Needle and Dream

~ A Short Story by Andre Norton


Synopsis ~

Krista dreams a dark dream and must stitch together that which will save her village.


Bibliography of English Editions ~

  • Perchance to Dream (2000) Edited by Denise Little, Published by DAW, PB, 0-886-77888-3, No.1149, $7.00, 308pg (pgs 133-150)  ~ cover by Kinuko Craft ~ 14 original tales of the fantastic realms which can only be reached in our dreams....

Write-up from the back of the paperback ~

Everyone dreams though not everyone remembers their dreams. Nevertheless dreams hold an inexplicable fascination for all of us. And in this all-original volume of evocative tales some of today's most creative authors offer us such haunting dream experiences as:

- His nights were filled with true-dreams about people who'd died wrongful deaths, and all of them cried out for vengeance...

- While trying to overcome his creative block, a writer is offered a dream treasure beyond imagining...

- As a dream guide she has led many people through the perils of their dreams to happy conclusions, but can she do the same for herself?

- Can one young man's dreams save the world?

These are just a few of the provocative stories that will either leave you eager to explore the land of dreams on your own - or afraid to close your eyes....

    1 • Introduction (Perchance to Dream) • essay by Denise Little
    3 • 1-900-NODREAM • novelette by Diane Duane
    33 • Night Stuff • shortstory by Nina Kiriki Hoffman
    53 • Dream a Little Dream for Me ... • novelette by Peter Crowther
    87 • The Piper • novelette by Jody Lynn Nye
    111 • Rounded by a Sleep • novelette by David Bischoff
    133 • Needle and Dream • shortstory by Andre Norton
    151 • Holy, Holy, Holy • shortstory by Jane Yolen and Heidi E. Y. Stemple
    161 • On the Edge of Sleep • shortstory by Jane Lindskold
    179 • Dreamfisher • novelette by Nancy Springer
    203 • The Dreams That Stuff Is Made Of • shortstory by Josepha Sherman
    213 • Consolation Prize • shortstory by Gary A. Braunbeck
    229 • A Butterfly Dreaming • novelette by Susan Sizemore
    257 • Marty Plotz's Rules for Success • shortstory by Bruce Holland Rogers
    273 • Shelter • novelette by Michelle West