The Witch World Saga

by Andre Norton

Anthologies by Andre


Spell of the Witch World ~ Rodney Matthews


Titles: (in order written)

  1. Spell of the Witch World ~ 1972 [sometimes #3 in High Hallack Series]
  2. Trey of Swords ~ 1977 [sometimes #6 in Estcarp Series]
  3. Lore of the Witch World ~ 1980
  4. Tales of the Witch World 1 ~ 1987
  5. Four from the Witch World ~ 1988
  6. Tales of the Witch World 2 ~ 1989
  7. Tales of the Witch World 3 ~ 1990




 Estcarp     High Hallack     The Turning

Short Stories     Anthologies



"Four from the Witch World" and the 3 "Tales of the Witch World" books contain stories by friends of Andre's. ~ For more on each of those short stories see The Sorcerer's Conspectus.


The three anthologies listed below contain original stories by Andre Norton.


Spell of the Witch World ~ 1972;

Three other cycles of adventures are also taking place in High Hallack. In the first, "Dragon Scale Silver," Elys and Elyn, twin children of Escarp refugees, are mirrored in the image of a magic dragon cup. When Elyn goes to fight in the war against the Alzon invaders, Elyn is secure in the knowledge that he is safe until a stain appears on the cup. Accompanied by Jarvon, a wounded soldier she has healed, she rescues Elyn from the spell of a bewitched female spirit who has caught him in a trap. In "Dream Smith" a maimed silversmith and a crippled heiress are united and made whole again through the enchantment of the old Ones' magic. "Amber out of Quayth" describes the adventures of Ismay, an unwanted daughter who marries a dealer in amber. When she learns that her husband is not the true owner of the amber, she frees Broc, the rightful owner, and turns her husband's evil spells against him, locking him forever in the amber he stole. "The fantasy element is still strong and superbly handled. This is a fine trio of fantasy yarns and Norton at her best. Get it, by all means." Luna Monthly. 


Trey of Swords ~ 1977;

The fate of Witch World hangs in the balance…
Can Yonan the Warrior, aided by the spirit of Tolar, an ancient Witch World hero, combat Targi and defeat the Forces of Darkness?
Only in the past can Targi’s defences be penetrated. While Yonan-Tolar journeys backward in time, Crytha, an untrained witch, must thwart the Forces of Darkness until his return.
Trey of Swords id the latest adventure in the Witch World series – one of the most popular and exciting fantasy sagas ever devised.


Lore of the Witch World ~ 1980

C.J. Cherryh, in the introduction to this latest Witch World book, writes:
“The Witch World is never explored: the smallest valley holds strange happenings and a past which reaches into things stranger still. The traveler finds the unexpected, the ancient, the bizarre at every turn. Nature is powerful here and those who open their hearts to it and to living things find themselves capable of marvels and involved in an old, old warfare. One meets old friends here, and hears of them; finds remnants of eldritch powers and visitants; finds – if one looks – ancient truths about courage and honesty and duty that involve the highborn and the ordinary, the young and the old, humans and the four-footed kind all in one fabric of magic and mystery.”
“Lore of the Witch World” brings in one volume all the novelettes and tales which have not previously been collected, including the never previously published novelette “Changeling”.