“The Telling of Tales”


A Collection of Discovered Works

By Andre Norton


During her career Andre published works dating from 1934 to 2005

Andre Norton ~ Storyteller - Nottingham Branch of the Cleveland Public Library ~ 1948 


     The dilemma was ~ How to publish the stories in this eclectic collection. Some wanted us to post one a month, but we decided that this would take too long. When it was noticed that we were on chapter Thirteen of Andre’s Gremoire (Book of Shadows) and there are thirteen stories to be posted, we went “Eureka!” And it was decided that we should do a book. We are not far off of Andre’s plan, let me explain.

     Like I stated, there are thirteen stories, eleven of which have never been published or for that matter seen by more than a handful of people. Two are rough drafts of existing published Items, one was greatly expanded upon. The first eight are done by Andre when she lived in Cleveland, Ohio. We know this because her address in on them. They were written for little people, and along the top of the pages are the words “Tell Tales” and “Telling Tales” plus they have page numbers on them (see below). Making it obvious that Andre, at one time was working on a book, which we have chosen to complete. It has been a delightful job, going through these, putting them to digital paper and lightly editing things. Even the ones that were in Andre’s hand ~ which is actually, somewhat challenging to read.

     At the beginning I called this an “eclectic” collection. That is because the stories are as varied as her body of work. We start out with a fairy-tail about Hairy Creatures terrorizing a family, we also have talking animals (of course), Knights, Confederate Soldiers, Spaceships, and we end with a “Self Portrait” (my words) dedicated to Ann McCaffrey. You will see what I mean by “Self Portrait” when you read it.

We must give sincere thanks to Victor Horadam a great fan and Sue Stewart the Executor of Andre’s Estate for donating these wondrous stories for your reading pleasure.



Contents of “The Telling of Tales”

01: telling.of.tales-ch01-hobyahs

02: telling.of.tales-ch02-fat.trolls

03: telling.of.tales-ch03-the.cat.who.used.his.wits

04: telling.of.tales-ch04-ully.the.piper ~ rough draft of same

05: telling.of.tales-ch05-ring.of.stone ~ rough outline of "Legacy from Sorn Fen"

06: telling.of.tales-ch06-knights.of.the.fish ~ rough outline of "Dragon Scale Silver"

07: telling.of.tales-ch07-legend.of.the.fairy.stone ~ possibley connected to "Flight in Yiktor" and "Dare To Go A-Hunting"

08: telling.of.tales-ch08-yankee.camels

09: telling.of.tales-ch09-strong.medicine

10: telling.of.tales-ch10-place.by.the.window

11: telling.of.tales-ch11-water.wizard ~ rough outline of “Frog Magic”

12: telling.of.tales-ch12-explorer.iv

13: telling.of.tales-ch13-who.dreams.of.dragons


 “The Telling of Tales

Copyright ~ Estate of Andre Norton
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Donated by – Victor Horadam and Sue Stewart

Edited by Jay Watts ~ aka: Lots-a-watts ~ May, 2015

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