengeance ~ 1992;

The only way the Witches of Estcarp could save their realm from the invaders was to combine their power in a vast Turning. So they willed a massive earth-movement that toppled mountains. But victory was bitter. Rivers shifted; the shape of the land was changed; hordes of innocent people lost homes, families, heritage…and the Witches’ power were spent in the enormous effort.

Here is the saga of the heroic survivors who struggle to resurrect their world from its ruins: a young healer and a lost borderer find new hope and the means to thwart an ancient evil awakened by the cataclysm; while a Lady of the Dales and a Falconer lord fight a common otherworldly enemy.

Excitement and adventure fill the pages of this second volume in the culminating epic of Andre Norton's Witch World, one of the most beloved fantasy worlds of all time.


On Wings of Magic ~ 1994;

Tumultuous changes reverberated throughout Witch World. The witches of Estcarp lay decimated by the massive mountain-moving magic of the Turning. Saving their world from invasion by Pager of Karsten wreaked a havoc all its own, and the face of the world has been racked by catastrophe. Now is a time of chaos; former enemies are thrust together; ordinary people must become heroes.
A simple scribe holds the key to her village’s survival; the parents of a kidnapped girl challenge the mighty Hounds of Alizon, Karsten’s ally. Their fight against all odds to defeat the malicious magic of the Hounds is their only chance to win their way to freedom.
This is the stuff of high adventure; memorable, enchanting.


The three books of The Turning contain special introductions titled The Chronicler by Andre Norton. For additional details about these books see also: The Sorcerer's Conspectus




Titles: (in order written)

1. Storms of Victory ~ 1991

2. Flight of Vengeance ~ 1992

  • Exile by Mary H. Schaub and Falcon Hope by Pauline M. Griffin

3. On Wings of Magic ~ 1994

  • Falcon Magic by Sasha Miller and We the Women by Patricia Mathews

4. The Key of the Keplian ~ 1995 with Lyn McConchie

5. The Magestone ~ 1996 with Mary H. Schaub

6. The Warding of Witch World ~ 1996




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Secrets of the Witch World


The Key of the Keplain ~ 1995;

Battle Sisters

For time beyond memory, the fire-eyed Keplian horses have lured riders to their death, sating the blood lust of the Dark Tower. All Witch World knows that the hunted, hated beasts serve Evil--all except one young woman.
Fleeing her home after her beloved grandfather dies, the orphaned Navajo-Comanche girl Eleeri follows an ancient and magical trail to Witch World. When she discovers the Keplian mare Tharna and her newborn colt in the hands of men eager to destroy them, Eleeri fights for their freedom. Running for their lives, psychic Eleeri and telepathic Tharna bond. And in a hidden canyon, they discover the awesome truth:
The Keplians were created to serve Light, and to ride with humans.


The Magestone ~ 1996;

They were sworn enemies compelled to join forces against a greater foe...
Mereth, a 75 year old woman from the Dales, has traveled to the famed archives at Lormt in search of her heritage. She was hoping to learn both her father's identity and the origin of an unusual jewel her mother had once given her as a betrothal gift - an ancient magestone that was stolen long ago.
Kasarian, a nobleman of Alizon, had come to Lormt unintentionally - through a glowing portal he'd found in the lowest levels of his castle.
The two had no reason to trust one another. Magic was a way of life in the Dales while the Alizonders abhorred it, and the two lands had been at war for a millennium. Yet Mereth and Kasarian discovered they had a great deal in common - and a reason to join forces.
For Kassarian was desperate to thwart the schemes of one of his countryman, an ambitious tyrant who was plotted to seize control of Alizon through an alliance with the dark wizards of Escore. And the key to his success was a strange magical device the mages possessed - Mereth's long-lost magestone.


The Warding of Witch World ~ 1996;

Millions of readers have thrilled as Andre Norton – named a Grand Master by the Science Fiction Writers of America – created an immense, vibrant tapestry of untamed magic and limitless adventure known as Witch World, a place where mountains dance and sorcerous gates draw good and evil from other universes. Now Andre Norton surpasses herself in the breathtaking scope and brilliance of this, the final novel of the classic series.
Estcarp faces apocalypse: in a battle of Powers the great key to the gates has been lost. The portals stand open: and pan-dimensional evil is poised to invade. All of Witch World’s champions must band together and dare unknown dangers in a desperate race to find and close the planet’s uncharted gates.
But if they succeed, the Witch World will be shut off from the cosmos – forever.