A Norreys Jewel Adventure

By Andre Norton

From Sword in Sheath page 16


     In an interview that appeared in the Starlog magazine, September and October of 1989, Andre states that in her move from Cleveland, Ohio to Orlando, Florida she threw out this and several other manuscripts. Fortunately some parts of it survived; unfortunately what remains of the manuscript is incomplete.

The first 6 chapters consist of numbered pages and seem to be completed.

Chapters 7 through 11 are considered rough drafts with many hand corrections.

Chapters 12 through 18 are only rough outlines, originally in Andre’s hand and transcribed by Jay Watts to assist in your ability to read it.

It should be noted that the hand-written outline pages also include chapters 7 through 11 but since the drafts are available those outlines are not included in this presentation.

     The main protagonist underwent a name change from the drafts to the finalized chapters. The reason for this is unclear. In the drafts his name is Duncan Lord and in the finalized chapters his name is Peter Lord. We have chosen to go with Peter.



1. An Emerald for Sale.
2. "A Veritable' Pearl of a City!"
3. "Emeralds, Senor? You Jest."
4. First Appearance of a Jade Jaguar.
5. "Every River Rock Hides a Diamond!"
6. "My Price? Above Garnets -- But Offer Me Rubies!"


7. "A Gem of Steel, Senor."
8. It is a Jungle of Tourmaline.
9. In the Night a Beast with Topaz Eyes.
10. An Aquamarine Set in Stone.
11. Blood Like Garnets on the Rock.


12. "Mountains? Sky-set Amethysts."
13. Second Appearance of a Jade Jaguar.
14. “Would you Beg Carnelians or A Python?”
15. A Bullet of Steel--A Spear Point of Quartz.
16. “These Are My Black Pearls of Great Price.”
17. Topaz Fire and---Death.
18. Final Appearance of a Jade Jaguar.


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